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Hi Dolls,

My name is Trice and I am an avid coffee lover!  Up until my senior year in college I probably would’ve never thought I’d be into coffee like I am but, well, I am!  So much so that I was overly excited when my foodie friend Nate, announced he was having a coffee pairing, food event at Vagabond Coffee Company!  I jumped right on that!  Plus I love all of the hip, little food spots in  historic Murray Hill district and this was one spot I had yet to visit!  

This was the “Coffee and Chill” NomNom event and just a sidenote, if you live in Jacksonville and you’re a foodie, you should totally join the NomNom club so you can attend cool events like this!  Now on to the good stuff!

Smore’s Tart & Espresso:  This was our first course.  The tart was delicious and came with the normal ingredients for a smore but had a hidden layer of caramel which was a nice surprise.  

  The espresso was super duper strong with smoky and tart undertones!  If you weren’t awake before, one sip would’ve done the trick!   It was certainly a true espresso.

Quiche & Cappuccino:  This quiche was so moist and loaded with flavor!  It was full of cheese and sausage goodness.  Normally I wouldn’t think of pairing a savory dish with a cappuccino but it  paired quite nicely!

I could’ve easily had more servings of the quiche but I had to save room for the third course!

Sprinkled Pop Tart & Blood Orange Coffee Cocktail:  Ok, so I was honestly sold on the event when I saw that there would be a coffee cocktail!  I mean have you ever had a cocktail made with coffee?  Well, I’m sure some of you have but I hadn’t!  On top of that, who wouldn’t want a homemade pop tart, with sprinkles?!?!  This bad boy was made with blueberries and was EVERYTHING!  I found out that they bake all of the pastries in house from scratch and that the pop tarts, a crowd fav, are only sold on Fridays.  

So about this coffee cocktail!  Will, the owner of Vagabond, concocted a special treat for us!  He used Ethiopian Gogi and a foodie fav, blood oranges.

He creme brulee’d the blood oranges to carmelized perfection

which were a nice garnish along with the sugary rim.

This was honestly the perfect event for a chilly Saturday afternoon!  The coffee was wonderful, the food was delicious, and the atmosphere was eclectic!
Vagabond Coffee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Vagabond is a pretty swanky little spot!  Not only do they sell coffee and pastries but you can buy coffee mugs and t-shirts too!  Not to mention they have the awesome graffiti you saw here.  They also offer reward cards now so if you frequent the Murray Hill area or are just in the mood for some well crafted coffee and pastries, head over to Vagabond Coffee Company!  You’ll be glad you did.
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