CHIPOTLE Mexican Grill! (Jacksonville, FL) / Outfit of the Day!!!

It's the weekennnnndddd baby!!! A nice, long 4 day weekend at least for me! Today a couple of friends and myself went to Chipotle Mexican Grill for lunch.  I LOVE this place because besides that fact that it's sooo good, the ingredients are organic..WHOOP WHOOP!!!

The menu is pretty simple, limited to pretty much burrito (chicken, steak, barbacoa, carnitas, or vegetarian), burrito bowls which is the burrito without the tortilla wrap, taco salad, and chips and salsa.

I always get the burrito bowl because it's not as overwhelming as the heavy burrito, both are good though. 
This time I got a burrito bowl with black beans and rice, chicken, barbacoa, AND steak, fajita veggies, corn salsa, and mild salsa (no cheese or guacamole)....SO GOOD! 
My friends both got a burrito.  Those babies are pretty heavy! 
I love the chips and salsa, as you can see!

SO Trice...What were you wearing?  You look sooooo cute!!!

  • Multi-Colored top-F21
  • High waist jeans
  • Luichiny Sandals (super cute but you can't tell because the heels were sinking into the mulch!)

  • Coach Shades
  • Betsy Johnson Hobo Bag ( I LOVE this bag soooo much)
Well, that's all for now lovelies!  Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and be safe!

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Hello Lovelies!

So...I've noticed that I've wore stripes just about everyday this week, unintentionally.  I guess I self-consciously love them...WHO KNEW!!!  Anywho,  Here are the accessories I chose to rock with this outfit I wore to work today. 

Black & silver necklace- Steinmart
Silver earrings- Body Central
Bracelet- Tiffanys & Co.
Shoes- Wild Rose
Shades- Jimmy Choo

 It was extremely HOT today but I love a bright and shining day so I had to go outside and suck up some of the rays!!! I also wore my hair in a puff today.  I tried to get a close up so you can see it!  Here's how I rocked the outfit to work.  Simple and Chic!

That's all guys. Short and sweet! I;m hoping to get a new camera soon so I can take better pictures but in the meantime this'll do.  Have a great day!


P.S.  I seriously have a thing for putting my hands on my hips! ;)

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Blue Monday & A Little Pick me Up ;)

Hi guys!  The title of this post is Blue Monday, however my mood today was far from "Blue".....but my outfit was!!!  (That was corny wasn't it...LOL)  Here are my Steve Madden shoes that inspired my look for today:

I paired my shoes with this ruffled blue and white striped blouse by Ralph Lauren, a pair of mother of pearl earrings, navy blue and silver H&M bracelet, a wide white belt, and navy blue slacks.

And here I am, all put together! 

Since we're talking about things as they relate to "BLUE"  this is just one of many songs capable of picking me right on up when I'm feeling down.  Take a few moments and listen to it!  It's a BEAUTIFUL song.  :)  I heard something in church yesterday that I'd like to share with all of you..."If you don't let the situation you're in get IN YOU, you'll be able to get OUTof it". Everyone have a FABULOUS DAY!!!


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Handwriting TAG/ My Natural Hair/ Hair Beauty of the Week!!!

Hi Guys! 

I'm participating in my first TAG thanks to Shasie at Live Life In Style . In this age of texting and computers, we don't really do much writing anymore unless it's to jot down notes at church or to make a quick grocery or to-do least that's been my experience.  So I thought it would be cool to participate in this tag.  When is the last time you wrote something of importance down with the good old fashion pen/pencil and paper?   I'm TAGGING anyone reading this to participate.  If you do please let me know so I can take a look!

THE RULES:  Write the following by hand
1. What's your name? What's your blogger name?
2. What's your blog's name and url?
3. Write "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"
4. Favorite Quote
5. Your Favorite Song
6. Your Favorite Band/Singers
7. Anything else you want to say

ON TO MY HAIR:  I've been natural for 1 year and 6 months!  (Natural meaning no chemicals, dyes, etc.)  And please don't get me wrong,  although I don't as much anymore, I'll will still rock a weave or 1/2 wig in a hot second! :) 

My hair is bit longer now.  These were taken between August and  November.

This is kinda old but I was the Hair Beauty of The Week last September at My Hair Paradise (Click Here to See my Feature)

Talk to you all later!


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What's Cooking with Trice! Creole Tilapia and Steamed Veggies (7 Minute Meal): YUM-YUM!

SO if you're like me, you are always on the go! As much as I love to dine out, I enjoy cooking for myself as well. However, sometimes I'm too exhausted to bust out the pots and pans for an elaborate meal. This dish is super easy, super quick, and only requires 5 ingredients....AND  IT'S GOOD FOR YOU!

* Tilapia Fillets
* Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
* 2 garlic cloves
* Seasoning of Choice (I used Tony Chacheres Cajun Seasoning and Lemon Pepper)
* A Box of "Steam in a Bag" Veggies (I used Green Giant)

1.) Chop up you garlic cloves and saute them in a skillet with a the Olive Oil. ( make sure the garlic doesn't get too brown because it'll taste bitter.)
2.)  Season, then add your tilapia fillets to the skillet and cook on each side (about 2 mins. each)

IT's Smelling soooo GOOD!

3.) Steam your veggies, plate them along with your tilapia and WHA-LAH dinner is served!!!  I put the other fillet in a plastic storage container for lunch at work tomorrow.

 This meal is soooo good and it only takes about 7 minutes to cook.  Quick-Easy-Tasty!!!  Perfect dinner for the beginning of the week.


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Hi guys! So anyone who knows me knows that I wear some interesting looking shoes. As any other fashionista, I like shoes and clothes that are a little different from the average. This last month I did a little shoe shopping and found some cool shoes. (Well, I guess they're not all that different but they're at least, super cute!)
Fabulous Purple BEBE Sandals!
Love these grey GUESS sandals! I think the brown heel is so cute!
These are some really funky MINX sandals that I can't wait to wear!
Last but certainly not least are these Burberry Espadrilles! Gotta LOVE shoes!

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Universal Studios and Bahama Breeze (Orlando)

Hi guys! I hope everyone had a FABULOUS weekend! I enjoyed my very rainy weekend in Orlando at Universal Studios with a few of my friends.
Apparently it hadn't rained in Orlando in months but this Saturday it poured BUCKETS!!! The park shut the rides down for a few hours but once the rain subsided they were up and running again. The bright side of it all is that the lines were now significantly shorter and there was a very nice breeze. Anywho, for all you Harry Potter lovers out there, Islands of Adventure in Universal Studios has a new attraction...The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!!
Apparently I am one of the very small few who has NEVER seen a single Harry Potter film but I enjoyed myself nevertheless. The rides were very cool... (SIDE NOTE: YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO RIDE DUELING DRAGONS! GET ON THE FIRE DRAGON AND SIT IN THE FIRST SEAT!!!)
The highlight was this Butter Beer that everyone appeared to be walking around with. So you already know...I haaadddd to try some!
It was pretty good. It tastes like Cream Soda and the froth on top is soooo good. It tastes like a butterscotch whipped cream..YUM YUM!!!
I don't know what was soooo funny! LOL!
Bel was modeling the Butter beer. LOL! She so crazy.
Harry Potter world itself resembled the movie.......I guess. (At least that's what my friends said) :)
As you can see my outfit was fit for an amusement park. Nothing too fancy yet still cute. I wore a romper, some BCBG flip flops, and a jean jacket. It was a bit chilly after the rain. Due to the short lines we were able to get on all of the exciting rides, Spiderman, The Hulk (coool),Dr. Doom, and all the ones in the Harry Potter World. The other side of Universal Studios has The Return of the Mummy which is my all time FAV, The Simpsons ride which is super cute, and the Fear Factor experience which I've tried unsuccessfully a couple of times. We had an amazing time despite the rain.
Ofcourse we couldn't leave the park without getting a funnel cake....DUH!!!

Later on we went out to dinner at Bahama Breeze Island Grille....LOVE BAHAMA BREEZE!!! (First image from

The Bahamarita is one of their infamous frozen margaritas and its not only pretty to look at but DELICIOUS!!!

For appetizers we had the Coconut Shrimp which were DELISH!!!

We also had the West Indies patties w/Apple-mango GOOD! Inside of these babies is a blend of ground beef, curry seasoning, carrots, and potatoes...OMG!

We also had the Spicy Cuban flatbread which wasn't spicy at all, but good.
Last but not least was the entree and I say "the" entree because we all ordered the same thing.... Chicken w/Cilantro Crema and let me just tell you...this dish is sooo good! It came with creamy mashed potatoes and corn, and a side of the cilantro crema...YUM YUM YUM.

Overall the weekend was short but very sweet and I had a blast! The next day we enjoyed a day of SHOPPING!!!!!!!

Bahama Breeze Island Grille on Urbanspoon

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SUITE Birthday Celebration

Image from
 Hi Guys!
I recently celebrated my birthday at a SUITE, Jacksonville.  It's a new "swanky" tapas lounge located at the Markets of St. Johns TownCenter in Jacksonville, FL.  Needless to say, thanks to my friends, I had a good time.  To keep all things relatively positive, I'm just going to say that they had a very "selective" process as to who they allowed into their facility, the food was sub-par in comparison to price, and the service was just...ok.  Nevertheless, here are a few pictures from my evening!



What's a PARTY without CAKE...CAMICAKES that is!!!!  If you live in Jacksonville, FL or Atlanta, GA you already know how sinfully delicious these cupcakes are!  If you 've never had the pleasure of indulging in heaven in a pink box...add it to your bucket list!  :)

The Red Velvet CamiCakes are my FAVORITE!!!

My friend Tiya had the lamb. 
Natalie had a mini-burger
Maribel had the crabcakes!  They were pretty tasty!
I forgot to mention that several of their cocktails are infused with liquid nitrogen which makes for a great presentation.  This was the Candy-Apple Martini!
The after-party was at my home where we partied harder until 4am!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! 


Suite on Urbanspoon

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Hi! I'm Trice, a Jacksonville, FL based blogger. I LOVE shopping and all things fashionable and want to show everyone that "Teachers Have Style Too!"! I also LOVE to cook and enjoy dining out. Please enjoy my fashion and food experiences and leave a comment if you'd like.
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