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Hi Dolls!

With the school year coming to a close, it is getting harder and harder to put any effort into dressing nice for work, let’s just be real!  Hitting the snooze button 5 times every morning is becoming the norm and the mad rush to get dressed and out of the house in time has been a real struggle.  However, if you follow my Instagram (here), you may have seen that I was recently featured in this school year’s yearbook as the “Best Dressed” female teacher!  What an honor right!  Especially knowing how us teachers traditionally get a bad rap for having no dress code!  With that being said, I decided to make sure I dress nicely for the rest of the school year!  I would hate for anyone to be like “That’s who got best dressed?” haha! 

Soooo… to be completely honest with you, this morning I was rushing, yet again,  and grabbed the first thing I put my hands on! I didn’t even put on a watch, which is a must for me! My arm felt naked all day!  However, my eyes landed on these shoes! 

 I have had these fabulous oxfords for almost two years and have never worn them.  I know right!  I normally wear a regular pair of black flats with this top but I decided to spice things up a bit a threw on these!  The next time I wear this I’m going to throw on a colorful necklace to brighten up the look!

This outfit is a little “matchy-matchy” with the shoes matching the top and the shoulders matching the pants but hey, this look for school was perfect!  To my surprise, the oxfords were really comfy and I received tons of compliments! I really can’t tell you why I’ve never worn them before but now that I have, I can think of plenty more outfits to throw together to get more wear out of these baddies! 

Teacher’s SideNote:  As I reflect on this school year, it has been one of the best year’s to date!  It helps that the school I’m at is pretty awesome from the faculty down to the students!  

Ok, back to this look!  I added my new favorite sunnies here because as you can see, the good ole’ Florida sun is out and shining brighter than ever.  I really, really LOVE these shades!  I talked about my obsession with them here.  You should totally go back and read about it!

As summer break nears, I’m thinking about all of the fun, light and bright clothes I want to wear.  I don’t know about you but when it’s scorching outside, all I want to put on are dresses and rompers because they’re no-fuss and are always cute and in a large variety of styles and colors!  What are your favorite things to throw on during the hot summer months?

Top: Ms. Mulligan’s Consignment Boutique (here

Sunglasses:  ZeroUV (here)

Pants:  Marshalls (similar)

Oxfords:  ShoeDazzle (sold out)

Like, most ALL teachers, I am yearning for summer!  Especially because of the amazing trip I’m going on in a few short weeks.  Stay tuned for that!  It is definitely something I’ll be adding to my “Bucket List”! 

Speaking of Bucket Lists, have you had a chance to check out mine and do you have one yourself!  Mine is ever-growing!  Check it out here!  What’s on your bucket list?  Do you have any big plans for the summer?   

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