Leopard Booties and Pink Vests!

Hi Dolls,

As most may already know, fall and winter are probably my favorite times of year which is easy for me to profess considering I live in Florida where the seasons tend to mesh together.  Nevertheless, I love when the weather starts to cool down and I'm able to wear boots and layers! In some cases, getting dressed is more fun during this time of year in my opinion!  Let's take these booties for example....FAB right?!?!
These babies were the inspiration for my look!  I don't know about you all but the first thing I notice is someone's shoes and then I work my way up.  I try not to appear too obvious when staring at someones feet in shoe admiration. 
You know they say leopard print is a neutral so I thought it was the perfect shoe and accessory for this outfit which is why I chose this necklace to compliment the heels!  TJMaxx  has some really amazing jewelry!  Every time I wear this necklace people think I purchased it from Baublebar.
 The rest of the look started as a casual weekend look with the jeans and gingham shirt but I wanted to add a little more pizzazz and threw on the pink vest and out the door I went!
I have to admit that I love the vest trend.  It really adds character to an otherwise simple outfit.  This one isn't too puffy so it doesn't add too much bulk to your overall look but the puffy ones are just as fabulous!
Vest:  Nine West (similar)
Gingham Shirt:  Ross (similar)
Jeans: Nicole Miller 
Necklace:  TJMaxx (similar)
Heels:  JustFab (here)
Here was my look before adding the vest. I thought it was still cute but missing a little something something.  I think the vest was just the thing. 
What are your favorite fashion seasons?
 As always thanks so much for stopping by!

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Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurant (Jacksonville)

Hi Dolls!

Last Friday I had the pleasure of getting a sneak peek of Jacksonville's newest Winery and Restaurant, Cooper's Hawk, before their Grand Opening this past Monday!  Located in none other than the St. John's Town Center, Jacksonville can proudly say that we now have the third largest Cooper's Hawk winery, coming in at a whopping 13,200 square feet!
Cooper's Hawk first opened in Orland Park, Illnois in 2005 and Jacksonville marks the 20th location with 3 others being in the state of Florida.  This winery boasts of a modern, casual dining experience with warm service, and a menu developed with its own handcrafted wines in mind.  After my visit, I believe that it certainly will be an exciting new concept for our city's already vibrant food scene!
As soon as you walk in, you are greeted with...wine, of course, and lots of it!  It was like a work of art!
 You can purchase anything from wine, fancy pastas, wine holders, and dessert to go, as soon as you walk through the doors!
I made a mental list of things to purchase on my way out!
I knew for sure that some of these white chocolate covered strawberries were coming home with me!
 The truffles too!  Specifically the Turtle Truffles and dark chocolate truffles which came highly recommended by one of the sommeliers.  YUM!!!!
 How cool is this wine dispenser!?!?  
 I need this in my house! Joking.....not joking!
Of course you know I wasn't leaving the place without getting some samples of their food! We were able to taste small bites of some of their popular signature dishes!  One thing I can't forget to mention is that a wine is recommended for every dish and if you're not a wine drinker, local craft beers are available as well.
The Mexican Drunken Shrimp:  Large, succulent shrimp, wrapped in bacon and placed on a fresh guacamole and a tequila lime butter sauce. Delicious!

Asian Pork Belly Tostados:  This was my favorite little bite of deliciousness!  It included the pork belly of course, scallions, sesame seeds, cilantro, radish, and a sweet chili BBQ Sauce!

Thai Lettuce Wraps:  Sweet Chili-Glazed Chicken, Julienne Vegetables, Crunchy Wontons, Bibb Lettuce, Peanut, Cashew, and Soy Caramel Sauces.  Very flavorful!
 Burrata, Proscuitto & Arugula Bruschetta:   Whipped Ricotta, Oven-Roasted Grape Tomatoes, Balsamic Glaze.  I didn't get to try this but it looked amazing.
  Cooper's Hawk Calamari:  Served with a Sweet Chili-Ponzu Glaze, Cilantro, Sesame-Sriracha Aioli.  Not bad!
 Chef Matt's Cheese Tasting:  I learned that these Artisan cheeses change every season allowing for the opportunity to try cheeses you may have never tried or heard of before.  Perfect for the novice as well as the cheese enthusiast. Served with lavash crisps.
 As much as I love food, my favorite part of the evening was the wine tasting!  I had the opportunity to sample several of their award winning wines with my favorites being the Viognier, a full bodied white with dominant floral notes and the White Sangria which was full of tropical flavors!  Cooper's Hawk has won over 300 wine awards on a local, national, and international level!  The most impressive part is that they recently received a 99-point score at the Critics International Wine Competition for its LUX Pinot Noir.  
What's even better is knowing the tasting room will be open daily at 11am and the tastings are very reasonable in price.  To taste 8 different wines, the cost is only $7.49 and to taste 8 Lux wines and a dessert, only $12.  Can you say Ladies Night for me and my girls!?!?!  
Cooper's Hawk also features one of the country's largest wine of the month club, offering subscribers monthly wines, special discounts, invitations to exclusive events, rewards, and annual domestic and international wine trips!  Definitely something worth considering.
Cooper's Hawk Winery and Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
 This is the look of a happy Trice!  I thoroughly enjoyed my time touring Cooper's Hawk and gaining a better understanding of the brand.  I can hardly wait to return with my friends for wine tastings!  There are a few things I saw on the menu that I'm itching to try as well.
  If you have a Cooper's Hawk in your city, what wines or dishes can you recommend?
As always, thanks so much for stopping by!  Have a wonderful week!

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Date Night: Last Romper of the Season!

Hi Dolls,

I absolutely love rompers and jumpsuits!  They are so easy to wear and are always super cute and versatile.  I bought this romper last summer and was determined to wear it before the weather changes.  However, with me living in Florida, I could probably get away with wearing this in December but I'll be good and follow the "fashion rules" in that regard and reserve the shorts for the warmer months.   
 photo romp206_zpsiqfiegjm.jpg
   When I first saw it, I fell in love with the color and the lacy details and it's the perfect look for date-night!
 photo romp204_zpsot72734z.jpg
On a side note, I tried a new lipstick this night!  
 photo romp202_zpsup1vt8ki.jpg
I'm usually a nude lip kind of girl but with all the vibrant colors out now a days, I've been itching to get out of my nude lip box and tried Heroine by MAC.  It was very pretty!  I like it!
 photo romp203_zpsjcjguiqn.jpg
Here goes my chartruese accessories again!  I thought the navy blue romper would be a perfect background color for them!
 photo 54f046ec-53f7-4167-9de8-c0999a5754c5_zpsuqkcpvnp.jpg

Though I love rompers, I am looking forward to coats and boots!  I think I've mentioned this in my last few posts!  Can you say eager for cooler temperatures!?!
 photo romp205_zpsxkd114fw.jpg
Necklace:  Charming Charlie
Romper:  TJMaxx
Heels: Aldo
 photo romp207_zpsep76azzd.jpg
Any big plans for the weekend?  I'll be grading papers. 
(insert sad face here)
As always, thanks so much for stopping by!  Have a wonderful weekend!

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Toss Green

Hi Dolls,

I have to admit that I'm a sucker for the high fat, carb-y, deliciousness of food but every now and again I try to make healthier options and now that TossGreen is a few minutes from my job, healthier lunch options are on the horizon!
 photo Toss201_zps8lmm2cmf.jpg
A friend of mine suggested we venture out to Toss Green for lunch the other day and though I have heard of it, a restaurant just for salads never really appealed to me.  However, when she suggested it, I was willing to give it a try and I'm so glad I did!!!
 photo toss202_zps3jmk657o.jpg
To my surprise, not only do they sell salads, but wraps, burritos, and rice bowls as well!  You also have the option to purchase a menu item or customize your own salad choosing from a plethora of premium toppings.  Once all of your ingredients are added to the bowl, they pour it out, chop it all up, and add it back to the bowl!  I love this because it makes eating a salad a lot easier! 
 photo IMG_5973_zpsls9pqp1a.jpg
This is the Classic Cobb Salad that I purchased!  It comes with mesclun mix greens and romaine lettuce, freshly grilled all-natural chicken (I got the spicy option), hard boiled egg, avocado, grape tomatoes, bacon, and blue cheese which they forgot to add to my salad.  I went back and asked for feta anyways, which I prefer.  It was topped with a honey dijon vinaigrette and was delicious!
 photo toss205_zps5buvfh3c.jpg
My friend ordered the Key-Vocado salad which came with spinach, organic quinoa, cucumber, pico de gallo, hard boiled egg, avocado, white extra sharp cheddar, freshly grilled all-natural chicken, and a avocado vinaigrette.  She also added chickpeas and loved it!
Tossgreen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
One of the things I liked most about Toss Green is the generous amount of toppings they give you and the incredible flavor.  The service is very efficient and I'm so happy to have a healthier option for lunch now!  I think I'll try a rice bowl next time!
As always, thanks so much for stopping by!

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Teachers Have Style Too: Right on Time For Fall

Hey Dolls,

One of my favorite colors for fall and winter is burgundy, oxblood, wine, berry, you know that dark color in between red and purple!  I know there's a difference but in all honesty they look too similar for me to differentiate.  Anyways, I love the color nevertheless!
 photo 6b1715eb-5bfe-4906-bdd8-b3b9e620074e_zpsda5zdcp1.jpg
I even decided to change up my lipsticks with this darker shade to match my top.  I'm not sure how I feel about it.  It's probably that I'm so use to nude colors to be comfortable with anything different.
 photo 4e0e2dac-4374-4fe6-a74b-3b77fa54f07e_zpslxavosax.jpg
This was one of my teacher looks last week!  I didn't last longer than 2 periods with the heels but the look was still super cute with my flats on!  My female students had lots of compliments!
 photo IMG_6523_zps0yq2e68g.jpg
So about these pants...I'm usually not into the paisley print but I really loved the colors in these!  Perfect print and colors for this time of year. Plus, ankle pants are my favorite kind of pants to wear as of late.
 photo f87915e9-14b8-4b86-a760-4f8b95966781_zps2sdrddqz.jpg
One of my favorite trends right now is the sleeveless blazer.  It can be worn in so many ways.  With sleeves, without sleeves, with a dress or skirt, with pants!  The options are limitless!
 photo IMG_6495_zpsbanzmd1s.jpg

But can we take a moment for these strappy heels....they are everything!!!  They're burgundy too which is a plus!
 photo IMG_6481_zpsrykrn3iu.jpg
Although they're really high, they are so comfy to walk around in!
 photo IMG_6498_zpsh1eqj3iz.jpg
Box Top:  Forever 21 (here)
Sleeveless Blazer:  Forever 21 (similar)
Pants:  Urban Outfitters (similar)
Heels:  Sam Edelman (here)

 photo 89231fc5-f766-4506-9a3f-2ac319bad8f2_zpsmiupfaql.jpg
On a side note, I am totally feeling the slightly (emphasis on "slightly") cooler temps!  I am eager for coat weather! 

How's the weather in your neck of the wood?

 Have a great weekend and as always, thanks for stopping by!

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Bonefish Grill (Jacksonville Beach)

Hi Dolls!

 I'm a sucker for seafood so my love and I took a trip out to Jacksonville Beach to visit the recently remodeled and revitalized Bonefish Grill! The upgrades to the restaurant definitely makes it the spot to be after work any night of the week!  The decor is sleek and sophisticated and the ambiance is very warm and welcoming.  Can you say mood lighting?!?!
Let me start by saying that you can not go to Bonefish Grill and not get the often replicated but never duplicated, Bang Bang Shrimp!!!  It is a must!  The shrimp are so succulent and the crispy outside is nicely coated with the creamy sauce that has a little kick to it!  It's very good and you get lots of it for an appetizer!  One more thing...on Wednesdays, or shall I say "Bang Wednesdays" you can get these bad boys for $6 bucks!
 Per the recommendation of our waitress, we also ordered the 
Thai Coconut Shrimp which were amazing!  Crunchy, sweet, savory, and another decadent appetizer!  I knew that if the appetizers were this great, dinner would be spot on!
 Besides the new renovations, Bonefish also has some new wood grilled items!  My boyfriend ordered the Wood-grilled Chilean Sea Bass with green beans and jasmine rice.  
 The sea bass had wonderful texture and you could definitely taste a hint of oak.  The best part is that it was topped with shrimp and blistered tomatoes.  I snuck a shrimp when he wasn't looking! 
 I chose one of the fall specials, The Wild-Caught King Salmon.  It was perfectly grilled and topped with sauteed spinach, bacon, and blue cheese.  YUMMM!  It also came with spaghetti squash and my choice of side which was the amazing garlic mashed potatoes!  I loved how large my portion of salmon was.  Definitely worth every cent.
 Last but not least was dessert!  It's not often that we indulge in dessert when dining out mostly because we're stuffed after appetizers and dinner.  However, we saw the dessert the couple next to us ordered and couldn't resist.  Jen's Jamaican Coconut Pie!
A creamy coconut custard drizzled with a decadent rum sauce, and topped with a dollop of whipped cream.  It was sinful!
Bonefish Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
We enjoyed our evening at Bonefish!  The service was wonderful and the new design of the restaurant created the perfect ambiance for date night!  Our food was amazing and we definitely look forward to our next visit!  As always thanks so much for stopping by!

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Hi! I'm Trice, a Jacksonville, FL based blogger. I LOVE shopping and all things fashionable and want to show everyone that "Teachers Have Style Too!"! I also LOVE to cook and enjoy dining out. Please enjoy my fashion and food experiences and leave a comment if you'd like.
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