Awwwwww Shucks!!!

Hey Dolls,

One more day and the nice LONG weekend will be here!!!

Are you all doing anything for Memorial Day?  I'm not sure yet what I'll be doing but sometimes, spontaneity is best for weekend plans!  Here is what I wore to work today.  The top is actually a dress.  Click here to see how I  rocked it on Thanksgiving! 

I woke up so late this morning and on mornings like this I just grab the first thing I see in the closet and make it work somehow.  

I almost forgot to tell you guys about Aw Shucks!  It's an Oyster Bar & Grille that my sweetie took me too one afternoon a few weeks ago!  I wasn't a fan of Oysters before I met him (at least I didn't think I was).  I always thought they were slimy and gross!  He convinced me to try them steamed on a cracker with a little butter and hot sauce one day and ever since I've been hooked!!!
We ordered a bucket of oysters and sat at the bar where they shucked them right in front of us!  I enjoy watching them do that...weird I know, but I think it's cool!  We also ordered  the Zesty Seafood Spread that will make ya wanna slap somebody!  It's made with crab, fish, shrimp, and scallops and served with crackers!  DELICIOUSNESS!!!
Aw Shucks on Urbanspoon
I give them two thumbs up and will visit again!  
Ok dolls, that's all for now.  I'll be back soon.  

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  1. Would I be childish for sayin...First! LOL
    You look great as usual!!I'm really going to have to get some gets and try oysters one day!

  2. I love these bright stripes on you and those earrings are fabulous! Greetings from Atlanta. Also, I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog - a cute pair of silver earrings. Check it out here! :-)

  3. Love how you turned the dress into a top. It looks great with those pants. I am headed to my husband's parents' lake house this weekend and I am looking forward to it. Hope you have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

  4. Love how you worked the dress. Make it work girl!

  5. Ooh those Oysters look good...making me hungry ;-) Love the pants, they look comfy. I'm not sure of our weekend plans yet but I'm looking forward to them!

  6. I'm so excited that there is only one more day...I love your fun striped top, the colors are great!

  7. ohh you have such beautiful and cool hairstyle !!

  8. Great creativity on the dress as a top! Love it!

  9. You are soooo creative and I'm still jealous you can eat all that goodness and keep that fab shape!!!

  10. Girl you definitely know how to shop that closet AND rock a pair of wide legs. Loving this look hun!

  11. i loooove this have such a creative way of dressing for the office!

  12. great dress/top!!!

  13. Love your dress/top lady!! Those colors look great on you! And lets not forget to mention that fab hair! LOVE LOVE LOVE!


  14. Absolutely love it! Your hair looks so good like that!


  15. Wow! Wonderful colors! You are sooo pretty! <3

  16. That hair is absolutely crazy GORGEOUS ahhhhhhhhhhhh
    Soooooooooooo pretty.

  17. hi babe,
    u have such a great style!
    definitely gonna tell my sis about u.
    she will loveee ur blog even more!!

  18. Very cute :-) I LOVE oysters and I can’t wait to throw back a couple dozen raw n salties soon!!

  19. You look fab, great idea of wearing the dress as a top!!

    Oysters are so good, steamed with hot sauce. My fiance turned me on to them!!

    I keep looking at your hair trying to figure out who it reminds me of and I figured it out, Ledisi!! Love it!!

    Carsedra of:

  20. you have such a lovely smile. love that top on you!! :) you look elegant and sophisticated. :)

    hope you have a great wknd! :)


  21. Now this is what I need to learn to do to get mileage out of my wardrobe. I thought it was a top until you shared the before link. And those high waisted pants are really nice.

  22. Cool outfit, I love your top.


  23. blown away by this look! really sophisticated looking! That dress works so perfect as a top! @ thumbs up for creativity! I'm loving it! xoxo TY

  24. Love love love your hair

  25. I so do adore this look and i lovvvvvvvvve the pants where did you get them , if you don't mind me asking. I also would love to show case this on my fashion page i <3 it



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