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PhotobucketHi Dolls!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful week!  Though I'm excited to be back at school, let's just say TGIF for me! LOL!  It was a loooooong first week back but I think this will be a great year!

Here is one of my favorite dresses.  Just wanted to show you all!  I am so happy to have such wonderful followers!  Thank you all for brightening up my days with your wonderful comments!  I truly appreciate them all.

PhotobucketEarlier this week I finally made it out to this AWESOME little restaurant my co-worker has been raving about!  It's called TacoLu.
TacoLu is a small, funky, and colorful little restaurant located near the beaches.  The decor included dia de los muertos art.  This stands for Day of the Dead and is a mexican holiday for gathering with friends and family to remember loves ones who have passed away.
I love all of the bright colors!

Great place to meet up with friends!
Besides the fact that the tacos are pretty tasty, they are cheap!!!  I ordered the Carne Asada taco and the Baja Fish taco.  The Carne Asada taco was so flavorful with juicy pieces of flank steak, cheese, onions, and cilantro. 
The only complaint I had about this taco is that I didn't have more of it!!!  I know better for next time to order more than one of these bad boys!

I wasn't very pleased at all with the Baja Fish taco.....

The batter wasn't very appetizing to me and it had a hint of cinnamon or nutmeg that I didn't care for.

However, the homemade chips and salsa were a definite hit for!  Overall this place gets an A from me.  I will be back for another visit.  Next time, Carne Asada tacos all around!

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First Day Back and a "Cold Flame" (Jacksonville, FL)

Hey Lovelies! 

Im not sure if I've ever mentioned this before but one of the many hats I wear is one of an educator and yesterday was the first day back at school!!!! I had a long and incredibly entertaining summer and I suppose I'm excited to be back in the grind of things!  Anywho, here is my back to work outfit:
  • Pink Blazer: Forever 21
  • Linen Trousers: Papaya (trust me they were nicely ironed that morning)
  • Turquoise Necklace:  Steinmart
  • Ring:  Gift from My Mommy
Heels:  Minx
There's nothing like a nice cold treat after a long hard day...or morning...I visited this place after a work out some days ago LOL!!!

It's a new dessert parlor in Tinseltown that specializes in Gelato, an Italian style ice cream that's creamy and apparently less fattening than ice cream!!!

The parlor is simply chic with a few contemporary touches

They have several options to choose from and serve other desserts including shakes and  brownies!

I enjoyed my large scoop of strawberry cheesecake gelato!  I had real pieces of strawberry and cheesecake and I didn't feel a bit of guilt after indulging in it! 

Cold Flame on Urbanspoon
Have a wonderful week!!!


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Salt Life and Daruma (Jax Beach)

Hey lovelies!

I apologize for my absence this week.  I had an extremely hectic week at work.  But anywho....my wonderful man surprised me this weekend with an in town get-away!  He got us a hotel room with a magnificent view of the beach!!!  I was able to view two weddings from our room balcony!  This one was my fav!
The decor was simple and the colors were bright pink and orange!
We went swimming at the hotel pool and at the beach! Something I haven't done in a while!  It was soooo much fun! Had an amazing time with my sweetie!!! Later on in the evening we went to dinner.  Here is what I was wearing.
Earrings: Bealls Outlet

Dress: En Focus Studio via Ross

Heels:  D Shoes 

Ring:  Gift from a friend

Bracelets:  Body Central

After checking out the night scene at the beach for a little while, we went to Daruma Japanese Steakhouse for dinner.  It's probably one of the best in town.
We got there kind of late so we couldn't get a seat where the chef puts on a show while preparing your food right in front of you...bummer. The ambiance was still very nice, service is great, and the amount of food you're given is well worth the $$$.
Love the kimono!!!
The fountain was really pretty!
The food was delicious but the picture of the soup is really the only one that wasn't blurry... 
 and the picture of the steak, chicken, and shrimp...YUMMMMM... UMMM!!! I had some shrimp sauce on the side and if you know about Hibachi, shrimp sauce is a MUST!!!

Daruma Japanese Steak House (Beach Blvd.) on Urbanspoon
I had a beautiful evening with my love and I hope you all had a beautiful weekend as well!!!  Have a wonderful week!!!


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Gospel Concert

Hey Beauties,

PhotobucketMy church is getting ready to celebrate its 6th year pastor and church anniversary this Sunday and I am so happy for my pastor and proud to be a member of such a wonderful congregation!  As part of our celebration, we had a gospel concert Friday night where our praise team sung as well as choirs from visiting churches.  It was truly a blessing!  Here is what I decided to wear to the event:

  • Dress:  Evan Picone via Macy's
Extra Long Earrings:  Gift (Fashion Metro)

Sparkly Heels:  Speed Limit 98 via Ross

Photobucket Photobucket
If you live in Florida, I'm sure you already know that this weekend is TAX FREE on clothes, some accessories, and school supplies!  With that being said, I may just have to get out early and pick up a few things! ;)  I hope everyone have a FABULOUS weekend!!! 


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Jason's Deli (Short and Sweet)

Hey Lovelies!!!

PhotobucketI have been in a sandwich mood lately!!!  It's a nice change from the heavy foods that I typically flock to and a much better choice considering how scorching the Florida heat has been lately...my goodness!!!  
Here's what I was wearing: (sorry about the cleavage...)
  • Earrings: Body Central
  • Dress: Belk (2yrs. old)
  • Belt: Betsey Johnson
  • Sandals:  TJ Maxx

Good Eats
My friend and I went to Jason's Deli for lunch!  Most of you are probably familiar with Jason's Deli in some capacity because not only is it a chain restaurant, it's also well-known for their boxed lunches seen at conferences and office meetings.

I think we got there right after they opened because it wasn't a crowd at all.  However, by the time we left it was PACKED!!!

I ordered the California Chicken Club Sandwich on a toasted crossaint with turkey, tomatoes, bacon, swiss cheese,  mayo, bean sprouts, and avacado!  So yummy and refreshing!!!  I opted for the fruit instead of chips! 

My friend built her own sandwich with turkey, lettuce, cheese, and mayo.  She went with fruit as well.

Great lunch!  Talk to you all soon!

Jason's Deli on Urbanspoon

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The French Pantry (Jacksonville, FL)

Hi Dolls,
I have been hearing so many great things about                            The French Pantry, a bakery/cozy restaurant known for  providing bread to several local restaurants and fabulous food for its patrons. Unfortunately they are only open from 11am-2pm Monday through Friday and if you're going to go you'd better get there early to avoid waiting in a never-ending line.  This was my last Monday off for a little while so I thought today would be a perfect day to give it a go! 

Do you see that line???  Luckily this picture was taken after we ate.  We got there right at 11am and only had to wait in line a few minutes.  (Yes, there was already a line before the doors opened!)Photobucket
Really Quick....here's what I was wearing:
Nothing Special:
  • Pink Collared Shirt:  JC Penny
  • Belt: H&M
  • Shorts: Old Navy
  • Shoes:  Fergie "Break-Up" Wedges

Just wanted to show you the line again! Crazy I know, and it's like this from 11-2 non-stop!

Good Eats!!!
 For starters we were given  fresh, hot, crusty, chewy french bread and olive oil infused with balsamic vinegar and tasty herbs!

Let me just tell you this is hands down, the BEST Bruschetta I have ever eaten in my life!!!  It was made with their yummy crusty bread, goat cheese, succulent shrimp, and artichokes on top of a bed of fresh greens and tomatoes!

 The French Dip Sandwich was made with tender slices of well-seasoned beef and gooey mozarella cheese!  The Au Jus was perfectly savory....made you wanna dip the entire sandwich to the bottom!  LOL!

The Chicken Panini looked amazing!  It has chicken, mozarella, tomatoes, greens, and proscuitto!  YUMM!!!

And last but not least the assortment of desserts range from cookies, to eclairs, to carrot cake, and much more.  We shared on slice of the "Wedding Cake" which was a decadent white cake with cream cheese frosting infused with fresh strawberries on a strawberry puree!  It was very good!!!
The French Pantry gets 2 thumbs up from me!!!  Everything I tasted was phenomenal and the prices were more than reasonable!!!  Hope everyone has a FABULOUS week!!!

French Pantry on Urbanspoon

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