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A Litttle Summer Fun & Restaurant Review

Hey Dolls,

I have come to grips that my summer vacay is almost over!!!  I decided to go visit one of my BFF's for a little fun before it's back to work for me.

Yesterday morning we went for a run and the sun was BLAZING!!!  I think it is safe to say that I've got a nice bronzed tan LOL!
Here is my OOTD
In the summer, I love wearing dresses!  They're cute, comfy, and no fuss when it's time to get dressed to enter the heat that awaits you.  I fell in love with this peplum dress that I got from Ross and guess what was ONLY $5!!!  Yes, five dollars!  You all have seen these Kenneth Cole wedges before here.

After our run, we had brunch, went shopping, and got some froyo from Mochi.  
I love these frozen yogurt places that have been popping up everywhere but Tutti Fruitti is still my FAV!  Check out my post about them here.

Later on we went to dinner at Latinos Y Mas-Latin Fusion Restaurant!  My friend told me that she wanted me to try this place because she was sure I'd love it!
  It's a family owned restaurant and they pride themselves on serving Latin cuisine with a Mediterranean flair!  Job well done because the food here is AH-MA-ZING!!!
For starters we were given complimentary chips and salsa before we even placed our drink orders....that's what I'm talking about!
We both ordered the same exact thing which was the 
Carne Azada con Chimichurri which came with a house salad.
I don't normally care for creamy salad dressings.  Italian is my go-to dressing but the house dressing was described as being a creamy Italian vinaigrette so I decided to try it and it was pretty good.
Here is the Flank steak which came with yellow rice and black beans, that green chimichurri that was so dang good, and sweet plantains which is that funny looking stuff next to the rice.  Ok so let me just tell you something.....this was so freggin good that I ate every bit!  (don't judge me) LOL!  I don't normally finish my dinner meals that I show you guys but this right here.........I couldn't stop eating it.

Be back soon!


  1. I love your outfit! It looks amazing on you.

    I can't believe that summer is almost over myself.

  2. Very cute dress and you cant beat $5! The foods looks soooo good too!

  3. This look is tooooo cute!! and OMG that food looks delish!

  4. Your dress is really nice and summery, love it!

  5. Cute dress and love those shoes!


  6. $5?! That's what I'm talkin about!

  7. girl yes tutti frutti is by far my favorite too... and that lil dress is too cute!!

  8. Cute dress!! The fact that it was only $5 makes it even cuter.

  9. The food looks delish!! Cute dress!! Ross always carry the cutest dresses.

    Nique {}

  10. very cute dress and the food looks so good!

  11. I love when food money is spent well! That dress is awesome chica.

  12. You look really cute and the food looks good!!

    Carsedra of:

  13. ooh lala loving this outfit and the food looks yummy

  14. Very cute peplum dress there missy :) I cannot believe what a good bargain you got it for and at Ross of all places. The only thing I can ever find at Ross is workout clothes if anything.

    The carne asada steak looks muy delicioso

  15. You look so cute in your stripe dress and those summer sandals. Love that you're still sporting your springy curls!
    By the way, made your Baked Ziti this weekend and it was delicious!!! Thanks again for posting this recipe!

    XOXO Dana

  16. Very cute outfit! the food looks so good. I have been dining out so much lately that I have had to really amp up my workouts. Now after looking at your photos, I suddenly want flank steak, LOL

  17. You are so cute, Trice! Missed you!! *hugs* I also am jelly that you scored that dress for $5. While in Texas I visited the Ross there like the day before I left and was uber pissed off with myself for not having gone during the previous 3 weeks when I could have shopped, shopped, shopped and just mailed my purchases back to Jersey so I wouldn't get charged with more than one luggage. *crap* lol
    And per usual, your food pictures have made my tummy growl. I should, from now on, cease to visit your blog until I've eaten a meal. I'm just too lazy to get up and fix myself something or go drive somewhere. It's my first day back in the blogging world and I've spent the last -no kidding- three+ hours catching up on friends' blogs! I've missed you all! haha

  18. One thing I love about FL is the huge number of Latin restaurants, heavenly. It seems that the summer went by so quickly

  19. $5!!!!!!! Now tats a major score!!!!! Yup, I agree Summer went by wayyyy too fast!


  20. Oooooh I'm loving the sandals! Such a perfect summer outfit!


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