Teacher's Appreciation! Teachers have Class and Style!!!

Hey Dolls,

Can you read this blog post?  Do you know what today's date is?  What time is it where you are?  If you were able to answer all of these questions, you have a teacher to thank!  

This week is Teacher's Appreciation Week! 
We have been showered with love from students and members of the community all week and I have to admit, it's nice to know that the work we do as teachers really is appreciated. 

I received lots of notes from my students expressing their appreciation for me as their teacher and I wanted to share a couple with you.
Here's another one :) 

They all made me smile and it really is the little things that count!
Isn't this the cutest little thing? It was a treat given to me this week. It is vanilla pudding, oreo crumbles, and sour gummy worms!

Now on to my work OOTD!  I wasn't feeling too good today so I grabbed the easiest thing this morning.  I also decided to participate in the Teachers have Class & Style link-up hosted by Mix and Match Fashion!!!  She has amazing style as well as all of the other teachers who participated so please check out her blog when you get the chance.
Blazer & Wedges:  Ross
Romper:  Marshall's
Necklace: Anjolee
Belt: Thrifted

Ok lovelies, thank you always for taking a few moments out of your day to read my blog!  I truly truly appreciate it!  
I'll be back very soon!

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  1. Cute look! Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!! :)

  2. You wasn't feeling too good but still managed to look fabulous!!! Girl when I don't feel good I don't look good either. And happy teacher's appreciation week. I know I've been blessed to have some very inspirational teachers throughout my primary and secondary education journeys.

  3. WHOA lady! This is a hottt outfit, I never had any teach rock a capri length jumpsuit and you do it amazingly!

  4. such a cute FIT!!! I LOOOOVE the romper and the belt!!! U ROCK!!

  5. Thank you for being a teacher that your students have good things to say about.

    Your students are so right! You have to be the best dressed teacher :) Love your romper!

  6. Bowing down to all the wonderful TEACHERS. You all ROCK!
    How sweet of your students.....I know the letters put a smile on your face.
    The romper put a smile on my face :-)! I want one.

  7. I am forever grateful to all of my teachers! Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!! I loveeeeee that romper!

  8. Happy teacher appreciation week! Love your adorable outfit!

  9. You certainly look like you were feeling wonderful dressed like that!

    Happy Teachers Day! Thank you for teaching all those little young ones :)

    P.s. That oreo-pudding plant thingy looks delish!

  10. Happy Best Dressed Teacher Week! (and Happy Teacher Appreciation Week, too!) :)

  11. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! That Jumpsuit is FANTASTIC!

  12. Awww. The notes are so adorable! Happy Teacher Appreciation!!!
    A teacher is such a gift. I remember my primary school teacher. She was so lovely. You never forget a good teacher.

  13. Happy Teacher appreciation day to you!!
    Hope that you feel better and you look great!

  14. Happy Teacher appreciation day:)

    I love the colour of your jumpsuit.


  15. I just found your blog and I think it is amazing.I am following you now,under name Lilie Marlen,but I don't use any photos so I will be last one on your follower list.I will be honored if you come visit my blog and follow it if you like it Have a nice day

  16. Oh, how cute!! That romper is fierce! I love it and your style! Happy Teacher Appreciation week to you!!

  17. Happy Teacher's Appreciation Week! I think that romper is pretty fabulous. Feel better!

  18. Happy teacher appreciation day!!

  19. Oh my gosh...LOVE your style girl and LOVE those sweet notes that your students wrote you! I love that the one note wrote that you were "best dressed" in really big letters! So sweet...
    XO - Marion

  20. Happy Teacher appreciation week!

  21. Congratulations on your special week doll and you're one stylish teacher.

    <3 Marina

  22. By the way doll I have a new Facebook page and would love for you to like it if you can. Of course I just liked yours. Here's the link.


    <3 Marina

  23. Yay! For teachers!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, i really appreciate it! Hope you feel better soon :)


  24. I tip my hat off to teachers. I know it's not easy. I currently work with kids for a after school program & man! But most of it is the parents doing. Anywho on to YOU. I'm late but you are appreciated! Love the outfit!

  25. Your romper is so fierce! yay for Marshalls. I still keep all the letters my students wrote me in a box under my bed. It makes me sad to read them sometimes but I will cherish them forever. Happy teachers day!

  26. Thanks for sharing your gifts from the students, it gave me chills. Being a teacher, you've more of an influence that you'll ever know. Thanks for going into that profession, I know it isn't easy!

    You look fabulous.

  27. I am amazed at the actual recognition you got for Teacher Appreciation Week. My school didn't recognize it at all (Kinda sad). Thanks for visiting my blog from Tara's link-up; I hope you'll be back.

    I love your romper- this is a great outfit :)

  28. I hope you're feeling better! I think you look great in this adorable jumpsuit. I hope you had a great Teacher Appreciation Week--you got some great things, it looks like!



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