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Jason's Deli (Short and Sweet)

Hey Lovelies!!!

PhotobucketI have been in a sandwich mood lately!!!  It's a nice change from the heavy foods that I typically flock to and a much better choice considering how scorching the Florida heat has been goodness!!!  
Here's what I was wearing: (sorry about the cleavage...)
  • Earrings: Body Central
  • Dress: Belk (2yrs. old)
  • Belt: Betsey Johnson
  • Sandals:  TJ Maxx

Good Eats
My friend and I went to Jason's Deli for lunch!  Most of you are probably familiar with Jason's Deli in some capacity because not only is it a chain restaurant, it's also well-known for their boxed lunches seen at conferences and office meetings.

I think we got there right after they opened because it wasn't a crowd at all.  However, by the time we left it was PACKED!!!

I ordered the California Chicken Club Sandwich on a toasted crossaint with turkey, tomatoes, bacon, swiss cheese,  mayo, bean sprouts, and avacado!  So yummy and refreshing!!!  I opted for the fruit instead of chips! 

My friend built her own sandwich with turkey, lettuce, cheese, and mayo.  She went with fruit as well.

Great lunch!  Talk to you all soon!

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  1. Loving that dress lady! you look amazing :-)
    Have a great day

  2. I love the dress and shoes. Your shoe game is crazy, but the sandwich over shadows it all for me right now. I think I need a snack!!!!

  3. I love it- I love the fact that you enjoy great fashions & great eats!

  4. I know I gotta stop coming to your blog hungry! LOL.

    You look beautiful as usual! Love the dress!

  5. My family & I *LURVE* J.D. we get the broccoli loaded potatoes. Yummy!

    Only issue is we never EAT it ALL!

    love the look


  6. Girrrrl, I wish I had some cleavage to FLAUNT!!!! lol

    Anywho... you look AMAZING as always!!!! And, the food got me straight HUNGRY!!!! :D

  7. I love your dress and the next time you go to Jason's Deli, you must try their Southwestern Chicken's so good!

  8. I love Jason's Deli! They have them back in Arizona but I haven't seen one here in Dallas yet! Girl your dress is FABULOUS!! Kiah

  9. YUM!!! I love a great deli, we have a few in Chicago but none are as nicely furnished on the inside as this one! LOVE that pretty and great for a scorching hot summer day in FL :)

  10. Love the dress diva! Florida is supa hot right now but I just came back from the Chi and I swear it was just as...if not hotter there. I can't get away from the heat. Going to Philly this weekend so maybe I'll get a break, lol. Jason's Deli is the sandwhich mecca! I think I'll be having that for lunch tomorrow ;-)

  11. I love that dress you look so cute! I love Jasons Deli! They have the best sandwiches and salads. so yummy!

  12. That dress looks great on you MsLayD...and those sandwhiches look Mmm Mmm good!


  13. Wow, you look absolutely gorgeous! I am completely in love with your dress, you look so chic!!! Love your blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  14. great dress!! i love sandwiches :)

  15. i love your dress is beautiful
    all this have given me hungry :D

  16. The sandwiches look great and the dress is hot!!


  17. just read a post that mentioned chickfila and now you are talking abt jason's deli. i'm really missing atl now :(

    don't apologize for the cleavage. that dress is a knock out on you!

  18. Gorgeous!!! and of course delicious food as always.

    <3 Marina

  19. That sandwhich looks toothsome and I love chicken, too. The dress is lovely on you and the belt adds the right about of Zest;-)
    Have a nice weekend!

  20. OMG I was talking to my cousin about Jason's Deli and how they need one in DC. I miss Texas on a daily went it comes to food lol :(

  21. So hungry now…I'm thinking sandwiches…lol You look great as always!

  22. Girl this dress is hot, hot, hot. I love it. I do like Jason's deli, but I can't eat there too often, have to watch the cals!.
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  23. I'm a sandwich lover. Cute printed dress.


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