Sip Your Nature's Greens!

Hey Dolls,

I've always loved my leafy vegetables like spinach but it wasn't until I moved to Florida that I developed a love for collard greens!  My sweeties mom makes the best greens ever but to be completely honest, her greens are the only greens I've really ever had.   You all know I LOVE to cook but the idea of tackling a gi-normous bunch of collard greens has always seemed like a daunting task.  With that being said I was happy to try Nature's Greens!

 photo greens4_zpsabda6dd6.jpg

Nature's Greens are produced by South Carolina's,  WP Rawl, a leading producer of fresh bulk and packaged greens.  They have a complete line of triple-washed, ready to use greens!  This is right up my alley because you guys know I'm all about convenience!  For my fellow green lovers, you have your choice of collards, mustard greens, turnip greens, greens blends, and my new favorite thing in life, KALE!!!  

You can get the greens in 1 or 2 pound that,I can handle LOL!  Since the bags of greens were ready-to-use, I made my first attempt at collards, and I must say, I did a pretty great job!
 photo greens3_zps225f91ea.jpg
Per seasoned advice from my BF's mother, I added smoked meat for flavor.  It added that extra something and I was really proud of my greens!

 photo greens1_zps16ca2e00.jpg

Oh yeah...and I baked a little chicken to go with it! :)  I picked at the chicken before taking the pic.  I couldn't resist...
 photo greens2_zps7ccb0c21.jpg

Now I have been hearing so much about kale chips lately and have been wanting to give them a try.  I tried a Parmesan Garlic Kale Chip recipe that I have and IT WAS SO GOOD!!!  
 photo kale1_zps39a1dbd9.jpg

These bad boys were so easy to make as well! 
Here's what you do: 
--In a mixing bowl add a few cups of kale.
--Coat with extra-virgin oil
--Sprinkle grated parmesan, seasoned salt, and garlic powder, and mix well.
--Spread over a cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes!
 photo kalechips_zps1b2d3f44.jpg

They taste better than potato chips to me!

Last but certainly not least, greens are delicious as a drink as well.  Juicing is pretty popular and I finally had the opportunity to "sip my greens"!  A few cups of kale, strawberry, kiwi, peaches, and blueberries make a heck of a tasty drink!
 photo kaledrink_zpsaf2e8459.jpg
If you like juicing you should enter Nature's Greens Pin to Win Contest! You could win a NutriBullet!!!  I really want one of those things!
Check out the details below:

I was very pleased with Nature's Greens and I am sooo excited that their products are sold here in Florida!  If you live in Florida too, you can find their products at Publix, Walmart, Winn-Dixie, and Save-A-Lot! 

You can visit their website for recipes and stay connected to them on FB!  

Ok lovelies, that's all I have for you for now!  Let me know what kind of greens you like and if you have any favorite juicing recipes you'd like to share!  Talk to you soon!


Disclosure: This blog post was sponsored by Nature's Greens.  My review was unbiased and reflected my honest opinion.

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Polka Dot Love!!!

Hey Dolls.

It's funny how your taste in clothing change the older you get because there was one point in time when I did not like polka dots. Now I think there is something about polka dots that scream classy! They're so versatile.  One of these days I will try mixing them with other prints but for now here is what I wore to work today!
 photo polka1_zps715beb52.jpg\
I added brown and gold accessories to bring the entire look together!
 photo polka5_zps5d5d43d7.jpg
 There something so comfortable about me putting my hand on my left hip!  I feel awkward posing any other way LOL!  Does anyone else have this dilemma?

A little color brings out the best in looks like this!  The orange purse peeking out from my side is a Nine West bag one of my friends gifted me for my birthday!  photo polka4_zps2a665de4.jpg
Dress:  Kohls
Jacket:  Ross
Heels:  Kenneth Cole Reaction
Watch:  Michael Kors
Belt:  Cotton On
Earrings:  Forever 21

 Here's a little more inspiration for those of you who love polka dots too! 

3.) Polka Dot Skinnies

 I hope you enjoy the rest of your week!
Be back soon!

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Fulton's Crabhouse (Orlando)

Hey Lovelies,

If you read my last post, you read that I was in Orlando last weekend with my family.  My brother and I wanted to treat my mother to lunch on Saturday afternoon and her favorite food is seafood.  When we stumbled across Fulton's Crab House during our walk at Downtown Disney, we decided it would be the perfect restaurant to try.  Plus the outside was so pretty to look at we figured the food would be appeasing as well. photo fultons2_zps9e456f6b.jpg 
Welllllllll.....let me talk about the food before I give you my thoughts.
 For an appetizer we had the Lobster Corndogs per the waitress's recommendation.  At first we thought "lobster corndog???" but she insisted we try it being that it was a guest favorite.
My brother had the shrimp and fish combo that came with the house chips which were unseasoned and quite bland.
 photo fultons4_zps66bed5b8.jpg

My mom and I each ordered the half and half meal with half a shrimp po-boy and a cup of lobster bisque topped with crab.
Ok so here are my thoughts....

The Good: 
I thought that the lobster bisque had a nice texture and good flavor.  The crab on top was an added bonus.  The po-boy was O.K.  The lobster corndogs were decent but the dipping sauce tasted a little suspect to me. 

The Bad:
 My brother had to send his fish and shrimp back because he didn't feel as though his fish was done enough.  The batter slid right off of the fish as soon as he pick it up with his fork.  His chips were bland as well as the majority of the food for that matter.  

The Ugly:
  1.   For anyone who knows me well, knows that I LOVE BREAD!!!  It wasn't until we were almost done with our meal that we noticed we never received our complimentary bread!!!  FOUL big time in my book. 
  2. I absolutely loathe when I go to a restaurant, especially pricey ones, and the shrimp are not deveined!!!  That is so gross to me.
  3. They were sorely overpriced considering the quality of our meal and service. 
  4.  Lastly, the restaurant sits on what looks like a man-made body of water and though the view was nice, little water flies were plastered on the window  next to where we ate...eww.

Overall, the food was just ok.  It probably wouldn't be my first recommendation and I will probably never go back. Should've gave me my complimentary bread and butter...smh!
Fulton's Crab House on Urbanspoon

Have a wonderful day!

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Getting my money's worth!!!

Hey Dolls,

This past weekend my family came down to Orlando and I drove up to meet them for a little family time.  I take it when I can get it!!!   We stayed at the beautiful Swan and Dolphin Resort at Disney World.  This was the lovely view from my hotel room.
 photo me3_zps294bbb0f.jpg
Anywho...I think I may have told you all about my spending freeze that I started about a year and a half ago. At one point in time I shopped and shopped as if I had a money tree growing in my backyard. I was a true shop-a-holic!!!  I love new clothes and shoes like the next fashionista but I had to take a step back and re-prioritize. 
I vowed to shop "Shop My Closet" as much as possible for 2 years and I have been pretty successful.  Adding a statement piece, blazer, or new pair of shoes can really change the look of a previously worn outfit. 
 photo fultons6_zps5f00a289.jpg
Every now and again, I'll do a little shopping but by putting myself on the spending freeze, I've learned how to say no to ALL of the things I WANT and focus on the things I NEED.  It makes getting things I really want more rewarding not to mention nicer on my wallet.
I have been wearing the heck out of this little striped dress! This past weekend was pretty warm so I was able to toss the blazer and show a lil' arm lol!
 Here are two other ways I've rocked this dress.  It is safe to say that I am getting my money's worth out of this bad boy.  There's nothing wrong with shopping your closet!  I say get all the wear you can out of a nice piece of clothing!  

Are there any pieces in your wardrobe that you love wearing over and over again?

Talk to you all soon!

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What's Cooking with Trice: Maple Dijon Chicken

Hey Loves,

I'm back with another recipe that I tried from Pinterest!!!  Some
"Man Pleasing" chicken if you will. LOL!  I thought that was a rather amusing name for it.  But anywho.....Let me tell you something (in my best Fire Marshall Bill voice)...this was so GOOD!!!

I ate on this for an entire week and never got tired of it!

 photo mapledijonchicken_zps13d7e9c2.jpg

And yes, it is a quick meal to prepare.  

Boneless, skinless, chicken thighs
Seasoning of choice
1/2 cup dijon mustard
1/2 cup pure maple syrup
2 tsp white vinegar
Fresh Rosemary ( I didn't have any so I used parsley)

1.) Line a large baking dish with foil (easy clean-up) and lay your chicken out in the dish.  Season your chicken.

2.) Mix together your mustard, syrup, vinegar, and rosemary and add it to your chicken. Save a little to baste your chicken as it cooks.

3.) Cook for about 40-45 minutes.

4.) Sprinkle rosemary or dried parsley on top if you'd like.

This was soooo good and I whip up some mashed potatoes and green beans to go with it!  Delish!!!  My boo liked it so I guess it is "Man Pleasing" chicken LOL!!!

Please try this and let me know how it is.  Thanks for stopping by!

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Wide Leg Printed Pants or Pajamas?

Hey Dolls, 

How do you guys feel about the wide leg printed pants trend?
At first I thought they looked like pajama pants....then I figured, if paired correctly, I could probably pull off the look.
Aryn Ikat Silk Wide Leg Pants (HERE)

 I thought Miranda Kerr worked these Joie wide leg printed pants in such a subtle yet cute way, I decided to try the look myself with some pants that I had in my closet.

You've seen this jumper before (here) but I added a top and blazer to tone it down some for work.  I wanted to see if I would like the look before purchasing printed wide leg pants.
 photo printpants_zps7d022b45.jpg
Jumper:  Forever 21
Heels:  Luichiny
Top and Blazer: Ross
Belt: Cotton On

Though reluctant, I wore this outfit to work and to my surprise, I received lots of compliments!  Ya gotta love being able to take a chance on fashion!  Let me know what you guys think.
Be back soon!

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Hi Dolls,

Question:  Have you ever had one of those moments where you thought to yourself, "I want a FAT JUICY BURGER and I'm not gonna feel bad about eating it!"......

Well I had one of those moments! LOL!  
So I took a trip to The Loop to indulge! 

 photo loop5_zps430a5d5c.jpg
I have never eaten at The Loop but my BF told me they had the best burgers and the next time I wanted one, I had to try one from here, so I did!  I love that everything is cooked to order with a "smile" on the side! Cute!
 photo loop4_zps8c1a6351.jpg
The menu was huge and I saw so many other things that I wanted but decided to stick to what I originally went there for.  With that being said, I am certainly going to make a trip back for a pizza pie!
 photo loop2_zpsd493dc0e.jpg
Here is my burger!  The BBQ Bacon Cheddar burger and it was finger-licking good!  I wasn't crazy about the fries but the burger was on point!!  Next time I'll get onion rings.
 photo loop6_zps23fd154c.jpg

Loop Pizza Grill on Urbanspoon

If you ever have one of my moments of burger withdrawal and you have The Loop in your area, grab one from there you, will not be disappointed!  

Be back soon!

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What's Cooking With Trice: Grilled Chicken Tomato Alfredo

Hey Lovelies,

How have you beauties been doing?  Great I hope!  I've been well on this end!! I'm back with a What's Cooking With Trice post!

 Grilled Chicken Tomato Alfredo.
I got this recipe from Plain Chicken an amazing blog of recipes for everyday of the year!
Looks good huh?!??  Well it was as good as it looks and you can have this delicious meal on the table in no time as well!  You all know I am all for quick, easy, and delicious meals and this one took no time to whip up!

3 Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast
Farfalle (Bowtie Pasta) or what ever pasta you like
8oz. can of tomato sauce
1 and a half cup of alfredo sauce
1 and a half tsp Italian seasoning
McCormick's Grill Mates Garlic Herb Wine Marinade (YUM)
1 tsp of minced garlic 

1.) Marinade your chicken breast for a few hours.  After you've marinaded the chicken, grill it.

2.) While chicken is grilling, put pasta on to boil.  Make sure you add salt to the water.  Cook until al dente.

3.) In a small saucer add tomato sauce, alfredo sauce, italian seasoning, and garlic and bring to a boil. Add sauce to pasta.  Cut your chicken and add it on top.  Garnish with a little dry parsley.

That simple!!!  If you try this, I would love to know how it came out!
Thanks for stopping by!

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Hi! I'm Trice, a Jacksonville, FL based blogger. I LOVE shopping and all things fashionable and want to show everyone that "Teachers Have Style Too!"! I also LOVE to cook and enjoy dining out. Please enjoy my fashion and food experiences and leave a comment if you'd like.
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