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Did someone say New Orleans Kitchen???  I'm there!!!!  Some of you know that my mom is from Louisiana so whenever the opportunity presents itself for me to eat anything inspired by cajun cuisine, I'm taking it!  It's always nice to get a little taste of home away from home and that's what I got at Tibby's New Orleans Kitchen on my way home from Orlando last weekend! 

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We were greeted outside which was pretty cool!  The atmosphere on the inside was so vibrant and hip!  The walls were decorated with funky pictures and cool colors which definitely reminds you of what you would see in the French Quarters.  I loved it!

The food was awesome too!   photo d5e80b0f-5755-439c-8c9f-230613f3ad92_zps1dd80376.jpg
Chicken and File (fee-lay) Gumbo:  
I'm really really....really picky when it comes to my gumbo.  My family has pretty much killed the game for everyone because in my eyes, my family makes the best gumbo.  With that being said, I have yet to taste gumbo out of a restaurant that even comes close.  Don't get me wrong, the gumbo here was good but mannnnnnn, I wish I could get that homemade taste somewhere!

All three of us had a po-boy.  Per the recommendation of our waitress we only got the half sandwich and I'm glad we did because even half was a lot.
 photo tibby4_zps4bde07df.jpg
Oyster Po-Boy and Andouille Sausage and Grits:  
Awesome po-boy according to Krystle!  She said the remoulade is what made the sandwich, for her!  As for the grits, they had a good flavor but the consistency was a little thick. 

 photo tibby3_zpse54948c8.jpg
Shrimp Po-Boy and Gumbo:  
This was my dish.  I loved that there were so many shrimp in the po-boy!!!  The were succulent and delicious!  I had a side of gumbo and well, you already know how I feel lol.  I was only able to eat half of my half po-boy so you definitely get your money's worth!

 photo tibby5_zps9274ac59.jpg
Red Beans & Rice
Bernie had the shrimp po-boy as well with a side of red beans and rice.  The red beans had a nice smoky flavor and was full of yummy sausage!!!
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We enjoyed our visit to Tibby's!  To make our experience even better the manager, Hector
(Hi Hector! ) hooked us up with some beignets for dessert!  They were so enticing that we dug into them before I could even think about taking a picture! If you aren't sure what beignets are check out this post!  I can't wait for my family to come visit me this summer so I can take them to Tibby's!  They're going to love it!
As always,  thank you for stopping by!
Be back soon,

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  1. Me and the bf had a chance to sample their cuisine. He had the chicken and waffles and I had the shrimp and grits. His dish was delicious. I wasn't too thrilled with the gravy they used for my meal but its all good. I thoroughly enjoyed the appetizers, atmosphere, and the bf's food, LOL.

    1. I will definitely have to try the chicken and waffles next time!

  2. Yum Yum Yum, We Are Creoles. I personally would love to visit New Orleans one day because of our creole roots connection. Yes, I've read that there are Haitian roots in New Orleans and that's one of the main reasons I want to visit besides so many others. And that food looks so delicious, it's A Taste Of The Caribbean. My kind of food! Love your blog.

    1. Yes, there is definitely creole all up and through New Orleans lol! You'll definitely enjoy it once you do get a chance to go. It was some pretty good po-boys here, and I love your blog too hun!!!

  3. oh yum, this place looks amazing!!

  4. Trice, why did you dod this to me. The gumbo looks good with the side of toast…man oh man.

  5. Yum, the food looks so good. I love when restaurants give you a lot of shrimp. I hate it so much when you don't get enough since you pay much more for it vs. chicken!



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