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Hey Dolls!

Happy belated Memorial Day!  I enjoyed spending the day with my honey bunch with some good ole working out followed by good eats!!!   I definitely want to say thank you, first,  to my daddy who spent 20 years in the military,  to all men and women in or retired from the military, and of course to those who paid the ultimate price fighting for our country.  I am thankful for all of your services that afford us the freedoms we have here. 
Now on to the is what I wore to last Sunday.

 photo 33ed1b58-f872-4b2d-ad09-344f928cac9b_zps40a5d2bb.jpg
 photo d2591c97-903a-435a-9a2c-7f95efec107a_zps60426e64.jpg
I recently got back into working out and have been going at it pretty aggressively.  I can actually see changes already! This is giving me the motivation to keep it up!  I've been running, weight training, and Zumba (my fav!).  What are your favorite workouts? 
Peplum top & Necklace:  Ross
 Skirt:  Forever 21
 Heels: Dolce Vita
Belt: Zara
Watch: Michael Kors
As always thank you for stopping by!  Have a great week!

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What's Cooking With Trice: Healthy Green Smoothie

Happy Friday Dolls!!!

This week I challenged myself to eat healthy and workout everyday and I am proud of myself for following through with the challenge.  The week isn't quite over yet but I'm more than half way there and I think I'm going to make it!  I know there are some of you looking for healthier alternatives for meals as well so I wanted to share what I had for breakfast this morning.  A healthy green smoothie!!!

 photo green2_zps021ec430.jpg

 photo green1_zpsd0d92969.jpg photo green3_zpsfc4d2110.jpg
      1 and 1/4 cup spinach
      1 and 1/4 cup kale
      10 strawberries 
1 orange
1 cup of frozen mangoes 
1/3 cup of plain greek yogurt
1/4 cup water
1 TSP honey

Blend away and enjoy!  This recipe will yield 2 servings.  I refrigerated one and took one with me for my ride to work.  It was very good and I felt great knowing I was getting a good portion of my greens and fruit for the day! Try it and let me know what you think!  

Thanks so much for stopping by!  
Enjoy your nice long Memorial Day Weekend! 

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Tibby's New Orleans Kitchen (Orlando)

Hey Lovelies!

Did someone say New Orleans Kitchen???  I'm there!!!!  Some of you know that my mom is from Louisiana so whenever the opportunity presents itself for me to eat anything inspired by cajun cuisine, I'm taking it!  It's always nice to get a little taste of home away from home and that's what I got at Tibby's New Orleans Kitchen on my way home from Orlando last weekend! 

 photo tibby1_zpsccb56b13.jpg
We were greeted outside which was pretty cool!  The atmosphere on the inside was so vibrant and hip!  The walls were decorated with funky pictures and cool colors which definitely reminds you of what you would see in the French Quarters.  I loved it!

The food was awesome too!   photo d5e80b0f-5755-439c-8c9f-230613f3ad92_zps1dd80376.jpg
Chicken and File (fee-lay) Gumbo:  
I'm really really....really picky when it comes to my gumbo.  My family has pretty much killed the game for everyone because in my eyes, my family makes the best gumbo.  With that being said, I have yet to taste gumbo out of a restaurant that even comes close.  Don't get me wrong, the gumbo here was good but mannnnnnn, I wish I could get that homemade taste somewhere!

All three of us had a po-boy.  Per the recommendation of our waitress we only got the half sandwich and I'm glad we did because even half was a lot.
 photo tibby4_zps4bde07df.jpg
Oyster Po-Boy and Andouille Sausage and Grits:  
Awesome po-boy according to Krystle!  She said the remoulade is what made the sandwich, for her!  As for the grits, they had a good flavor but the consistency was a little thick. 

 photo tibby3_zpse54948c8.jpg
Shrimp Po-Boy and Gumbo:  
This was my dish.  I loved that there were so many shrimp in the po-boy!!!  The were succulent and delicious!  I had a side of gumbo and well, you already know how I feel lol.  I was only able to eat half of my half po-boy so you definitely get your money's worth!

 photo tibby5_zps9274ac59.jpg
Red Beans & Rice
Bernie had the shrimp po-boy as well with a side of red beans and rice.  The red beans had a nice smoky flavor and was full of yummy sausage!!!
Tibby's New Orleans Kitchen on Urbanspoon

We enjoyed our visit to Tibby's!  To make our experience even better the manager, Hector
(Hi Hector! ) hooked us up with some beignets for dessert!  They were so enticing that we dug into them before I could even think about taking a picture! If you aren't sure what beignets are check out this post!  I can't wait for my family to come visit me this summer so I can take them to Tibby's!  They're going to love it!
As always,  thank you for stopping by!
Be back soon,

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Teachers Have Style Too! Summer Soon!

Hi Dolls,

It is that time of year....end of school that is!!!  I can hardly believe how fast this school year has flew by!  I feel like I was introducing myself to my new batch of students yesterday.  Wow!  Time waits for no one!!!  Welp, summer break will be here before you know it and I'm am soooooo looking forward to it!  I'm in serious count down mode because me and my girls have some fun things planned for the summer like our trip to Chicago yaaaaayyyy!!!
 photo 4d10bf5f-32ad-4d26-8cfb-089e9c99d9c5_zps28d89ca1.jpg
Here is my "Teachers Have Style Too"  look for today!   You all know how it is when you drag yourself out of bed and need something quick to throw on to get out of the door.  This was my mindset this morning.  Keeping it cute though!
 photo 450da46f-c5fe-4386-978d-a0c7d6287fac_zps77b52b50.jpg

By the way, I left the fancy camera at home today so I apologize for the grainy pics...hope you still get the gist of the look.
 photo 9ebff3f3-e000-4d31-ad50-81cc4e74feda_zpsa7fc0192.jpg
 So what do you all have planned for the summer?  Every year I have this long list of things I hope to accomplish over the summer but it flies by so fast I hardly scratch the surface lol.  Well nothing has changed this year as far as my ambitious goals for my 2 month break.  I want to go scuba diving, read 5 books, workout everyday, try new recipes,  paint some pictures, redecorate my house, visit Chicago, visit my family, visit friends, buy a new puppy....the list goes on and on lol!  Check back with me in September to see what I actually got done.
 photo 8929c549-12eb-4467-b1b2-95f895ae2314_zps95e7cc56.jpg

Top and Pants:  Ross
Watch:  Michael Kors
Necklace:  It's Fashion Metro
Sandals:  Sam Edelman
It's humpday so we are almost to the long weekend!!!  As always thanks for stopping by!!!
I shall return soon!

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Cafe Tu Tu Tango (Orlando)

Hey Dolls,

Last weekend, my girls Bernie, Krystle, and I took an impromptu weekend trip to Orlando.  Besides the fun that girls have on these types of weekend get-aways like shopping and partying, good food is a must!!!  We went to the good ole' internet in search of somewhere interesting to dine and we found Cafe Tu Tu Tango, which was PERFECT!!!
 photo tutu1_zpsa54512a5.jpg
As soon as we pulled up to the restaurant we were all exclaiming how cute it was on the outside! The inside was an art lovers dream!!! There was art for sale by local artist decorating the walls, live art being made on the spot, great music to jam to while you ate, and just an overall fun environment!
 photo tutu3_zpsc794c442.jpg
I thought the writing on this pole was so fitting for my girls and I!  " I'm so fabulous, I sweat glitter"  I LOVE IT!!!
On top of this cafe being funky and right up my alley, the food was Ah-Maze-balls!!!
The food is tapas style which is always great for sharing.  I had the shrimp and grits which I literally inhaled!  I was so pleased at the amount of shrimp that it came with considering it was a small plate.  The grits were made with cream and manchego cheese, in a savory, lemony broth with garnish of green onion and pancetta....freakin' delicious!!!

 photo tutu4_zpsef50ac68.jpg
We went on Sunday afternoon in time for brunch.  My girl Bernie decided to go for an item off of the special brunch menu, Apple Cinnamon cream cheese stuffed french toast!  It was gone in 60 seconds amazing.
 photo tutu2_zps2549ae20.jpg
My friend Krystle, had a hard time choosing because just about everything looked appetizing.  
 photo tutu6_zpse39e71a7.jpg
She finally decided on the Grilled Guava BBQ glaze pork ribs and cucumber sonomono salad.  They were finger-licking good! 
 photo tutu5_zpsc8a73224.jpg
Café Tu Tu Tango on Urbanspoon

I can hardly wait to return to Orlando just to go back to Cafe Tu Tu Tangos. There were a lot more menu items we wanted to try. Next time you're in Orlando, you've gotta try this place. You won't be disappointed. 

Have a great week!!! 

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Zoes Kitchen

Hey Lovelies!

Zoes Kitchen recently opened up at the St. John's Town Center and being that this location is closer to my job than the other two in town, I am thrilled because that means another healthy option for lunch!!!
 photo zoes5_zps7f54bfd0.jpg

This was my first time having Zoes and it was love at first bite!  It's like a Mediterranean Panera lol!  The food was so fresh and flavorful, I went back the next day for seconds!  I love it when I can eat a meal, thoroughly enjoy it, and not feel like I need to run 3 miles afterwards. 

The first day, I had the Chicken Kabobs (a "Zoe Favorite").  It was two nicely seasoned chicken kabobs with grilled peppers, onions, and tomatoes, rice pilaf, pita slices, and greek salad....I mean...YUM!  I think feta has become my new favorite cheese!!!
Day two I got the Grilled Chicken Pita which came loaded with yummy feta, grilled chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, and delicious carmelized onion! Loved it!
 photo zoes4_zpsd23f8d1a.jpg

On my way out, I couldn't resist the chocolate chip cookie so I took one home with me and it was well worth the two bucks!
 photo zoes8_zps836345ea.jpg

You all know I like "Free" so when I was informed about the Zoes Kitchen app, I downloaded it immediately.  With the app, you get free goodies when you take a picture of your receipt on the app.  I did, and received a free 1/2 pint of hummus to take home!  Works for me.  I'm going to enjoy lots of free goodies because I definitely see myself going to Zoes a lot in the near future.
 photo zoes7_zps98068e31.jpg
Zoës Kitchen on Urbanspoon
If you have a Zoes Kitchen in your area, I definitely recommend them.  They have a variety of healthy, flavorful menu options that you're sure to enjoy!  Thanks for stopping by!

Have a great day!

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Sunday's Best and Through My Lens Part 2

Hey Dolls, 

I'm coming at ya with a Sunday's Best post in the middle of the week!!!  This particular Sunday, the word was about watching your words and being humble.  Humility, something that you really don't see much of these days, begins in the heart!  According to the word, "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth doth speak" so naturally what we speak out of our mouths is a reflection of the conditions of our heart.  Do you gossip? Lie? Spread rumors? Use profanity?  Makes you think huh?  The wonderful thing about God, is that he is a forgiving, merciful and gracious God and when you're humble he draws near.
 If you've been following my blog a while, you know I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE H&M!!!  A few weeks ago, they were having a crazy sale and I scored big time!  I just about got this entire outfit for a steal!  Lately, I've been so into ankle pants.  They are so chic and you can dress them up or down.
 Blouse and Pants: H&M/ Watch: Michael Kors/ 
Heels:  ShoeDazzle/ Glasses: Warby-Parker
  A few weeks ago, I tried the Warby-Parker home try-on program where they send you 5 pairs of glasses of your choice to try out before buying.  These are the Durand eyeglasses, my third favorite of the five I tried.  My top two choices are here.  I like the red hues in these specs!  They matched the little bits of red in my pants. 
 Out of the 5 pairs of glasses I tried on the Chamberlain glasses from the previous "Through My Lens" post, was my absolute fav!  Most of you liked them too so I think those are the glasses I'm going to go with.  Thank you all for the feedback!
 If you're on the market for some new glasses, give Warby-Parker a shot.  They have really nice ones to choose from. 

As always, thanks so much for your continued support and lovely comments!

Be back soon!

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What's Cooking With Trice: The Healthy Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Hey Dolls!

I have been trying really hard to curtail my eating habits into healthier ones while still eating the things I really really enjoy, in moderation of course.  One of those indulgences is grilled cheese sandwiches!  When I found out Sargento now offers ultra thin sliced cheese with 40-45 calories per slice, I was pleased!

Here is my take on the healthier grilled cheese sandwich!!!
 photo sargento2_zps885ce3e0.jpg
I'm a meat girl so it's not often that I eat a meal that doesn't have it....even my grilled cheese sandwiches!  So I used sliced turkey, a little olive oil spread on the wheat bread, a couple of slices of the Sargento Ultra Thin Colby-Jack, mashed it all together in a skillet, and VOILA!!!  

Lunch is served!!!
To keep with my healthy lunch option, I had a few Wheat Thins (Garden Vegetable) and some yummy organic strawberries!!!  Hey, ya can't beat a healthy meal that tastes great!

Have a wonderful day and as always, thanks for stopping by!

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Happy Belated Mother's Day!!!

Hey Dolls, 

To all of the wonderful mommies out there, I pray you had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday!!!  Although I couldn't spend the day with my mommy in person, my dad and brother texted me to keep me in the loop picture by picture during her day of pampering so I kind of felt present for all the fun.  I am so blessed to have the family I have!  
Here was my look for church yesterday.

 Top: Gift / Skirt: Express/ Heels: ShoeDazzle

I am IN LOVE with this skirt and I have to thank my brother for talking me into buying it when I almost talked myself out it.   As always, thank you for stopping by!

Be back soon!

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Through My Lens: PART 1

Hey dolls,

I love the Warby Parker Home try-on program!  You get to pick out 5 frames that you like from their website and they'll send it to you to try on at home for 5 days, for free!  I like free!!! 
I picked out 2 sunglasses and 3 eyeglasses so I need help picking out the pair of shades and eyeglasses that look the best!  Here are the first 2 and I'll post the other ones later.

Through My Lens:  Part 1
Me looking out of the window through these aviator-style sunnies waiting on my love to come pick me up for our date! 

There he is!!!!!  As long as we've been together, I still get those butterflies at the sight of my boo!  He always knows how to put a smile on my face!

I really love these glasses!  They aren't too big or too small, and I think they fit my face nicely.  Plus, I love tortoise colored anything!!!

Through these lens, I was having a fun time on my laptop while taking selfies!!!
I really like these two!  I can't wait to try on the other three!  I'll be back soon to show you those and get your feedback!  In the meantime, if you're looking for new shades or eyeglasses, you can't beat the opportunity to try-on before you buy so I definitely recommend Warby-Parker!  

Be back soon dolls!

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Hi! I'm Trice, a Jacksonville, FL based blogger. I LOVE shopping and all things fashionable and want to show everyone that "Teachers Have Style Too!"! I also LOVE to cook and enjoy dining out. Please enjoy my fashion and food experiences and leave a comment if you'd like.
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