"Black Friday" and Mama's

Hey Dolls,

Did you all do a little After Thanksgiving Sale Shopping???  I did a little as I do every year!  This year, we didn't wake up at the crack of dawn because the only stores I really wanted to go to were having their sales until noon and one.  Here was my "Black Friday" shopping outfit.
The weather was perfect today in Louisiana!  Not too hot and not too cold!

I did a little shopping but nothing too crucial until after the holidays is what I promised myself!  So far, I've done pretty good.
Every time I come to Louisiana to visit my grandma and relatives, I always make it a point to visit Mama's Fried Chicken!  Photobucket
The prices are more than reasonable and the food tastes just like "mama made it"!  LOL!

I ordered a good ole' 2piece with dirty rice....Can you say YUM???  As much as I love Popeyes, I have to admit that Mama's got them beat!


My brother ordered the fried catfish basket and seasoned fries (that I kept sneaking off of his plate when he wasn't looking LOL!)
Mama's is great so if you're ever in Opelousas, LA  and wants some good southern fried chicken, check them out!  You won't be disappointed! 
Mama's Fried Chicken on Urbanspoon

I enjoyed "Black Friday" with my family!  However, we watched  the news and saw that others in different parts of the country can't say the same.  I don't know why people go crazy over material items that will probably be marked down for the rest of the year. 

I hope all of you had a wondeful day!  I'll be heading back to Florida tomorrow :(  The holidays come and go so quickly but my fav time with family is yet to come!!!!  Talk to you all soon!


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  1. That cat fish looks soooo good! Look at you, all looking cute and stuff in that simple outfit :)
    I will never understand how people do the black Friday madness either. Have a safe trip

  2. Gosh the food on this post made me hungry!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Food looks so so good.. Now I'm hungry


  4. Comfy and cute are always a good combination.

    The food looks delicious. We did a lot of Black Friday eating and a little shopping.

  5. I LOVE popeyes...I don't eat it often but it is my favorite fried chicken so if Mama's is even better...I can only imagine! SO glad to see you Trice and hope all is well! Glad you did some light black friday shopping too :)

  6. Mama's looks amazing. I love good fried chicken and catfish.


  7. Ok now I need something fried..thanks alot lol

  8. Cute pictures...so hungry seeing all the food!




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