Sushi and Comedy

Hi Ladies,

Good food and lots of laughs is what my boo and I experienced this past Saturday night! We had dinner at the Sushi House and Grill and saw a comedy show afterwards. Here is what I was wearing for the evening:


  • Shirt:  Bandolino via Ross (old)

  • Skirt:  Forever 21

  • Bangles:  Various Stores

  • My new favorite Heels:  DShoes

We saw Arnez J perform at the Comedy Zone.  He’s been seen on Def Comedy Jam, and BET’s Comic View and I think he is so under rated! However, tickets did sell out quickly because this guy is HILARIOUS! My sweetie tried a couple of days in a row to get tickets and we were finally able to get some for Saturday night. 

I wasn’t suppose to take pictures inside of the show…..but I did anyways!!! LOL!


He really put on a great show!  We were definitely in stitches!!!


Before the show we dined at Sushi House and Grill in Bartram Park.


We’re not the biggest fans of sushi  but when I saw this sign, I figured we’d try some for an appetizer.

We ordered the Baymeadows Roll which was fried and had smoked salmon, cream cheese, crab stick, shrimp sauce, eel and spicy sauce.

We were pleasantly surprised at how tasty it was! I don’t eat much sushi, but it was the best I’ve tried!

He saved the last piece for me!  How sweet!  I politely gobbled it up!

If you guys haven’t already figured out that I LOVE Hibachi, well….I LOVE Hibachi!!!  That’s what we both ordered and it was delicious!!!

This is the lovely picture before I drowned it in shrimp sauce and stuffed it down my throat!  LOL!  Well I actually took more than half of it home.  They give you a lot of food!  I will most definitely dine here again!

Sushi House & Grill on Urbanspoon

Well lovelies, that’s all for now.  I’ll be back soon!  In the meantime, tell me about your weekend!




  1. FAB
    September 25, 2011 / 1:05

    Well, you looked great! I love hibachi too…mmmmmm good! Sounds like a great night!

  2. Dreek♥
    September 25, 2011 / 1:05

    your fit was cute!! and i'm loving your hair..and sushi!! yess!!! lol

  3. Style & Poise
    September 25, 2011 / 1:05

    You look cute..the food looks great and I love Arnez J….Roni

  4. LocalCeleb
    September 25, 2011 / 1:05

    What a fun night! I ran in a marathon relay this weekend, it was really self empowering! Love your outfit, as usual..but you knew that 🙂

  5. EbonyCPrincess
    September 26, 2011 / 1:05

    love the look! I'm not a sushi fan either but I would've murdered that hibachi!

  6. Tammy
    September 26, 2011 / 1:05

    Loving the color of this outfit.. Hey Lady!Tammy

  7. Anonymous
    September 26, 2011 / 1:05

    Cute shoes!

  8. Bravoe Runway
    September 26, 2011 / 1:05

    You look great in blue and I definitely like the printed skirt! I am not a huge sushi fan and that was where my brother wanted to go to dinner Friday night. I ordered teryaki…I would have loved to order a hibachi plate but no such luck…

  9. Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies
    September 26, 2011 / 1:05

    This is my kind of weekend. You look absolutely stunning in blue. *Erin

  10. 7eventh Letter
    September 26, 2011 / 1:05

    Cute look! I LOVE Arnez J. He was recently here in Tampa, but I didn't get a chance to go, but I saw him here a few years ago and had tears in my eyes. He is a fool. The sushi you had looks delicious. I have only eaten it a few times because it never gets me full. I need to try what you ordered. 7eventh Letter

  11. Inez| Style Chic 360
    September 26, 2011 / 1:05

    I love your skirt! too cute!

  12. Full Figured Diva
    September 26, 2011 / 1:05

    Cute Cute Cute and I love that color on ya! Myeshia

  13. Anonymous
    September 27, 2011 / 1:05

    I love date nights (although it has been a MINUTE for me)!!! you look fab- I love the color!

  14. Anonymous
    September 27, 2011 / 1:05

    I love Sushi!!! Bright colors look so good on you.Love from Oregon USA,Danielle xoxoxoxoan evening at the symphony

  15. I Goodie 2 Shoes
    September 28, 2011 / 1:05


  16. Economy of Style
    September 28, 2011 / 1:05

    Fun times! That F21 skirt is so cute!

  17. Miss Dre
    September 28, 2011 / 1:05

    You looked so fab! It looks like you had a wonderful time. Oh and that sushi looks dee-lish!PS-I have something for you over at my blog 🙂

  18. LA Lynn's
    September 28, 2011 / 1:05

    Arnez J is a too funny!!!! Loving your skirt really cute!

  19. Zarna
    September 29, 2011 / 1:05

    you look so cute & the sushi looks delish!

  20. Losing in the City
    October 1, 2011 / 1:05

    your outfit is super cute.. looks like a dress. i love sushi, yours look scrumptious

  21. Fashion Pad
    October 1, 2011 / 1:05

    You look awesome suga! I'm glad your comedy experience turned out better than mine. Word to the streets….do NOT go see Eddie Griffith live. SMH I'm still salty. Anyhew, bought a lovely pair of leopard print booties. I know you were looking for a pair too. Check out mine at my blog. Oh yeah, I LOVE sushi!

  22. Shasie
    October 8, 2011 / 1:05

    I love going to comedy shows! I need to go more often!ShasieEnter My Perfect for Bloggers Giveaway!

  23. Kerissa
    October 8, 2011 / 1:05

    Cute skirt. No sushi for me either. Kevin Hart is headed this way and I'm hoping to be there. Laughter is always good!

  24. Lorraine
    October 9, 2011 / 1:05

    Cute outfit! OMG! I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE ARNEZ J. Every time he comes to the Improv I see him lol. I'm a new reader!! Check out my blog!!!xoxo,Ashley

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