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One thing I can say about the city of Jacksonville is that it sure has a lot of interesting dining options to choose from!  Last Saturday, while doing a little shopping at the Town Center one of my friends said "I'm hungry.....I want some cheese."  We all laughed and said "Cheeeese???"   She made it very clear that she didn't want something "cheesy" like pizza, but actual "cheese". Everyone looked at me because I'm the food blogger of the group and the first thing that came to mind was Ovinte.  I had been wanting to get over there for a while and this was the perfect opportunity to try their cheese and charcuterie and some wine for an early start to our evening.

 photo ovinte1_zpse3118947.jpg

When we walked we were instantly impressed with the decor and the lounge set-up!  Perfect for our girls night out gathering.  The atmosphere was very relaxing, the music was awesome, and our server was the best (Hi Hunter!)  This made for a wonderful dining experience.
 photo ovinte5_zpsbe36231c.jpg
There were a lot of things on the menu we wanted to try and lucky for us, the menu options are tapas and small plates.  This made it easy for us to share so we ordered a few different things to satisfy all of our palates, and we made sure  my friend got her "cheese" LOL!  Here's what we had!
 photo ovinte8_zpsec3e78e6.jpg
Cheese & Charcuterie 
Ofcourse, the cheese and fresh fruit were good but the honeycomb and Marcona almonds were divine!
 photo ovinte4_zps98ea8e8b.jpg
Herb Truffle Fries
These were my favorite!  I was gobbling them down like I was in a fries eating contest LOL!  These shoestring cut fries were dusted with sea-salt, fresh herbs, parmesan, and truffle oil.....YUM!
 photo ovinte6_zps854066e7.jpg
Bacon Wrapped Dates
These were amazing...they were so good we placed a second order of them.  The little mahon cheese surprise inside of the dates and the apple wood bacon did it for us!
 photo ovinte9_zps3a138aa8.jpg
Chorizo Al Vino Tinto
Another amazing choice!  The chorizo had a nice spiciness to it that wasn't overwhelming and the wine and herbs it was cooked in was heavenly!  It was perfect to dip our grilled bread in ...and fries
 photo ovinte3_zpsbda70eaf.jpg
Empanadas de Chorizo
These were our least favorite of everything.  A little too doughy perhaps and not much flavor.  Pretty to look at though.  :)
 photo ovinte7_zps87f042ac.jpg
Moroccan-Spiced Pork Skewers
These were very good especially with the arugula salad!  The meat had the perfect blend of moorish spices.
 photo ovinte2_zps0ddb839e.jpg
Ovinte on Urbanspoon
We all agreed Ovinte would be our new ladies night out meet up spot!  The atmosphere is perfect, the wine and food is amazing, and the staff are wonderful!  I can see this place becoming a favorite and I look forward to returning!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by!
Be back soon!

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  1. It does look like a perfect atmosphere right from the entrance. The decor and food presentation is flawless and the food looks so "yummy."

    Nice Pics

  2. The food looks amazing!!! I'm such a foodie, lol.

  3. Omg, the food looks SOOOO good! You are making me so hungry right now! It looks like the perfect spot to relax having some wine with your friends and eating delicious finger food.




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