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Lady in Red

Hey Dolls!!

Before I go any further I want to give a big hello to all of my new followers!!!  I'm almost at 300! How exciting! I think I'm going to do a give-away this time!  Much love to all of my older faithful followers too!  I really appreciate all of the blog love!

Some of you may noticed my absence last week but I was on Spring Break and didn't really get an opportunity to get on the computer.  The majority of my posts this week will be outfits I wore while out and about my week off.  Here's the first:
  • Red Blazer:  Talbots (Thrifted)
  • 90's Love T-shirt:  H&M
  • Red Skinnies:  Liz Claiborne (Ross)
  • Heels:  Penny Loves Kenny

So did any of you have Spring Break last week too?  I went down to South Florida to visit friends and this is what gas cost in Boca Raton, Florida!!!!

CRAZY RIGHT!?!?!?!? I spent over $150 on gas alone! Oh if gas could only be $0.99 again.

Have a great week!  I'll be back tomorrow!


  1. Lovely outfit....but OMG at that gas price!!! Lawd why won't they let us be great???

  2. Our gas here is almost at $5! Madness.
    Love the red "suit."

  3. Congrats on the followers!!! Almost 300 means youre doing something right :) Cute outfit! I love the tshirt. And dont get me started on these gas prices smh!

  4. Don't get me started on gas prices. I'm just thankful the bf's job is less than 6 miles to get there :)

    You look great and congrats on almost reaching 300 followers!

  5. Love this outfit, very cute!!!

    Gas, SIGH......I totally remember when gas was $0.99!!! I car pool so I don't drive every week, but still it takes $60 to fill my car up for about a week M-F and I don't have an SUV. When I did I don't remember it taking even $60 to fill up my Passport.

    Carsedra of:

  6. Welcome back!!! gorgeous red outfit!! you look great as always. And girl I'm trippin about the gas too!!

  7. OH wow...4.09 a gallon? I remember when I was in high school and gas was 97 99 cents..are we getting old Trice??? lol! I mean it was in the late 90s... The red suit is awesome darling, love the graphic top too!

  8. I love the graphic tee, so cute!
    Yeah only if gas prices could be the way they used to be.

  9. love Florida and LOVE the sunny happy colors!! envy!

  10. Red hot honey! Love the graphic tee layered underneath for a touch of funk! I totally feel ya...gas over here in SoCal is $4.50 right now and I'm hearing it'll peak to $5 by summer...booooo!

    Happy Monday!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


  11. I love that blazer and red looks really good on you!

  12. Girl that is NYC gas prices...Arghhhhh but I love that outfit and the shirt speaks volumes :)

  13. I WISH gas would go back to $0.99 again. We used to ride for hours on end with no destination!

  14. what a find on that blazer!!! It's gorgeous! xx

  15. Doll you look Fierce in definitely your color for sure. Looking stunning. And OMG..seriously what's up with the gas prices!! I don't even want to drive anywhere no more!!! LOL

    <3 Marina

  16. I agree with you on the gas comment. It is way more in Canada. We have a lot of added taxes.

    Ps. nice fire engine red outfit. :)

    Less than a week till my first blog giveaway. Come and visit.


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