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Sunday's Best

Hey Dolls,

How was your weekend?  Great I hope!  Mine was pretty FAB!  It was tax-free weekend on clothes and school supplies and ya girl got a few things, including this skirt I'm wearing!!! 
I was truly blessed at church this morning as I always am.  The sermon was very fitting per usual and focused on commitment to God.  Here is a question:  How important is God to you?

Most of us Christians say that He is our everything but in all sincerity, the majority could probably agree that we tend to put Him on the back burner until we really need Him.  Think about it...we're sure to be on time and sometimes early for work, the gym, a gathering but will drag into church or bible study late, completely skip Sunday school and make excuse as to why we can't attend a church function.  We read our favorite magazines and novels but won't read a few scriptures out of the Bible.

I'm personally going to try to do better at being more committed to what's most important, my relationship with God.   He doesn't ask for much.  He wants our love and attention.  I mean nobody wants to feel used right?  

* Blouse:  Forever 21
* Skirt:  Ross
* Wedges:  Chinese Laundry (seen here)
* Belt:  Papaya
* Bracelet:  Tiffany's & Co.

I pray you all have a wonderful week!


  1. I'm currently trying to do better as well! Great post.

    I love that pleated skirt on you and that mint looks great!

  2. Love that skirt and blouse.

  3. Looking lovely as ever. The skirt is gorgeous and fits your perfectly. Great message and I have to agree completley, I can do better and will do better when it comes to my relationship with the Lord.


  4. the pleated skirt is very pretty and I'm feeling the shoes!

  5. Love the skirt and those shoes!!

    You are so right on what you are saying. I try to make sure I read my word before I start my day everyday. If I miss out on doing it I don't feel right. I do need to work on spending time in prayer and meditation because reading the word is good and yes God can speak through His word. But having that prayer and meditation is the time to sit quit and allow God to really speak to you.

    Carsedra of:

  6. That accordion pleat skirt from Ross is so sophisticated. Love the way you styled it!

  7. Love this post! We all can do better to work on our relationship with Him.

    Cute skirt! I have begun to love pleats.

  8. Great post! I have made a commitment to be more involved with church events and to read my bible more consistently. Two or 3 times a week of study time is NOT enough. There's a reason it is termed "daily bread". We must work hard to sow back into the kingdom with our time, talents, and tithes!

    Lovely top and skirt diva!

  9. Very good question and great points to go along with it.

  10. Love the skirt and the top is such a pretty color. Very good message.

  11. I love hearing the messages you got every Monday! Thanks for always doing it, Trice.

    As for your outfit, you look gorgeous! I love your top (haha F21 gets 'em right every now and then!) and your pleated skirt is my fave! I love pleated skirts and have a couple but none that are maxi length like this. It's simply lovely on you.

    I need to keep an eye out for that no tax sale. I didn't hear anything about ours happening this weekend. I hope I didn't miss it cause saving money on taxes is worth it out here! They'll get you real bad, especially in NY. Ugh!

  12. Super envious of states that offer sales tax free weekends! In Chicago we never have that, it's too good of revenue for the city to pass up...9.5% sales tax? Yup.

  13. You look absolutely gorgeous doll and can't believe you found that amazing skirt at Ross. What a great find doll.

    <3 Marina
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  14. What a great message and so true..I need to work on my commitment myself..sometime I lose sight of what's important. Thanks for sharing that..I needed to hear it. That skirt is fab doll!


  15. Youre absolutely right. We need to make Jesus our best friend :)

    Love your skirt!

  16. Nice look absolutely gorgeous...and I love the color of that blouse.

    Also, our tax free weekend is this weekend! Can't wait!

  17. Loving the message & this skirt!!!!!! Get it girl!!!!!


  18. Loving the skirt Trice! And I am trying to get better as well. The better that relationship, the better my life will be!!!

    7eveneth Letter

  19. Great post! I have done better with my relationship with God! Im really lacking on reading the bibile! I guess since sometimes I dont understand what Im reading I just dont read. We will all do better.

  20. Thank you for sharing the Word... we all need to be reminded as often as we can.

  21. i love your outfit!! and whoa! i forgot about tax free weekend!! -___-

  22. what a great weekend! i love your new skirt, and that turquoise shirt is a beautiful color on you!

  23. I really love your skirt, I have a similar one, waiting to get the right belts to go with it.

  24. You have an amazing smile - that's always in style! LOVE the pleated skirt, and what a great color on this shirt!

    Let's follow each other!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  25. Very beautiful outfit as usual.I love the to your question. God is very important in my life and I always make sure he is invoved in all I do. I'm never ashamed to declare my love for him and his love for me. Thanks so much for the inspirational message.

  26. I purchased the same skirt this summer, lolol! Twins. Thanks for the inspiration for styling it. The mint green is such a sweet color on you.
    I love that you share Sunday sermons. There was a time when I lived my life that way. Then one day I came to the realization without Him in my life, I wouldn't be living. This year my faith walk was shattered after losing my Grandmother. I question all the things I knew to be true about a loving God. Today my Bishop said one thing that had lightened the pain in my heart. He reminded the congregation that trouble will come but God wants us to keep building. I'm trying to get back there. Say a prayer for me :)


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