Pretty Things In Rough Places

Wanna know why “Laughter is the best medicine”?  Well, it decreases stress, relieves tension, boosts your immune system, and releases endorphins.  In short, it makes your feel good!  My man laughs at EVERYTHING and has the innate ability to get me to laugh even when I don’t want to.  My family and friends know that when we get together, there is going to be some extended periods of laughter!  I love being around people who I can laugh and have a good time with!  Photoshoots with my photog friend, Roni, is a guaranteed session of gut busting laughing!  She always has the greatest ideas for a shoot but it usually involves me looking pretty in a pretty rough place.  But they always make for some pretty awesome shoots and pretty fun times!

If you guys could have witnessed the lengths we went through to get to this rooftop, you would have enjoyed a laugh or two your self!  I’m pretty sure the people driving by did but I digress.  I love trekking through Jacksonville finding new locations with wall art I can admire.  It’s really fun!

So about this look.  I thought this dress was adorable when I first saw it.  As you can see it’s sheer so of course I had to wear something underneath.  I went with jeans this time around but when it gets cooler, I’m thinking a pair of leather pants and a moto jacket!  How would you style this dress? 

Dress-Forever 21~Jewelry-Kendra Scott~Heels-ShoeDazzle

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