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"The" Shoe for Less

Hi Dolls,

I'm as crazy for heels as the next shoe-loving fashionista but I have to admit that while I will spend a little extra on a sweet pair of pumps every now and again, some are just way too over my budget.  The infamous Valentino studded heels are one of those drool-worthy pair of heels that are grossly out of my price range.  I, however, found a look-a-like that is just as nice for a very small fraction of what the original costs!  Hey there's no shame in my game but for those who've got it like that, I'm not mad at ya!
 photo 9725a4c3-6f31-45cf-95af-994e7492e836_zpsnb5oyvo3.jpg
Nevertheless, I think these shoes are pretty fab and I received several compliments on them the day I wore this outfit!  Not to mention they are super comfy.  I wore them all day with no problems!
 photo 15e8585b-4f87-4e6b-8346-bd388fb3b008_zpsuwa94cbc.jpg
Considering the aformentioned, I am still longing for a pair of Christian Louboutins!!!  I'll shell the money out for at least one nice of these days!
 photo 165f197c-02ba-4b93-a968-c16b59ca8132_zpsnlrc6tnt.jpg
Dress:  Marshall's
Belt:  NY&Co.
Heels:  It's Fashion Metro
 photo 76b947d1-bf35-4f06-b5e3-c54de9d11c12_zps25bmnoc6.jpg
What do you guys think?  
Would you spend a mortgage payment on a pair of heels or wear the look alike for the less than the price of pedicure?

As always, thanks so much for stopping by!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Very beautiful look; this blue lace dress with the shoes and nude accents is just lovely. I have a mix of high-ends and low- ends in my shoe closet with some mid-ends thrown in here and there too...:-). I believe shoes do not have to be super expensive to be trendy or chic however, I just like to have a range or mix-up for my items so, yes, a couple of louboutins is not a bad idea haha!...:-).

    Have a fabulous weekend Trice.

    1. Thanks Beauty! I agree wholeheartedly! I'm looking forward to my first pair of CLs!

  2. I love everything about this look. I need those shoes. You look great!

  3. Such a cute outfit! I am all about a bargain, so I would definitely pay less for an inspired version. I have a great pair of Sam Edelman shoes that are great quality leather and I didn't pay anywhere near what a Valentino Rockstud would cost

  4. I love this dress especially the color. I was looking this morning for a knock off of the Aquazarra Wild Thing fringe heels. Apparently Steve Madden has designed a pair and I am praying to the shoe god that I find them. So sign me up for the ain't no shame in my game. I know my budget and how to stay in MY lane. Here's to look alike.


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