Bluebonnets and Fish Daddy’s!

Hey Dolls,

I went to Texas a few weeks ago to visit my family and those are always great times!  The weather was perfect and when it gets warm, the only things I feel like wearing are dresses.  I pulled this one out of the back of my closet.

 photo bluebonnet2_zps14e38731.jpg

While there, the Texas state flower, Bluebonnet, was in full bloom and my mother insisted that I get in the flowers to take a picture.  IWhenever the opportunity presents itself for a photo-op, I happily oblige! This time, however, I had to pay with an allergic reaction to the skin lol!  Anything for mommy though!  Plus the flowers were so pretty how could I say no.

 photo bluebonnet1_zps623bf138.jpg

After an afternoon of frolicking in the flowers, we went to Fish Daddy’s Grill House! 

 Dress:Forever 21/Heels: BCBG/Belt: H&M photo fishdaddy1_zps3ea6740d.jpg

If you have Cheddar’s in your town, you can compare it to how Fish Daddy’s is.  I’m not sure, but they are so similar, they made be part of the same conglomerate.  The food was so good and sooooooo affordable! 

 My mom, brother, and I got the fried crawfish and crawfish etoufee and it was so so so good! Just look at it for yourself.

 photo fishdaddy2_zps749546ff.jpg

My dad ordered the grilled catfish and although I didn’t taste it, it looked delicious!  I think I have perfected the art of eating with my eyes LOL!  

 photo fishdaddy4_zpscc4fd433.jpg

I love spending time with my family!  We are a happy little giggly bunch when we’e together. I look forward to the next time we’re all together again!  If Fish Daddy Grill House is near you and you’ve never given it a try, please do!  It’ll be worth your while.

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I’ll be back soon loves!




  1. luv_lyfe93
    April 18, 2013 / 1:05

    Awwww family time is the greatest! beautiful pictures

  2. Style4Curves
    April 18, 2013 / 1:05

    U are wearing that dress! So pretty!!!!

  3. LA Lynn's
    April 29, 2013 / 1:05

    Mannn… how DELISH does that food look! And, aren't you a cutie! XoxoLynn

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