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I recently attended a tasting at a Peruvian restaurant near the beaches called Ceviche Jax.  To be honest, I don’t think I would’ve ever found this place on my own had it not been for the invite.  It is definitely a diamond in the rough.  Long story short, I’m glad I was invited!  

Their ceviche is the best I’ve tried in town!

The restaurant isn’t very big which makes it a perfect choice for an intimate meet up.  I love the simplistic yet contemporary decor.   All blue bottles and black and white table cloths are so chic together!  I could see me trying something similar at home….hmmm

As I mentioned earlier, I went for a tasting and that is exactly what it was a “tasting“!  We got a very small sampling of some of their dishes.  Though the portions were miniscule,  they were all so delicious, I can hardly wait to go back for more!
So here is what we had…

Fried Peruvian Corn:  Well…this is exactly what it says, fried corn.  Interesting but my least favorite for the evening.  I felt as though I was munching on popcorn kernels. 

From Left to Right

Papa a la Huancaina:  Peruvian salad of boiled potatoes covered in a yellow creamy sauce and fresh cheese and Peruvian spices. I liked this.

Leche de Tigre:   In the shot glass is the by-product of the ceviche preparation.  It consisted of concentrated lime juice, pieces of fish and shrimp, and Peruvian spices. It was tangy, savory, and very good!

Causa De Atun:  This was a very interesting dish!  It consisted of a yellow potato cake stuffed with tuna salad and seasoned with yellow Peruvian pepper & lemon. The pink sauce was a chef’s secret.  Not bad.

El Macho:  This was my favorite of the evening. A perfectly seasoned filet of Sea Bass topped with a creamy Peruvian sauce, fresh calamari,  and succulent shrimp.  It was served with white rice. I could’ve had a barrel of this and been a happy camper!

Arroz Chaufa de Pollo:  This was a delicious fusion dish  and something I plan to recreate at home.  It was Chinese inspired fried rice made with onions, egg, tortilla, sausage, green onion, soy sauce, and house sauce. 

Lomo Saltado:  This was my second favorite of the evening.  Another fusion dish of Peruvian and Chinese-Cantonese flavors.  It was moist and tender pieces of skirt steak topped with red onion and soy sauce.  It reminded me of a steak and pomme frites dish since it was served with fries.  Delicious nevertheless.

Last but not least was the Chef’s dessert of the day.  

It was a coffee flavored custard sprinkled with cinnamon and served in a chilled glass.  It was a nice end to a great sampling. 

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I really enjoyed my first experience at Ceviche Jax.  The food was amazing and the company I was with (Nom Nom club) was amazing, as always!  Dining in a great atmosphere always adds to the experience as well!  I love that Ceviche Jax is clearly passionate about preparing authentic Peruvian cuisine.  The unique flavors were ever present.    If you’re ever in the mood to try something different and are near the beach, I recommend Ceviche Jax.  

You won’t be disappointed.  

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  1. Morgan
    November 25, 2014 / 1:05

    I have yet to try this place but I may have to now!

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