Thick Thighs Save Lives

Hi Lovelies,

I am walking into this week all smiles!  Wanna know why?  Because it is the last week of school!  I say this every year but I feels as though this school year FLEW by!  I guess that’s what happens when you enjoy what you do.  It hasn’t always been that way for me but I’ll save that story for another day.  Anywho, I can’t believe summer break is a few blinks away!  It is going to be an epic summer for me because I will be crossing off a few more bucket list items and I am stoked about it!  More on that is to come later but in the meantime, let’s chat about this super summery outfit!

If this spring is an indication of what we have to look forward to this summer, I will be rocking shorts everyday! 

 This Florida heat is no joke!  

I can’t believe it’s still snowing in certain parts of the country and we’re over here sweating through 90 degree weather in May!

My motto for this summer will be “Sun’s Out, Legs Out!”  I work out pretty hard so I can show these thighs off!  Ha ha, but in all seriousness, they say “thick thighs save lives”.  I’ve always wondered where that saying came from so I did a little research.

Research shows that people with a bigger thigh circumference, have a lower risk for heart disease and are less likely to suffer a premature demise!  You learn something new everyday!  Thick thighs save lives!

I got these super cute tie waist shorts on sale from Loft a few months ago.  I love them because they are very comfortable and they give my legs a little room to breathe.  In other words, they aren’t skin tight.  With fuller thighs, finding shorts that aren’t super fitting has always been a challenge so I was pretty excited when I found these.

  I’m also still very in love with cold shoulder, off the shoulder, and peek-a-boo shoulder tops like the one I paired with these shorts. I also decided to add a statement necklace for a little more interest and these aztec print heels I got a long time ago from Shoe Dazzle.

Top:  TJ Maxx (similar)
Shorts:  Loft (similar)
Necklace:  Walmart (similar)
Heels: ShoeDazzle (old)

This is me looking at this summer!  I can hardly wait for the adventures ahead!  
What are you most looking forward to this summer?  I’d love to hear all about it! 
As always, thanks for stopping by!  Have a great week!


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