Quick Sand and Snorkeling (BUCKET LIST ITEMS)

Hey Lovelies!

 A few weeks ago, some friends and I decided to spend a Sunday afternoon snorkeling and canoeing, two things I have never done before but have always wanted to!

We went to the beautiful Silver Glen Springs in Ocala, FL!  The water was a very chilly 72 degrees so I put on the wet suit along with my snorkel gear!

Although the water was cold, I came out of the wet suit and swam in my bathing suit.  The water was crystal clear and there were so many cool fish and wildlife I was able to come up close and personal to!  I look forward to doing it again somewhere tropical!

Later on that day we rented a canoe and took a ride around the springs!  The sun was blazing so I put on all of my protective gear from sunscreen down to a hat and cover ups!

I was pretty excited to canoe especially when my friends fiance (the guy in the back) told me he would do all of the paddling! I was able to relax, take in the views, and snap my pictures of course!  That was so sweet of him!

In no particular order here is some of the things I saw!

 You can look right through the water to the bottom, it’s so clear!

There are two of my friends, Christina and Ashley!  They had to paddle themselves…HA HA!

It was a beautiful day so there were a lot of people out in there own boats having a good time on the springs!

We saw a lot of Florida wildlife, including ospreys….

Hawks (I think)….

or maybe a herring???




  I was so scared the mother was close by that I almost tipped our canoe trying to convince my friend to turn the canoe around and get us out of there!!!

Snorkeling was great and so was the canoeing but the highlight of the entire trip was my experience in quick sand!!!  Now I will admit that I thought quick sand only existed in movies but the stuff is REAL!!!

 It looks like swirly puddles of water and there are bubbles that come up in the water where the sand is “Quick”.  As soon as you step in you start to sink depending on how deep the pockets go.

As you see here I immediately sunk waist deep once I stepped into the quick sand!!!!  It’s the weirdest feeling because your feet continue sinking the more you wiggle your toes and you feel nothing underneath them.  


I was telling him “DO NOT LET MY HAND GO!”

We had a fantastic time that day!  I was excited I got to try new things!  I can’t believe I’ve been living in Florida all these years and had never been snorkeling until now.  It’s definitely something I look forward to doing again!

As always, thanks for stopping by!



  1. Beauty
    June 4, 2015 / 1:05

    Very beautiful scenery and you looked really fashionable all through from the wet suit to the swim suit and sun hat. It is always great to try new adventure especially when it has to do with enjoying nature. Great pictures and thanks for sharing.Have a blessed weekend.

  2. Style4Curves
    June 4, 2015 / 1:05

    You are so brave I would be terrified to get in the quicksand! lolll

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