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Sundays Best

Hi Ladies,

I hope everyone had a fabulous start to the week.  My Monday was quite the challenge but I made it through and tomorrow is sure to be a much better day! :)  Here is what I was wearing to church yesterday.

  • Blazer:  Jones New York
  • Turtleneck:  Ross I think (old)
  • Skirt:  Forever 21
Heels:  DShoes

The message at church was good as always.  It was about letting things go, something that alot of people tend to have a hard time with.  It takes a lot of energy to hold a grudge and when you really sit and think about it, it's kind of silly.  Pride gets in the way of asking for forgiveness and it gets in the way of forgiving people too.  In closing our pastor told us to remember 14 words that can help save any relationships if meant sincerely....
I'm sorry
Please forgive me
I Never meant to hurt you 
I Love you.

Have a great week dolls!


  1. Love this look on you girl! That skirt color is so pretty! Wonderful message and as I age, I am learning to forgive, Let Go and Let God!


  2. That skirt...I want
    It is so pretty/ the color just works..Loving this outfit... Great message as well


  3. I love the color of this skirt! It is fabulous paired with the blazer and flower! It hurts the person most who holds a grudge and you're right, it takes a lot more energy!

  4. Wonderful message, sometimes easier said than done! Yes that skirt is hot!

  5. Great message. Thanks for sharing.

  6. That is a wonderful passage he gave and while I don't personally attend church, I love to hear what you tell us from Sunday's attendence. I love the skirt as well as the blazer

  7. Such a cute look for church! Those earrings are to die for. Loving them. Love the passage as well!

    7eventh Letter

  8. You always bring such beautiful messages to your readers. Thanks for sharing. You look fabulous.


  9. Hey girlie I'm back lol! For good this time! I hate that I've missed so many of your postings but at least I have something to keep me busy while I get my looks together for this weekend! I love, love, love the skirt! Very pretty color on you! I love the message even better...really gives people something to think about. Thanks for sharing! Well, of course I'll be tuning in for the rest of the week so talk to you soon. Smooches & Blessings!

  10. U look Stunning and the message is so needed.
    Was the message inteded for me personally?
    Had to ReRead it!

    Hoping your week is going well thus far!

  11. My friend told me something that made me think...she said "holding a grudge is like letting someone live in your mind rent free"!! lol. Yesss. I love the pop of color in the skirt. You look fab as usual.


  12. I'm sooooo luving that skirt & the blazer! You blog is HAWT! Congrats on the award. Following now :)

  13. Your Pastor pulled my card, lol. This is a very important message. One thing I've learned from personal experience is that it can require a daily determination to forgive when you have to keep returning to face the offender. I'm growing and I thank GOD that he forgave me and I am able to forgive.
    You styled some beautiful autumn colors. I really like the skirt.

  14. Loving the skirt!!!

  15. Great outfit.. love the pink skirt x

  16. Oh wow, this outfit just spoke to me! I love your attention to details. Love the pink/purple details in your accessories and skirt and the nude shoe....just pure beauty.


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