Terra Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse

Hey Dolls, 

I recently attended a dinner at a new Brazilian steakhouse on the Southside of town called Terra Gaucha and if you know anything about Brazilian steakhouses, you know that they are a carnivores delight. To that end, Terra Gaucha did not disappoint!

As in any other Brazilian steakhouse, Terra Gaucha has a salad bar with all the fixings but let’s keep it real, if I know I’m going to be dining at a Brazilian steakhouse, I’m not saving room for anything but MEAT!  I didn’t even touch the plantains and fried polenta given to our table.

Bring on the MEAT!!!

In Brazilian Steakhouse fashion, gauchos bring around meat upon meat upon meat for as long as you can stand it.  You tell them what cut you’d like, rare or well done, they slice it, you grab it with your adorable tongs, and enjoy! Here is some of what we had!  

 Garlic Picanha  (Top Sirloin)

This is Terra Gaucha’s signature cut which is also the most popular Brazilian cut of beef.

Tender Pork Spare Ribs

  Garlic Steak which was my fav!

 Lamb Chops

We also had beef tenderloin, bottom sirloin, rib eye, beef ribs, bacon-wrapped chicken and sausage (which was amazing) but I was probably too busy stuffing my face to capture a picture!  Take my word for it, everything was good!

  My friend Sharon looks wayyyyyy to excited for that piece of meat!  LOL!  

 This plate is a carnivorous treat for sure!  If you notice the red and green medallions, they’re kind of like green light/red light.  If the green side is up, the gauchos will continue to serve you.  If the red side is up, they will stop.

 Last but not least, dessert and I’m going to be honest with you…I didn’t touch it because I was ready to burst at the seams.  It was Caramel Custard and from what I was told, it was delicious.  

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Everything at Terra Gaucha was extremely flavorful and my goodness, you can seriously fall into a meat coma with the amount of meat you’re offered!  You will definitely get your money’s worth but my advice is to go on a completely empty stomach or you’ll be sorry!  Trust me!

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