Whiskey Jax

Hey Lovelies,

I recently attended a blogger event at a really cool new gastropub spot off of Baymeadows called Whiskey Jax.  There we got to meet Chef "Red" Goens who had a long resume of wonderful restaurants he's worked in.  With that being said, I knew we'd be in for a treat!
With a name like Whiskey Jax, I knew there had to be something special about whiskey at this restaurant and we found out that they carry 120 different ones!!!  We got to try two of their specialty drinks (whose names I can't recall) including the Raspberry concoction which reminded me of a margarita, and this Bourbon concoction which was good but WAY too strong for my tastebuds. 
Now on to the food!  My favorite part!
Course #1  Bold City Beer Cheese Soup-  
What I loved most about this soup was that it was topped with puff corn! I learned that this is something that's common in the upper mid-west. It definitely had the malt flavor that accompanied the cheese nicely. 
Course # 2 Avacado Fries:  
This was my FAV dish of the evening!  I never would've thought that this would be something I'd enjoy but I was pleasantly surprised.  The avacado is breaded in a seasoned cornflake panko and finished with a cilantro creme fraiche, citrus chili sauce, and fresh lime.  Make sure you ask for the "Nasty Sauce", the chef's special hot sauce.  It complimented the fries perfectly and is OH SO GOOD! 

Course # 3 Seared Tuna:  
So this was my first time trying seared tuna, believe it or not.   I've just never been excited about food that isn't "well-done".  It wasn't bad.  It was made with Togarashi, a Japanese 7 spice and paired with a delicious cucumber slaw and wakame salad that was marinated in a whiskey brine!  Mmmmm!
Course # 4 Truffled Ribeye:
There is nothing like a good ole, tender piece of beef!  It's even better when it's a Grass fed 14oz Ribeye grilled and topped with house made truffle butter.  I enjoyed the steak with some of the "Nasty Sauce"  I had left over from my avacado fries.  It was a nice mix!  To go with the steak was a delicious parmesan cheese risotto made with spinach and sun-dried tomato.  I really enjoyed this course.

Course #5 Fireball Apple Cobbler:
This was a nice twist on the classic Apple Pie a la mode!  The ball you see here was infused apple cobbler topped with cinnamon toast crunch fried ice cream!!!  I know right!  Chef says it's their best selling dessert.  I've never had fried ice cream before so it was nice to finally try it!
Whiskey Jax Kitchen and Cocktails on Urbanspoon

We enjoyed our visit to Whiskey Jax!  the service was great and they had live music which is always a plus!  One more thing you may like is that they are open until 2am daily!  So if you're having one of those late nights and want something wholesome to eat, make your way to Whiskey Jax!  I am also looking forward to the bottling of the "Nasty Sauce"!  I'll be first in line for that stuff!!!

As always thank you for stopping by!

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House of Blues Gospel Brunch

Hey Dolls,

When I was in Vegas last month, I had the opportunity to visit The House of Blues for their Sunday Gospel Brunch and as expected, it was amazing!!! If you ever have the chance, please go to any House of Blues on a Sunday for a truly blessed time and great food!
 Like all of the House of Blues I've been to, the decor is awe-striking!  There are beautiful works of art showcasing legendary blues artists in the most unique fashion! 

We had the some of the best seats in the house because we were right by the stage and were able to experience this anointed group of musicians and praise dancers "sang" and dance to the glory of God! 

It was truly a blessing!
Now for a quick peek at my outfit!
The weather was pretty chilly so I pulled out the thigh highs and my favorite cozy sweater!
Sweater and Pants:  H&M
Boots:  Kelsi Dagger
I did mention we were at brunch!  They had just about everything you could think of.  Fresh fruit, Omelet Station, Meat Carving Station, salads, BBQ, Jambalaya, Shrimp Cocktails, Chicken and Waffles, and so much more!
The chicken and waffles were delightful!
I can't forget the DIY Bloody Mary Bar!
I made this spicy with the HOT Mix and jalepenos for garnish!
But..I opted for the quintessential Sunday Brunch mimosa.

Crossroads at House of Blues on Urbanspoon
We had a wonderful time!  The music was great, the food was great, and the experience was memorable!  Go to a Sunday Brunch at The House of Blues!  You'll be happy you did!  As always, thank you for stopping by!

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Tapa That!

Hey Lovelies!

 I attended a dinner earlier this week with my foodie friends at the quirkiest little spot in 5-points called Tapa That!
The restaurant is very cozy and has the cutest original pieces of artwork ordaining the entire space.  
Check out these adorable Homemade High Heel cards!!! 
 I mean how cute is that?!!?!
A few months back I attended a Bacon themed dinner at Tapa That and was blown away by how delicious the food was so when my friend Nate decided to host this delectable, 6-course  "Nom Nom Dinner" event that incorporated Bacon and Smoke, I knew I was going to be there, no questions asked!  Needless to say, the food was amazing!
Here's what we had:
Course #1:  Bacon Mushroom Bisque with Bacon Crostini & Panchetta Creme Fresh
This was a perfect starter!  It's been a little chilly in Jacksonville lately and this warm, savory bisque with bits of bacon and mushroom throughout, was so delicious and comforting.  It kinda adds meaning to "Comfort Food"! 
Course # 2:  Bacon Salad Bowl
Let me just say that I'm glad I live no where near this place because I would get myself in trouble with this salad.  Even though it's loaded with bacon, I could see myself trying to justify eating it every day because after all it is a "salad"!  The bowl itself is bacon and the salad consists of baby spinach, dried cranberries, goat cheese crumbles, and a bacon-shallot vinaigrette!  YUM!
Course # 3:  Smoked Sausage and Apple Bruschetta
Again, I'm glad this was bite sized!  It was the perfect bite with tons of flavor.  French bread with brie, smoked sausage, raspberry-jalepeno glazed apples, and a drizzle of balsamic sounds like perfection to me!

Course #4: Smoked Chicken Breast Kale and Strawberry Salad 
This dish was freggin' amazing! The kale had avacado oil and spinkles of quinoa which added nice texture to the salad, the dressing was a citrus-garlic vinaigrette....you had me at garlic, and the chicken was very moist and seasoned to perfection.  However, the star of this dish was the strawberry!!!  These had to be the sweetest strawberries I have ever eaten and after speaking to Nate afterwards, I learned that the chef put Agave Nectar on them.  I will be trying this at home!!!

Course #5:  Asian Braised Short Ribs with Cabbage and Red Pepper Slaw
It's so funny that once this dish came out, the room was silently for about 60 seconds while everyone inhaled it!  It was soooo GOOD!!!  The short ribs were so tender and the glaze on them was sweet and went perfect with the coconut rice and slaw!  Delicious!
Course #6: Maple Bourbon Pecan Pie
Pecan Pie is probably my favorite kind of pie so I was looking forward to this dish the most!  It certainly didn't disappoint.  The best part was that you could really taste every aspect of this pie from the smoky pecans to the maple bourbon!
We had an awesome time as always, eating and being silly!  It's always good times when food is involved!
Tapa That on Urbanspoon 
I recently saw the Tapa That made the list for Jacksonville's Top 50 Restaurants and I completely agree!  I haven't had a thing from there I didn't like.  The next time I go will be for bottomless mimosas during their brunch!  As always thanks so much for stopping by!  

Have a great day!

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Uncle Maddios Pizza Joint

Hey Dolls,

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to dine with fellow foodies at a new fast, casual restaurant in town called Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint located in Deerwood Village off of Southside Blvd. and Baymeadows. 

 Not only does Uncle Maddio's offer premium ingredients and healthful options like whole wheat crust, gluten-free crust, and hormone free chicken, you can customize your pizza  like you would a sub at Subway or burrito at Chipotle's!
 You can go with a Signature Pizza or put ingredients together yourself.
 They offer gourmet salads and toasted paninis as well.
 Not to mention everything is "Made With Love"!
I'm not sure if it's the norm, but everyone who worked there was SUPER SUPER friendly!
Here is what we all had to eat:
Greek Side Salad:  Made with fresh and crispy mixed greens, red onions, black olives, banana peppers, roma tomatoes, feta cheese and a delicious, homemade greek dressing. 
BBQ Chicken Pizza:  This was my pizza!  It was made with zesty bbq & tomato-basil sauce, mozzarella and cheddar, grilled chicken, bacon, red onions, corn and cilantro.  Pretty good.  Not too sweet but a nice mix of savory and sweet.
Greek Pizza:  Made with tomato-basil sauce, organic baby spinach mozzarella and feta cheese with red onions, black olives, and artichoke hearts tossed in greek dressing.
Buffalo Chicken Pizza:  Made with spicy buffalo and tomato-basil sauce, mozzarella, grilled chicken, blue cheese crumbles, celery and homemade ranch.
Steak & Blue:  This came highly recommended from the owner, Kevin Gartner.  It is made with olive oil, mozzarella, blue cheese crumbles, deliciously tender grilled angus steak, roma tomatoes, garlic, spinach, fresh basil and balsamic glaze!  This was my favorite!
Last but not least, we got to sample all of the desserts that Uncle Maddio's has to offer!  Coca Cola Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookies, M&M Cookies, Brownies, Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Bar, and Yummy Mini-Cannolis!  I had to loosen up my belt before indulging!  
Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint on Urbanspoon
The pizzas were pretty good and I really like the fast-casual style of Uncle Maddios!  I will be going back for more and you should too between now and Saturday because you can get one of your own personal pizzas FOR FREE!!!

As always, thank you for stopping by!

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