St. John's TownCenter 10th Anniversary (Pic Heavy)

Hey Lovelies,

I had the honor of being invited to the St. John's Town Center 10th Year Anniversary Celebration last weekend!  I can hardly believe that I've been living in Jacksonville as long as I have.  I moved here the year before the town center was built and I can say that it has definitely become a huge part of the fabric of Jacksonville!
There was a little of everything for everyone including a tasty treats from Maggiano's, a bar, and a play area for kids, and these cool guys on the stilts!
I was most excited to see the fashion show but to my surprise one of my favorite local bands, "Be Easy" was there to get the party started! 
If you ever get the chance to hear these guys, take it because they are very talented and know how to put on a good show!
Now on to The Fashion Show!  I had the perfect seat, right in front and I wanted just about everything I saw!  In no particular order here are some of the fashions showcased.

I absolutely LOVED that green skirt!
These kids stole the show!  They were so adorable and knew how to rock the runway!


Everyone was so chic and dapper in this scene!


I loved all of the floppy hats!

This lil' guy was another show stopper!
I love this gym ensemble!  The colors are perfect for my new Asics Gel Noosas!


I loved this outfit so much I went looking for it but they didn't have my size. 
(Insert sad face here)
These last two girls had such great stage presence!  Loved their modeling skills!  They rocked every piece of clothing they modeled!


This white top is on my list of items to find next time I go to the Town Center!  

Natural Life is one of the coolest stores at the Town Center!  It really makes you happy when you go inside!


I've never been in Original Piece, but I will certainly be on the look out for it next time I visit Town Center!  Especially for the white dress!
 I really enjoyed the show!  I wanted to hop up on stage and model my outfit but I settled for taking a couple of pics by the stage instead.
  The Town Center has been growing by leaps and bounds and are constantly getting new stores and restaurants.  I was soooo happy when Nordstrom opened!  I'm anxious to see what will be next!  Happy 10th Anniversary St. John's Town Center.  As always, thanks so much for stopping by!

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Biker Chic

Hey Dolls,

Being that I live in Florida and the weather can be very unpredictable, I decided to pull out this ensemble I've been wanting to wear since last year, before the weather gets too hot.  Of course, when I left the house that morning it was cold but by the time I got around to getting these pics taken, it was nearing 80 degrees.  SMH!  Gotta love Florida weather.  Anywho,  I hope you like the look! 
 A friend of mine told me I looked as if I was getting ready to ride a motorcycle so I call this look "Biker Chic"!
They also told that my pants and boots were seamless and now that I'm taking a closer look, it does look as though my pants and boots are all in one!  They're not though lol!
I got this entire outfit from my favorite store ever, H&M!  I didn't buy it all at the same time and didn't even realize this as I got dressed but yep, all from H&M, shoes included.
As always, thank you so much for stopping by!  I appreciate you all!  It's hump day, let's get through the remainder of the week fabulously!

Later dolls!

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Hi Dolls,

I was invited to try out a new restaurant at Atlantic Beach called Ketchup!  With a name like this I was excited for the visit and anxious that I'd be in for a real treat!  I brought my friend Krystle with me and a treat is exactly what we got!

 We went on a rainy day but I can envision the outside patio being a hot spot once the summer heat hits us!
 Outside of the restaurant there is a huge menu.  This makes sense because you place your order as soon as you come into the restaurant. 
We loved the inside!  There are signs of Ketchup everywhere and the decor makes it feel really homey and I can definitely see people hanging out here in the summer after hitting up the beach!  
 Check out this table situation!  I didn't even notice that it was a door until we were about to leave!  How cool is that?!?!
 The walls were also decorated with surf boards and plenty of flat screen tv's to keep you in the loop with what ever is going on be it news, sports, or your 12 o'clock soaps.
I got the pleasure of meeting the owner and chef, Ace French, who was a delight to chat with!  Maybe I'm being a little bias because we were able to hold a conversation about Jimmy Choo's!!!  My kinda guy! But I digress lol!  All jokes aside, he was very friendly and passionate about Ketchup.  He shared a lot with us about the food and how he came up with the name Ketchup!  

Ok, now on to the food!!!  
DISCLAIMER:  to preserve our girlish figures, we did not consume all of the following items in their entirety!
 With a name like Ketchup, there's gotta be something special about the ketchup...right?!?!  Well Chef Ace told us that his restaurant was the first to get a hold of this Sriracha Ketchup!  If you know me, you know I love spice so this ketchup was perfect for me!  They also have Jalepeno Ketchup, Balsamic Ketchup, and of course your original Tomato Ketchup.
Krystle and I were sort of indecisive so we picked a few different items that we could sample and let me tell you...we were not expecting the ginormous size burgers!!!  They serve your food in a dog bowl which I thought was pretty cool.  Then we found out that they are dog-friendly and if you bring your dog they can eat on the deck for free and here's the kicker...they get  to eat on a plate!
 We learned that their hot dogs are made in house from scratch.  We decided to go with the Good Charlotte Dog that comes with onions, mustard, and pear-wasabi slaw.  This reminded me of a sausage more so than a hot dog.  It was my least favorite of the day probably because I was expecting your good ole reddish-pink hot dog.  I did like the fries, fried onion straws, and burgers though!
 This was the Beach Boy Burger!  It comes with avacado, fresh spinach, Roma tomato, red onion, and lemon aioli!  It was delicious!  I love that their Black Angus beef burgers are ground daily with Applewood smoked bacon ground into it!!!  YUM!!!
 This was the Tabitha's Secret burger, a burger for mushroom lovers.  It comes with sauteed and fried mushrooms and melted Swiss cheese.
 We HAD to get the Andy Altee which I will say was so incredibly massive one could eat on it for a week!!!  This bad boy comes with two 8oz. patties, three slices of cheese, six pieces of bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles. WHOA!!!   
 We couldn't leave with out trying some dessert.  This was the key-lime pie which had the perfect amount of tartness.  I loved it!
 This was the chocolate madness cake which was super chocolately!
 This was the Chocolate Badness!  The same chocolate cake, deep-fried!!!  Kids will go crazy for this!!!
Me and Chef Ace!  He is a pretty cool guy!  If you decide to go to Ketchup have a chat with him and tell him Trice says hi!  I will say if you do decide to go, do so on an empty stomach because you will NOT be able to finish your burger!  Or you can just bring your dog who probably wouldn't mind finishing up your meal for you!  
Ketchup on Urbanspoon
As always, thank you so much for stopping by!  
Have a great week!

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