The Good Life

Hi Dolls, 

I can’t think of anything else that screams “SPRING” more than bright colors and floral prints!  On top of that, I am loving the embroidery trend this season!  This explains why I immediately fell in love with the Emily Embroidered Maxi Dress by Tobi as soon as I saw it!  It’s flowy, it’s feminine, and it’s absolutely perfect for the new season. Isn’t it amazing how embroidery adds so much interest to what would’ve otherwise been pretty blase?!?  Gotta love fashion!

I also love the sheer bottom of the dress that’s giving you all a little peek-a-boo at these thighs once again!  In my eyes, this dress was a win-win from the start!

As I write this post, I’m thinking back to what was going through my mind during this photo shoot.  Being surrounded by that beautiful architecture and being in the midst of that absolutely gorgeous Florida day, I was reflecting on how good life is!

It’s so easy to focus on the things we don’t have, goals not yet accomplished, weight that won’t seem to fall off, that we often forget about all the great talents we hold, the wonderful experiences we’re privy to, and the beautiful things that surround us day in and day out.

I remembered promising myself, back in January, that this year I would focus on being more positive and expressing more gratitude!

Everyday I am striving to put more energy into that very thing.  I read somewhere once that “what you tell yourself everyday will either lift you up or tear you down.”  The world does a good enough job with the “monkey wrench.” 

Trust me I know it’s a lot easier to gripe about the things we’re not pleased with but what good does that really do in the long run?  It just stresses you out and keeps you in a funk.  Instead of being our own worst critic, let’s be our own biggest cheerleader!  

You were given special gifts and talents to share with the world and you’re the only you that will ever be!  You’re a big freaking deal!

Necklace ~ H&M (here)

Dress ~c/o Tobi (here)

Heels~ ShoeDazzle (similar)

Photography ~ Carrisa Fassnacht

Be easy, life is good!  

As always, thanks so much for stopping by!  




  1. Faith
    March 29, 2017 / 1:05

    You look so fabulous. Loving that dress on you!The photography is so good :)

    • High Heels & Good Meals!
      March 29, 2017 / 1:05

      Thank you Faith! I truly appreciate it! Yeah, I'm an instant fan of the photography!

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