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Sunday's Best and Statement Necklaces

Hey Lovelies!

Guess who has some AMAZING statement necklaces for $10???  Stay tuned and I'll tell you!  First, is my look for church last Sunday featuring these gorgeous heels and fabulous skirt!  I have been LOVING skirts lately!  I can remember not really caring much for them growing up.  Funny how your taste changes with age.
   The message at church was right on time, as always.  It reminded us of what it really means to be a true Christian and not lukewarm Christians of convenience.  In a nutshell  yes, we all sin and come short of the glory of God but maintaining a relationship with Him and being repentant of our sins is important for our salvation.
 Here was my entire look!  I fell in love with this skirt at first sight!  I was in the store with my friend Krystle who grabbed it first.  It was the last one in our size and after seeing how much I loved it she gave it to me after I promised to pass it down to her the next time I cleaned out my closet!  Deal!
Now on to this statement necklace....   
Did you know good ole wally world, sells amazing statement necklaces for the low?!?!  Yes, Walmart! Lol!
 They had a wall full of them.  I almost lost it up in Walmart.  I grabbed one in each color but put most of them back after reminding myself I was only suppose to be grabbing eggs and paper towels LOL!
I love a good bargain so I'll definitely be returning for more in the very near future!  
 Necklace:  Walmart  
Top:  Ross 
 Skirt:  Banana Republic 
 Heels:  ShoeDazzle
As always thank you for stopping by!  Have a wonderful week!


  1. I love this outfit. P.S. You have one awesome friend for giving up that beautiful skirt!

  2. Cute outfit; I love the shoes, skirt and the jewelry. I'll definitely make a trip to my closest Walmart to check out the necklaces.

    1. Thanks Beauty! Yes, check out Walmart, their statement necklaces are great!

  3. I love that skirt! I tried to get it at Banana too but my size was gone by time I was able to get to the store, it looks stunning on you! and I totally agree about not liking skirts when I was younger and now loving them.

    Christina, Esq.

  4. You look incredible, such a gorgeous skirt! And that necklace?! Wally World?! Color me surprised.

  5. Ok.... you know I LOVE those shoes!!! Fab!

    xo, Kenya

  6. Cute look doll....and yes, Walmart has definitely been stepping up their necklace selection!

  7. You look beautiful as usual and I love your whole outfit...

  8. Lmao @ almost losing it at WalMart, but lemme be real, Imma be up in there tomorrow searching! lol LOVE the look chica

  9. Love the look! Just goes to proof that good taste and a beautiful outfit do not require lots of money. :-). Need to go shopping with you.

  10. Cute color combo and I love the skirt! Yes I put the secret about the $10 statement necklaces from Walmart out on Instagram. I'll tag you. I actually picked up 2 but wanted more. I'm hopeful I can add more later. Gotta watch that teacher budget, lolol.


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