Cantina Laredo

Hi Dolls!

A couple of my friends were in town last week and we wanted to meet up for dinner and cocktails.  It was a Thursday evening so I recommended Cantina Laredo because on Thursday nights, "Ladies Night", drinks are half priced!

 photo cantina6_zpscf03182b.jpg
With all of that being said, I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of the margaritas we got.  The three of us had 2 of the Casa Ritas!  I enjoyed them although I thought they could have been a little stronger.

Now on to the food....

 photo cantina4_zps5bb0d138.jpg
My friend, Nedra ordered the Tacos de Pescado, Mahi Mahi fish tacos with marinated veggies, queso fresco, and chipotle aoili.  She said they were delicious and I believe her just from looking at the dish itself!
 photo cantina5_zpse4ec3071.jpg
I ordered the Carne Asada, grilled flank steak with marinated onions, chimichurri sauce, mexican rice, and a side of avacado and tomatoes.  I loved it so much I ate the entire thing.....yes.... ALL OF IT!  lol!!!
 photo cantina3_zps10fe819e.jpg
My friend Ebonie ordered the Tampico,  a grilled chicken breast topped with sauteed artichoke hearts, mushrooms, spinach, red bell peppers, and a sour cream-poblano sauce and monterrey jack cheese.  This dish sounded and looked very rich.  She enjoyed it!

After the complimentary chips and salsa, two margaritas, and dinner, we were all pretty stuffed but what is a trip to Cantina Laredo without the Mexican Apple Pie for dessert?!?!?!  
 photo cantina2_zps1252b8bd.jpg
I loved the presentation!  The waitress brought the pie to the table and put it on a hot skillet and it sizzled immediately.  She drizzled it with Mexican brandy butter and it smelled amazing.  Lastly, it was topped with a generous scoop of cinnamon ice cream.
 photo cantina1_zpsc19cc52c.jpg
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Cantina Laredo on Foodio54

I don't think I want apple pie any other way!  It was so good!  We wobbled out of the restaurant with our bellies ready to pop but good food and good friends make it all worth it!

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2nd Annual Food Truck Rally

Hey Dolls,

Do you remember this post here from last years Food Truck Rally!?!?!?  Well.... last Saturday was the 2nd Annual Food Truck Rally here in Jacksonville and I can already see this being an event that will continue to grow each and every year!!!

 photo rally7_zps58735dba.jpg

This year admission was free and there were about 15 trucks or so  this time around, opposed to last year's 9-10.  This industry is really starting to grow here in Jacksonville which is great because there's just something about food from a truck that makes it so much more special!!!

My goal this year was to visit a few trucks I didn't get to last time so my first stop was Winter Park Fish Company.  I  had never heard of them before but the extremely long line and awesome painting on the truck caught my eye immediately!
 photo rally3_zps0d00d87d.jpg
Come to find, this is a restaurant/truck is based in Winter Park (Central) Florida.  I was a little saddened by this....I mean look at this menu...
 photo rally4_zps381311b8.jpg
I was pleasantly surprised that their menu was so interesting with a great price to go along with it!
 photo 4e71f1ba-f890-4f7f-9942-c05722d11943_zpsff681928.jpg

I chose the Bang Bang Shrimp with coconut rice with almond pesto!  THIS was a little plate of joy!!!
Winter Park Fish Company on Urbanspoon

I ran into a friend of mine who had a vegetarian sandwich from The Salty Fig!  It looked delicious and she said it was!!!  If the the line wasn't so long I would've loved to try the Shrimp and Grits.. photo rally2_zps4dad68b7.jpg
I made a stop at Le Petite Cheri for some cupcakes to go.  I love that there's a food truck that sells cupcakes!!!  How awesome is that?  Another added bonus is that they're gluten-free and vegan friendly cupcakes! photo rally9_zpscd6a16c0.jpg
I had my mind set on getting a red velvet but as soon as I got up to the front of the line, someone came out and scratched red velvet off of the menu.  I was assured that if I got the maple bacon cupcake I wouldn't regret I did.
 photo rally10_zpsfd3b771f.jpg

To my surprise, it was delicious!  It reminded me of pancakes and bacon but with a cupcake texture.  It was great.  I also had the salted caramel cupcake which was good as well!  There was a caramel surprise in the middle of the cupcake!
Le Petite Cheri Cupcakery Mobile Food Truck on Urbanspoon
 photo rally5_zps8bb72b95.jpg
Due to the heat and the super long lines, this concluded my trip.  There are still some food trucks in town that I'd love to try in the near future like Taste Buds Express and Happy Grilled Cheese but I  will just have to wait to catch them on the streets of Jacksonville. :) I enjoyed the rally for the time I was there and I'm looking forward to the growth of the food truck industry in my city!

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Polka Dots and Shoe Dazzle

Hey Lovelies!

The time is almost upon us again...SUMMERTIME THAT IS!!!  For all of my fellow educators out there, I'm sure you all would agree with me when I say this is one of the best perks!  Summer Break!!!  
Here is my outfit that I wore to graduation!  
Along with the cute polka dots, I absolutely LOVE the collar on this dress!  I believe this is what sold the dress for me. It is so cute with the polka dots and gold button.  I added other little pops of gold accessories to pull the look together.
 photo shoedaz4_zps41e3e31d.jpg
Dress:  Ross
Here is the entire look with a pair of one of my favorite ShoeDazzle heels! (sorry about the grainy pic) 
 photo shoedaz2_zpsd91b48bf.jpg
 Ok, so let me just talk to you about my undying LOVE for Shoe Dazzle for a sec!!!  I always said I wouldn't do subscription based shopping so when I heard that ShoeDazzle ended the subscription based program, I decided to visit the site last fall and it was love at first sight!!!
Here are a few more of my favorite Shoe Dazzle heels!

They have some of the cutest shoes ever!!!  Even though they are no longer subscription based and you can purchase what you like when ever you like with out obligation, they do have a VIP program that works like a personal shoe fund.  Please check them out for more info if you'd like.   

Ok dolls, talk to you all soon!

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