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Jimmy John's Gourmet Subs, Is Really Fast! Really Worth It?

Hey Fellow Foodies,

It's been a while since I last did a restaurant review hasn't it?  Well here ya go!  I have been in a sandwich and soup sort of mood lately and on my way to Subway I thought "Hey wait!  Let me try
Jimmy John's!" 
 The last and first time I had Jimmy John's was my freshman year in college several a couple of years ago ;) and I remember not thinking much of them.  Jimmy John's just opened up at the Town Center near my house so I figured why not give them another shot. Plus, I have been hearing so many advertisements on the radio about them being "So Fast You'll Freak".  
They weren't lying about that!  By the time I ordered my sub and filled my cup up with a drink, my sandwich was ready to go.  It had to be a minute at most! 

I ordered the "Bootlegger Club"  that came with roast beef, turkey breast, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo.  Somehow I missed the fact that this sub came with out cheese.  Back in the day that would've been just fine, but since I've gotten older, I don't mind a little cheese every now and again so I definitely missed it in this sub.

I got the meal that came with a drink and "Jimmy Chips".  I got the BBQ chips and I liked the fact that the chips are cooked in peanut oil and there aren't preservatives!  
SOoooooo, here's the deal....
While yes, service was ridiculously fast, the sandwich was just plain ok.  I wasn't overly impressed.  I think it may have tasted a little better toasted with cheese, but the sub I got didn't float my boat.  Will I go back???  Maybe, if I'm with a group of people who want to go to Jimmy John's or if it's catered.  On my own, probably not.

I guess sometimes going with what you know is best so Subway and FireHouse will continue to have my heart in the sub department.

Talk to you all soon!


  1. the sub certainly looks tastier than what you described :)

  2. Yeah, you're right. Jimmy John's isn't as tasty as Subway, although I haven't had both in a while.

    Good review :)

  3. I liked Jimmy John's back in the day...They obviously have upadated their menu as the Jimmy chips are new to me.

  4. Looks yummy.^^
    Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
    My Blog

  5. Ahaha, All I know is the Jimmy John's commercials drive me crazy. I have to turn away when they come on the radio...they are annoying lolol
    Shasie of Live Life in Style
    Vote for Me! I’m #268 for the Curvy Blog Award

  6. The first time I went to Jimmy John's was back in March, and I wasn't too impressed either. It wasn't bad, but nothing to make me say, "ooooh I have a taste for Jimmy John's"! They are extremely fast though! #BLMGirls

  7. Hmmm... It's a lil too late for me to be looking at all this FOOD!!!! *Side Eye* lol


  8. Still looks yummy although you were not very impressed <3


  9. yeah, not a Jimmy Johns fan either, but like you I like Firehouse and Subway, but the all time favorite sub in the world for me goes to Publix! They are boss to me!

    Your photos are great and the food looks delish!

  10. Ok I am not alone in my opinion of this is just ok. I never thought much of this place and I think it is $$$ for what it is.

  11. I have never heard anything good about them, I have one down the block from where I work and it stay pretty busy, but those that I know that have eaten there say subway was better!! I have never tried them so I can't say but I do know I like Subway and Firehouse (haven't eaten either in a while) so if Jimmy John's doesn't add up not need for me to go!!!!! LOL!

    Carsedra of:

  12. We have a few Jimmy John's around here as well, I have tried them once but wasn't impressed. I would prefer Subway or even better, Quizno's!

  13. damn you woman! Now I wants a sammich! Too bad is was kinda bleh. It actually looks really good. I order my sammiches dry nowadays. No mayo. No spreadables whatsoever. I'm weird like that.

  14. Never heard of them before but that sub looks so yummy.

    <3 Marina

  15. I like Jimmy John's a lot! Subway has to be at the bottom of my list tho...ick!


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