St. Augustine Distillery (Yelp Behind the Barrels)

Hi Lovelies!

It had been a while since I last attended a Yelp event and I am so thrilled this was the event I got to attend after my hiatus!  I’ve been to the St. Augustine Distillery once before, but this time around I enjoyed it ten times more!  From the moment we walked up to check-in, it was good times!  I finally got to meet our new CM, Matt (w/the soft hands) *inside joke haha, and the new Yelp staff who were all a ball of fun!  It’s like we’ve known each other for years!

   As for the event itself, it was perfect for a Saturday night out with my bestie!  We were welcomed with Rum Tikis and Gin &Tonics!  Kudos to knowing how to get a party started! When we walked into the main entrance, the set up allowed you to mingle with fellow Yelpers while being serenaded by live music from The Grand Paxton Band. 

The small bites provided by Dina were a hit!  We missed out on the salad but we were able to get a sample of all three quesadillas and dessert.  I’m a professed carnivore but I actually enjoyed the veggie quesadilla best!  The mushrooms and spinach were like music to my taste buds!  I’m looking forward to dining in the actual restaurant!  

The tour of the distillery was great!  Kelsey (or is it Chelsea?) had a bubbly personality that made me want to pay attention to every word coming out of her mouth!  She was very knowledgeable about the bourbon making process and was very informative about the history of the St. Augustine Distillery.  

She ended the tour by walking us through the process of making a Florida mule that we were able to sample afterwards.  

I love mule drinks so this was a win-win for me!

Because I am a “vodka girl”  I had to get a picture with the bottle!  Don’t we look great together!?!? Ha Ha!

They sell rum also!

After the tasting we were led to the gift shop where we had the pleasure of meeting the CEO, Philip McDaniel who was super personable!  He spoke about his passion and gave us samples of the amazingly smooth Port Finished Bourbon!

I had to purchase a bottle for my boyfriend! 
 I thought it would be a nice surprise for him since he enjoys a good bourbon.   Mr. McDaniel even signed the bottle for me and asked a few of us to get together for a photo op!

This was probably one of the best Yelp events I’ve ever been to!  As you can see below, everyone was in a great mood and super excited to be at the Distillery.

My friend Krystle was happy to buy her hubby a bottle too!  

 At check out my friend and I couldn’t resist purchasing the Bourbon Balls!  There were delish!!!  Looking at this picture of Bourbon Praline Pecans, I’m sad I didn’t buy a bag!  The night ended with a raffle for those who donated canned goods for the St. Francis House earlier that evening.  

Overall, it was a wonderful event!  Big ups to Matt and everyone else who made it happen!  If this is any indication of what the rest of 2017 Yelp events will look like, I’m can hardly wait!
As always, thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend!


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