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Hi Guys,

Last Saturday morning I got an incredible workout at the gym that left me extra hungry!!!  I wanted something good to eat that wouldn't completely destroy all the work I did at the gym so I decided to try this new eatery called Flame Broiler.  It's a west coast franchise that has made its way down to sunny Florida!

 photo 4fa104b7-f57e-411c-b6a4-047e99d88c29_zps15c9be15.jpg
I recently read about them and learned that they pride themselves on having a healthy choice menu with no trans fats, dairy, frying, or skin on meat.  After my workout, I figured why not give them a try.

 photo 1c528849-cc86-4e71-b208-d35f2b49d05e_zps6712dbdd.jpg
I was very pleased with the menu.  Everything was under $10.  That's always good and for those of you who don't eat meat, they have vegetarian options as well.

 photo 55a4832e-ea31-4e44-b13b-e359d017eeb2_zps6ab46ae6.jpg
For those of you who count calories, they also had veggie ans healthy facts about the meals you decide on.

 photo a75e7565-ec06-48db-8004-e0b002bb6c75_zps8e0ca526.jpg
I got "The Works"bowl which came with half chicken, half angus beef, veggies, my choice of brown or white rice (I got brown), and green onions.  It was delicious!!!  I understand why it's called Flame Broiled because you can taste the flame broiled flavor in the dish. Yum!

 photo 082a4980-412b-4b4a-a817-1641d3632a16_zps9a2b588a.jpg
They had Hot Sauce and "Magic Sauce" which tastes like Teriyaki.  I only used the "Magic Sauce" and it boosted the flavor of my bowl tremendously.  

 photo 4c63fa8a-9c22-447a-a53c-25315d63b88c_zps0fd4075d.jpg
For $5.95, I was very pleased with my bowl.  It kept me full for the rest of the day and I didn't feel like my morning workout was compromised.  I will definitely go back for more. 

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Hope you enjoyed this review and I highly recommend you give them a try if you have one near you. Talk to you all soon.

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Teachers Have Style and What's Cooking w/ Trice!!!

Hey Dolls,
 photo 11b739ca-2490-42b3-b9dd-3b2fad9e53f8_zps02e20d46.jpg

How is your week going for you so far?  The weekend is almost here and I can't wait!  Work has been a doozy this week and a little R&R is just the cure!  Here is my work OOTD from earlier this week.  The weather has been rather bizarre lately with 30 degree weather and all.  For Florida, that's pretty darn chilly! It just gives me an excuse to rock my new favorite boots every chance I get!

Here I am wearing the following:
1.) Blazer:  Wally World!
2.) Blouse:  Tommy Hilfiger
3.) Jeans & Belt:  Ross
4.) Boots:  MJM Designer Shoes

I took the blazer off so you can see the look with out a jacket.  I quickly put it back on! LOL!  Oh yeah, and in case you're wondering....I am still shopping the closet.  I put myself on a shopping freeze, except for an occasional ShoeDazzle purchase, until my birthday in April.  I think I'm going to treat myself to something really nice this year.  Stay tuned for that;)

Ok, so my girl Ro over at True Life With Ro, shared her recipe for Lemon-honey-garlic chicken and it was so easy and looked so delicious that I had to try it!  

1.) She said to season your chicken really well with your choice of seasoning and lots of lemon pepper! DONE!
 photo tommy7_zpsfa63d009.jpg

2.) In a bowl, grate some ginger and chop up some garlic.

 photo tommy8_zps47259838.jpg

3.) To the bowl add the juice of one lemon and a few big globs of honey, mix, and top half of it on to your chicken.
 photo tommy12_zps6e638930.jpg

4.) Roast the chicken on 400 degrees for about 15-20 minutes and then add the rest of your mixture and roast for another 15 minutes.  Then Viola!!!
 photo tommy2_zpse328f5bc.jpg
I cooked some rice and sauteed some spinach to eat with the chicken! 
 photo e00916f0-3ae1-47a3-b099-f87a5870a62b_zpsb5decec4.jpg

This recipe was so easy and delicious I made it twice that week!  Thank you Ro!!!  

That's all for now lovelies!  Enjoy your weekend!

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Happy V-Day!!!

Hey Lovelies!

I'm back with a quick work OOTD!  I'm still waiting on my laptop that's being repaired, so in the meantime my posts will be scarce.  I wore this to work yesterday (Valentine's Day)!  I didn't want to wear the cliche red and pink so I went for a little edge instead. :) 
 photo b709f845-178d-4a80-9ca9-f55a59f10fb9_zps2550d997.jpg
Still working the closet ladies and gents.  I am IN LOVE with this jumper.....do you have an item of clothing in your closet that you can't get enough of???  It is so comfy and chic and I can dress it up or down.  This was definitely money well spent!
 photo d4511450-fe0b-413e-9768-39e4f0ffee94_zps7f66e66c.jpg
How was everyone's Valentines Day?  Mine was very sweet!  These cookies were the cutest thing!!!
 photo 3da1dddd-d32e-4e13-8717-79821a942f03_zps1007a412.jpg
Well, hopefully I'll be back up and running soon.  I miss blogging when I'm gone. Take care and have a great weekend!

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Chambray and Brown OOTD

Hey Dolls,

It seems like it's been a while since I posted an OOTD.  My computer has been having some issues and is currently being repaired.  In the meantime, I will have to do my updates by other means.  Anywho,  I wore this to work earlier this week!

 photo chambray3_zps8141e59d.jpg
This look is another result of Shopping My Closet!  I haven't done a lot of clothes shopping in a while so I constantly try to make new looks out of the clothes I already have.  Good way to save money too!

 photo chambray1_zps06f6db26.jpg

Lately, I have been going more for comfort as well.  I used to think that it was impossible to look fashion FAB without heels but I'm slowly beginning to understand that it can happen. LOL!

 photo afec0ed7-09d8-4444-828a-50514b19ea81_zps802178da.jpg
That's all for now.  I was happy that I was able to do this post.  Hopefully I will have my computer up and running again by next week.  
Have a great weekend!

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Hi! I'm Trice, a Jacksonville, FL based blogger. I LOVE shopping and all things fashionable and want to show everyone that "Teachers Have Style Too!"! I also LOVE to cook and enjoy dining out. Please enjoy my fashion and food experiences and leave a comment if you'd like.
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