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You Can Totally Rock Pumps with Shorts!

Hey Dolls,

I recently had a friendly debate with a couple of coworkers about shorts and pumps.  They believe shorts should be reserved for sneakers or flat sandals (i.e. flip flops) and that pairing them with pumps is doing too much.  Well,  being the high heel loving, self proclaimed fashionista that I am, I was determined to prove them wrong!
 photo 2cfd48ce-c3a6-4c91-a6dd-0bc1a3c50cc2_zpstfxdp1ns.jpg
I put together this look last weekend with them in mind! 
(Hey Girls!)  
 photo DSC_6187_zpsad0zjfhc.jpg
I'm not sure if my sheer infactuation with high heels makes me bias towards the shorts and heels situation, but I think heels looks great with anything!  I know my fellow fashionistas out there would agree with me.  Plus these particular heels I was wearing, were nude so they made me look a little taller!  Don't you just love how heels will do that for you!?!
 photo DSC_6190_zps2lltgqva.jpg
High heels will make a pair of scrubs look good, honey!
 photo DSC_6194_zpsip1q0ir3.jpg
Top:  Forever 21
Necklace: TJMaxx
Shorts:  Old Navy
Heels:  Boutique 9
 photo b824a272-c35d-4b90-8fec-8bfc052c578e_zps7h0cykss.jpg
I love my coworkers and these discussions we have about fashion!  Though I do like shorts with a cute pair of chucks or perhaps some flat gladiators, my loyalty will forever be with my beloved high heel!  I'm calling all fashionistas to chime in!  

What is your take on shorts and high heels? 

As always, thanks for stopping by!


  1. You look so fab Trice! I love the color combination and those striped shorts are so, so cute. You are right; pumps can go with any outfit and make it look fab at the same time. I wear pumps with shorts too and I like the way it elevates it from casual to chic!

  2. I love this look! I agree that heels can go with anything. ANYTHING.

  3. Oh wow, surprise surprise... how beautiful your blog look. I love love love it. And I love this look, you look great and to be honest when do you not look bomb?

    1. Hi Mimi! Thank you! I love your blog too! I just can't comment for some reason.

  4. Trice, this is a very cute look. I love the solid shirt with the pattern shorts and the pumps makes it stylish. Your co-workers don't know what they're talking about. lol #BLMgirl

  5. Such a cute outfit. Love the shorts, and necklace!



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