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Bridal Shower for Bernie

Hi Dolls,

I apologize for my lack of posts lately.  Work has got me so busy that by the time I remember to take a picture, I'm too pooped!  Anywho, this past Saturday was my friend Bernie's bridal shower!!!  She's getting married in November and I am really excited for her.  Here is what I was wearing:
You all have seen most of these items before in a different way.....I was having one of those "I have nothing to wear moments".
  • Coral Blazer:  Forever 21
  • Cami: Zara
  • Shorts: Old Navy
  • Heels:  DShoes


The BF snapped the pic of me looking down and I thought it came out kinda cool.
Still having issues with this fairly expensive camera and it's blurry issues.  Funny how the setting wasn't changed but the first pic came out clear and this one blurry....[insert long sigh here].

I love these huge feathery coral earrings!  I got them in Vegas at some store inside of Caesars Palace.

The bridal shower was lots of fun and ofcourse the food was yummy!  I thought these little wedding dress favors were too cute!
Here's what we had to eat: 

  • Yellow Rice
  • Green Beans
  • Rosemary Roasted Chicken
  • Roll
  • Good Old Fashion 7up
  • These were homemade pound cake cupcakes and let me just tell you....they were stupid delicious!!! LOL!!!
A really cute mini wedding cake with the bride and grooms picture on it!

The most interesting gift given was the "Safe-Sex" bouquet!  It got a rise out of everyone!  It included lovely flowers ofcourse adorned with condoms, flavored body oil, and um...5 hour energy drinks!  LOL!  If anyone is interested in one of these, I'll be more than happy to put you in contact with the lady behind this creativity.
And here was the surprised and very happy bride-to-be, Bernie!
Well guys, that's all for now.  I really hope to get at least one more post on here before next weekend. In the meantime have a FABULOUS weekend!!!



  1. Bernie looks beautiful and that is an interesting bouquet for! I love this outfit and you look great in blush tones, I honestly can't remember seeing each of these items before, it all looks new! Congratulations on the award!

  2. Oh I love that blazer paired with shorts on you. You look wonderful! What a great shower, congrats to Bernie!

  3. ooohh that 'safe sex' bouquet is rad! What an original idea :)
    Looks like you guys had a lovely night!

  4. Fun look and it looks like the bridal shower was a lot of fun!

  5. Fab....wish I could rock some short shorts girl!!!!!

  6. Super cute! Love that blazer!!


  7. Love rocking shorts and heels!! You look great!
    *sigh to the winther weather coming my way*
    The bouquet is verrry nice! I make a towel cake version.

  8. u look amazing in that blazer gimmie dat blazerrrrrr

  9. Girl you look so great in those shorts! And I love the bouquet, I totally am going to get one for my friend in April, so I'll be re-visiting closer to the date. Bernie is gorgeous, I can't wait to see what you wear to her wedding!

  10. Loving the blazer with the shorts... The color looks great on you as well!!!! ~Congrats to Bernie she's beautiful!!!!

  11. So fun! Her Bridal Shower looked so nice! I had so much fun planning my sisters and seeing the look on her face when she walked in the room. I really love the pink blazer!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  12. I love your pink blazer. The bridal shower looks like it was a lot of fun. The bride is just gorgeous. I think that safe sex bouquet is a riot!

    Also, I love those feather earrings.

  13. Lookin sexy mama! The food looks delicious!
    I love your jacket and your shoes:-)

  14. Work it girl! You look amazing and love the blazer and shorts.

  15. are rockin' those shorts with the blazer and pumps! You look AH-Mazing!!!


  16. love your blazer and shoes!!
    kisses and have a nice day!=)

  17. Safe sex bouguet I love it! LOL

    Looks like a great shower!

    You look fierce, love that blazer and those earrings!

    Hope you figure out your settings I know thats frustrating!

  18. Congrats Bernie!
    U look CuYuTe.....and I love the shoes...


  19. Congrats to Bernie with blessings on top. The safe sex bouquet was cool! Love your blazer and earrings.


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