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Natural Hair Fashion Show

Hello Lovelies,

I (or shall I say my hair) had a very interesting weekend!  Saturday I had a photo shoot!  Here's a little sneak peak from the shoot!  I have a hard time NOT smiling in pictures.  I don't think I look right trying to "SMIZE" so I gotta show the teeth. LOL!

Sunday, The Natural Hair Expo came to Jacksonville and I was asked to participate as one of the hair models for the fashion show segment of the expo!  I happily obliged.  Here is what they did to my hair.  It's RED!!!! (It will not stay this way for long!).   It reminds me of Ledisi and Janelle Monae! Please click on their links to see what I mean. Very natural-looking!


Here are the outfits I wore for the show.


Another model and myself wearing clothing from Meow & Barks Boutique a local boutique with FABULOUS clothing and accessories!  Please click on the link and take a look at some of the accessories from Meow & Barks online.

Here are some more outfits from the show!
This outfit was from another local designer whose name I forgot.....that's terrible of me isn't it?

I had lots of fun modeling this weekend!  As for my hair, I toned it down some for work and will be back later to show you some work OOTD with my red hair LOL!  

Talk to you all soon!


  1. Super cute! You look smoking hot!

  2. You look soooooooo HOTTTTTT!!!!!! Seriously your figure is to die for (or in my case currently changing my diet for) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the red hair on you...I am usually not a fan of red hair but this looks classy as all get out!! YASSSSS this post gave me LIFE today!!!

  3. Too cute... loving the print tribal print dress... Yes, I need that


  4. The hair definitely reminds me of Ledisi but I think it looks good on you ;-)

  5. OK now it is my turn to ask there ANY hairstyle you can't pull off??? OMG I love it! And the local designer is amazing.

  6. You are really wearing those dresses! It looks like you had a great weekend. Now I have to long did it take for the hairstylist to do your hair? It looks amazing*__*

  7. Your hair looks so fun! Sounds like a great weekend!

  8. The dresses are fab! I especially like the printed one on the third to the last photo. :)

  9. You look gorgeous girl, those dresses fit you like a glove!! Love all the looks and the hair really compliments you..


  10. Your hair and your outfits were awesomely fierce! I love the red!!

  11. Your outfits are amazing and look stunning on you! I like your hair, it's so fun!

  12. You worked that sequin number honey! You look great!


  13. You look great! You worked the "SMIZE"...I mean SMILE :).

  14. Okay, yup, your definitely hair twins with those ladies! But you look so wonderful, Trice. I too have the "problem" (it's really not) with smiling in all my pictures. I try and do that sultry, serious stare, but I just end up looking constipated or scared. LOL! So, I need to give that up. haha Other girls do it great, but me, no so much.
    All the outfits y'all got to wear for the show are also very nice. Did you get to keep them? They look nice on your bod!

    1. Especially that glitter one! It's like HELLOOO! :D Sorry, I accidentally click on the publish button before I'm ready to end. haha

  15. I'm loving the blue dress..very cute! You have such a pretty smile. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award :)


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