The Gridiron Cooking Challenge

Hi Dolls,

Raise your hands if you’ve been sticking to those “New Year, New Me” healthier eating, New Year resolutions???  As for me, I’ve definitely been making more of a conscious effort to keep myself accountable!  I have to admit, sometimes it can get a little difficult to focus on always eating healthy so I can only imagine how much of a chore it could be to a child.

 That’s where the Gridiron Cooking Challenge comes in handy!!!  

This is a fun and light-hearted cooking competition for elementary and middle school students throughout the state of Florida!  It showcases healthy, original, student-created recipes that prominently include dairy products.  

 This initiative, which is designed and supported by the Florida Dairy Farmers, is a part of Fuel Up to Play 60, an in-school nutrition and physical activity program launched by the National Dairy Council and the NFL to help encourage today’s youth to lead healthier lives!

Now, I’ve seen those kid cooking competitions on TV and let me tell you…some of these kids can run circles around the average adult in the kitchen any day of the week!  

 Check out what the competition entails below!

I think it would be tons of fun!  If I were teaching at the elementary or middle school level, I’d totally get my students involved!  As an educator, I can truly appreciate this initiative.  Not only does it give children a fun way to adapt healthier food choices by allowing them to create it themselves, but it also helps provide our schools with equipment that enhances the learning process, something that is always needed and greatly appreciated. 

If you have young ones who enjoy cooking, I encourage you to enter them into this competition!  The deadline for submissions is March 3, 2017.  For entry forms, click here and as always thanks so much for stopping by!



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