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Smile For Me!

Hey Dolls,

If you're anything like me, you enjoy a nice cup of joe!  Coffee that is!  I have been drinking it since those long nights in college when it took everything for me to stay awake to cram for those exams.  Over the years my pearly whites have become....welll...not so pearly.  

There's nothing like a bright, white smile and when I smile I show all 32!!!   So "if you're not whitening , you're yellowing" so what better way to economically whiten your teeth than with Crest 3D White Strips!

These white strips are designed to remove over 10 years of stains and whiten 25 times better than the leading whitening toothpastes, when used in a 4 week time frame.Crest1
   The product comes with flexible whitening strips that mold to your teeth.  On the strips is the whitening gel that includes hydrogen peroxide and is safe for your teeth enamel.  I have sensitive teeth so I had to take breaks during my whitening journey but overall I was very satisfied with my results!

Here is what my teeth looked like day 1 of my whitening journey.  Not too bad but not that bright either.
Day 14
Day 20
I strongly recommend Crest 3D Whitening strips if you're looking for that extra umph in your smile!  They are definitely the best alternative to a professional teeth whitening.
When people ask me what my best physical feature, I usually say my smile.  A smile is one of the first things I notice on other people as well.  A simple smile has the strongest power to lift someones spirits and light up someones day so SMILE every chance ya get. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. You have a fantastic smile. I get compliments on my own a lot and I realize I take it for granted!


  2. These work great! I used these last year and I def. noticed a difference. I think I will do it again closer to the wedding!


  3. Beautiful Smile Trice!

    I need to start using these again! I loved them and do really do whiten your teeth!

    xx Ada


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