Sunday's Best: Thanksgiving

Hey Dolls,

I pray that all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your loved ones!  I certainly did!  I'm thankful for life, health, strength, family, favor and love. The list is endless, actually!  I am also very thankful for all of you who visit my little corner of the blogosphere!  You just don't know how much you're appreciated.  I love this time of year because I get to spend time with family which is honestly one of my all time favorite things in this world.  Here is my Sunday's Best OOTD!  I got this adorable dress from Versona Accessories!  If you haven't entered in my giveaway, please do so here.  You still have a little time left to do so!  In the meantime, please enjoy!
What are you most thankful for during this time of year?

These heels are soooooo comfortable!  I love them!

Bracelets:  Forever 21
Necklace:  Ross
Heels:  Marc Fisher
As always thank you so much for stopping by! 
 Have a wonderful week!
Be back soon!

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Ceviche Jax

Hey Lovelies,

I recently attended a tasting at a Peruvian restaurant near the beaches called Ceviche Jax.  To be honest, I don't think I would've ever found this place on my own had it not been for the invite.  It is definitely a diamond in the rough.  Long story short, I'm glad I was invited!  
Their ceviche is the best I've tried in town!
The restaurant isn't very big which makes it a perfect choice for an intimate meet up.  I love the simplistic yet contemporary decor.   All blue bottles and black and white table cloths are so chic together!  I could see me trying something similar at home....hmmm

As I mentioned earlier, I went for a tasting and that is exactly what it was a "tasting"!  We got a very small sampling of some of their dishes.  Though the portions were miniscule,  they were all so delicious, I can hardly wait to go back for more!
So here is what we had...
Fried Peruvian Corn:  Well...this is exactly what it says, fried corn.  Interesting but my least favorite for the evening.  I felt as though I was munching on popcorn kernels. 
From Left to Right
Papa a la Huancaina:  Peruvian salad of boiled potatoes covered in a yellow creamy sauce and fresh cheese and Peruvian spices. I liked this.
Leche de Tigre:   In the shot glass is the by-product of the ceviche preparation.  It consisted of concentrated lime juice, pieces of fish and shrimp, and Peruvian spices. It was tangy, savory, and very good!
Causa De Atun:  This was a very interesting dish!  It consisted of a yellow potato cake stuffed with tuna salad and seasoned with yellow Peruvian pepper & lemon. The pink sauce was a chef's secret.  Not bad.
El Macho:  This was my favorite of the evening. A perfectly seasoned filet of Sea Bass topped with a creamy Peruvian sauce, fresh calamari,  and succulent shrimp.  It was served with white rice. I could've had a barrel of this and been a happy camper!
Arroz Chaufa de Pollo:  This was a delicious fusion dish  and something I plan to recreate at home.  It was Chinese inspired fried rice made with onions, egg, tortilla, sausage, green onion, soy sauce, and house sauce. 
Lomo Saltado:  This was my second favorite of the evening.  Another fusion dish of Peruvian and Chinese-Cantonese flavors.  It was moist and tender pieces of skirt steak topped with red onion and soy sauce.  It reminded me of a steak and pomme frites dish since it was served with fries.  Delicious nevertheless.

Last but not least was the Chef's dessert of the day.  
It was a coffee flavored custard sprinkled with cinnamon and served in a chilled glass.  It was a nice end to a great sampling. 

Ceviche Jax on Urbanspoon
I really enjoyed my first experience at Ceviche Jax.  The food was amazing and the company I was with (Nom Nom club) was amazing, as always!  Dining in a great atmosphere always adds to the experience as well!  I love that Ceviche Jax is clearly passionate about preparing authentic Peruvian cuisine.  The unique flavors were ever present.    If you're ever in the mood to try something different and are near the beach, I recommend Ceviche Jax.  
You won't be disappointed.  
As always, thanks for stopping by!

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Versona Accessories $25 Gift Card Giveaway!!! (Closed)

Hey Dolls,

I've got some great news...Jacksonville just opened a new and fabulous accessory store,  
Versona Accessories!   The St. Johns Towncenter is getting better and better by the day and this just adds to its unrelenting awesomeness.
A big thanks goes out to all of you who participated in the giveaway! I used to pick a winner and that person is Minister of Style! Congratulations doll! I'll be emailing you for your address to send your gift card! 
I first heard of Versona from another blogger buddy who lives in North Carolina where I believe Versona originated.  Other than that, I'd never heard of them before.  This is why I was super excited when I was contacted by them to attend their Grand opening in Jacksonville last week!
Can you see the excitement on my face?
It was like an accessory lovers oasis! There are so many styles of jewelry that can take you from day to night with prices that are insanely reasonable!
 There was jewelry from wall to wall, coordinated by color. Talk about feng shui!
They had gloves & scarves, belts, cool sunnies, and a watch for everyday of the week!
  Besides all the fabulous accessories, there were CLOTHES and SHOES and even HOME DECOR!!!! SCORE!!! 
 I can see Versona easily becoming my one stop shop for a look for any occasion whether it be date night or a friends wedding. 
 Everyone was so nice and helpful!   Not only was I greeted with a smile but after spending a little time perusing the store I felt like I'd been friends with every employee in the store for years! It made for an awesome shopping experience!
 Here is the lovely store manager Iris and regional manager, Rob. 
I was compensated for this review, however, all opinions are my own.
I was a happy camper by the time I left.  Versona gifted me with a $25 gift card but as you can see, I went a little overboard.  That says a lot because my intentions were to only use the $25 but my new goodies spoke to me saying "Trice...Trice, take us home with you!"  I had to oblige lol!

Here is the even greater part, I was given another $25 for one of you!!!  Click here to see if there is a Versona near you and if so please enter the giveaway!  All you have to do is be a follower of High Heels & Good Meals on any social media (IG, FB, Twitter, Bloglovin, or GFC) and leave a comment letting me know what you would buy with your $25 gift card to Versona along with your email address!

The winner will be announced on Tuesday, December 2!  As always thank you so much for stopping by! 
 I truly appreciate you all!
Have a great week!

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The Ice Plant

Hey Lovelies!

I recently spent the day in Florida's oldest city, St. Augustine with a few of my foodie friends!  We enjoyed a day of macarons, wine and live music, and the awesomeness that is  
There's been a lot of buzz about this place and after visiting, I can definitely understand why!  For starters, it's history dates back to the early 20th century when it was merely an ice manufacturing plant. 
As soon as you walk in, you're greeted with a bit of nostalgia, as they have kept some of the original fixtures to add character to the once old ice factory turned vintage restaurant and bar.

One of the things I was most anxious to try was their craft cocktails!
I was very indecisive, but our waitress, Maggie, was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful when it came to assisting me in choosing the right cocktail.

I went with the Sin City and I don't think I could've asked for a better drink.  My best description would be that it was equivalent to a spicy margarita and I love a good margarita!
It had Corazon Tequila, Ancho Reyes, and Madarine Napoleon with Vanilla Pepper, Lemon, and Habenero Sugar around the rim for a nice kick!  Whoa!  I savored every drop!
A few of my buddies got the same thing I did,  but my friend Nate went for a cocktail that wasn't on the menu called the Amelia.  It was similar in taste, to the Amelia I had here, at Bazille inside of Nordtrom.  What I loved most about this drink was the ice sphere that he got with it!

After all, we were at an old ice factory and The Ice Plant believes "ice is the cornerstone of the American bar and an integral component of a well made drink."  so it was only right that one of us got a personally carved piece of ice.  It was a perfect sphere! 
The food was delicious and very fresh!  I love that their restaurant is farm to table and that their seafood is local and their beef is grass-fed!
Three of the five of us, including me, got the Shrimp and Grits.   It was very tasty.  The grits were very creamy, the shrimp were succulent, and the haricot vert was delicious!
Needless to say I gobbled up every bit of it!
The other two order the Ice Plant Burger!  I got to taste this bad boy and the next time I go, I will definitely be ordering one of them.  It came with the grass fed Georgia beef, bacon-chive aioli, cheddar, and your pickles, onion, and tomato. YUM!  The hand-cut fries were nicely seasoned as well.
I always have a good time grubbing with my fellow foodie pals and the next time I'm in St. Augustine, I'll be making a stop at The Ice Plant.  It is definitely somewhere to visit if in the area.  
As always, thank you so much for stopping by!

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What's up with the weather?!?!?

Hey Dolls!

Soooo the weather has been pretty darn cooky lately!  Yesterday it was 70 degrees, today it was 30, and the forecast is predicting 80 by the weekend!  Is it this inconsistent where you are too or is it just crazy Florida weather?  Nevertheless, I decided to dust off one of my fav pairs of booties the other day when the weather was mild.
To be honest, although the weather is a little strange, I'm looking forward to a cool down!  I mean what fun is Christmas in 80 degree weather!?!?  Now once January hits, I'm sure I'll be over the cold and ready for sunny days!

 I kept my look pretty casual for my casually breezy day!  I thought the military green and maroon colors looked perfect together.  They're two of my favorite fall colors.  What are some of your fav fall colors/staples? 
On another note, I've been doing a new workout called Orange Theory and it kicks my butt, however looking at these pics, I think I'm starting to see a very small change (....yaaay!)! Hey, I don't know about you, but I need to make room for all the holiday grubbing that's getting ready to ensue!
Top:  H&M
Pants:  Ross
Booties:  Carlos Santana (TJ Maxx)
Work has been pretty hectic lately, hence my lack of posts, but I appreciate all of you who continue to stop by and read my blog! Thank you so much! 
Have a wonderful remainder of the week!

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Maple Street Biscuit Company (Murray Hill)

Hey Dolls,

When you're in the mood for some good ole' fashion biscuits and gravy, I've got the perfect recommendation for you! Maple Street Biscuit Company! I did a review here for the location in San Marco but since that one opened, there have been two more openings including this one that I recently visited, in Murray Hill.
This location is definitely more spacious than the one in San Marco but equally as crowded.  You can't deny that they've got some of the best chicken biscuits around. 
As always, the staff is super friendly and instead of an order number, they ask you a question and whatever your answer is will be what's called when your order is up.
  This particular Saturday morning, the question was 
"What's your favorite part about fall?" 
 There so much I love about fall from the weather to Thanksgiving with family so that was a hard one for me but my friend told them the color of leaves.
What's your favorite part about fall???
Maple Street has a coffee called Maple Tap and it is seriously some of the best coffee I've ever had! 
 It's a must have! 
My friend Viv, wasn't really hungry for a biscuit so she got the macaroni and cheese with a side of bacon.  I'm not a huge macaroni and cheese fan but I did get a little sampling of hers and the cheez-its on top really set the dish apart!  It was definitely a nice touch to regular mac and cheese.
I ordered the sticky maple biscuit, like I always do!  It comes with a delicious southern fried chicken breast, bacon, and maple syrup!  It's the best! 
One of these days I'll have to get one of their biscuits and homemade gravy. I hear it is phenomenal!

Maple Street Biscuit Company on Urbanspoon
As always, thanks for taking the time to stop by!  Have a great weekend!

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