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A weekend in Orlando! Oh and yes the big hair is BACK!!!

Hi guys!

I decided to go to Orlando this weekend to do a little shopping.  As you all know there's no H&M where I live so I have to get my "fix" when I can!  LOL!  I also wanted to pick up a few items I've been wanting from IKEA which is also non-present in my city. :(

 Nevertheless I didn't eat anywhere special but I did stay at the DoubleTree Hotel

 and I was pleasantly surprised to find that they treat their guests with the most yummy chocolate chip and walnut cookies!!! 

I was pretty happy about the Chocolate treat!
Hmmmm...maybe I was a little too excited about these cookies LOL!!!
This was a really pretty hotel so I took a few pics on the grounds.  You may recognize the top....

Top:  F21
Jeans: Nine West
Sandals: White Mountain

Talk to you all very soon!


  1. Aren't those cookies the best? and I love how they give them to you nice and warm..mmm mmm good! the big hair!

  2. The top is so cute and I am dying to hear what you found at H&M! They've got a HUGE sale going on right now! Doubletree was giving away those cookies today on Michigan Avenue :) YUM!

  3. You look so happy.
    Loving your top so much.

  4. Such a beautiful top!! Love all the colors!

  5. Your top is super cute! Loving the pattern/animal print mix!! Kiah

  6. Love your TOP!! And I love your HAIR!!! I love big curly HAIR!!


  7. Doesn't FL have a lovely summer vibe. I love that F21 top. (Off to try to find it). Loving that big curly hair too. Big hair LURVE.

  8. I'd be that excited over cookies!
    I love the F21 top, it suits you so much!

    Glad you got you Ikea and H&M fix! I can only imagine how hard it must be not having close by!

    Have a great day!

    Girl about Town XxX

  9. came to my city and didn't even say hi?!?! shame!!

  10. I love that you booked a trip just for shopping! So fab! Love your hair, and isn't it crazy that with how popular H&M and IKEA are that they aren't everywhere in the world!? So annoying for us fans! That hotel is really nice, cute top
    Live Life in Style

  11. Super cute outfit! I love your bright top! You have a new follower!

  12. Yes ma'am those cookies are delicious, hot and readily available. My friend asked me to bring some back when I was done in the wi-fi lobby. I took to long so they did a cookie run while I worked. You look adorable and summery. Is that a word? HA! and I teach, lolol. How was the weather?


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