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Some of you may know that I’m a Texas girl living in Florida!  So when I heard that Chuy’s was opening up at the St. John’s Town Center, I was pretty excited as they originated in Austin, TX.  I attended the Charity media event before the Grand Opening last Monday and it was a blast!  The food was amazing, the service was impeccable, and the decor was so fun and vibrant!  Maybe I missed the memo but they seriously have a thing for Elvis!   You’ll have to go and see what I mean for yourself!  They have Elvis paraphernalia everywhere, hub caps and colorful papier-mache-ish looking fish hanging from the ceilings, it’s a hoot!  Besides loving the decor, the food was outstanding.  I’m seriously going to have to keep myself away from there if I want to keep this waistline in check!

One of my favorite features about Chuy’s is the Chihuahua Bar!  It may be due to me being a former Chihuahua owner but I love the concept, nevertheless.

Patrons can donate a picture of their pooch in a frame and Chuy’s will hang it up in the Chihuahua Bar.  So cute right?!!?!!?  Plus you get a free appetizer for bringing in the picture.  I love it and you will definitely see my dog on the walls there soon!  I’m bringing a framed photo of her next time I go!

So if you’re not quite familiar with what “Tex-Mex” food really consists of, let me help you out!  It’s actually quite simple.  It’s a combination of flavors from New Mexico, Mexican border towns, and Southern Texas.  Chuy’s is known for these flavors and for making everything fresh daily!  I love their fresh, never frozen concept.  You can even watch them roll out the tortillas in house! Everything that we had that night was delicious, from the food, to the drinks, and incredible dessert.  

The combination grilled steak and chicken fajitas came out sizzling on the plate with aromatic peppers and onions.  It was served with three handmade tortillas, lettuce, guacamole, pico de gallo, cheese, Mexican rice, refried beans, and sour cream.  The steak and chicken had and incredible flavor.  With all the fixings, it was the perfect fajita.

This was the “Big As Yo’ Face” ground sirloin burrito that one of my friends ordered.  It was made with a 12” flour tortilla, stuffed with refried beans, cheese, and meat of course. It also comes with your choice of Mexican rice or green chile rice.  He said this dish was good but very spicy!

What’s tex-mex without enchiladas!  Their enchiladas are rolled fresh to order with homemade corn tortillas, rice, and charro or refried beans.  

This was The Elvis Presley Memorial Combo…I told you, they’ve got a serious “Jones” for this guy.  It came with quite a bit of food.  One beef Tex-Mex enchilada, a cheese Ranchero enchilada, chicken Tomatillo enchilada, a seasoned ground sirloin crispy taco, and homemade tostada chips dipped in chile con queso.  Whew! That is a mouth full, literally and figuratively!

So no dinner out with your favorite people is complete with out drinks so we happily indulged!  We all chose to get a signature drink from the menu.  The King’s Punch was definitely Texas sized (because everything is bigger there, ya know)!  It’s made with Mount Gay Eclipse rum, Malibu rum, pineapple, orange, and lime juice with a splash of grenadine.  

This was the Texas Martini.  I love that it’s served with the Chuy’s signature shaker so you can refill a time or two.  This drink was delicious.  It’s made with your choice of top shelf or premium tequila, Cointreau, Grand Marnier, or Patron Citronge.  My favorite part is the jalepeno-stuffed olives and salted rim that accompanies the drink perfectly!  

Last but certainly not least is the classic Pina Colada.  It’s the perfect summer drink made with a blend of 1800 Coconut tequila, Malibu rum, cream of coconut, pineapple, and orange juice.

By the time we finished eating and drinking, we were stuffed but our waiter insisted we try the Tres Leches cake.  Beforehand a friend of mine actually told me, and I quote, “Listen, their tres leches cake will have you ACT A FOOL”.  She was right!  Well, we didn’t act a fool but the cake was incredible!  It was so moist and with three types of milk used to make it, I guess it would be!  Delicious is an understatement!  It sat on a bed of sweet and airy creme fraiche and the entire dish was drizzled with caramel and topped with fresh strawberries. It’s going to be a challenge not to order this cake every time I visit!  

We really enjoyed our dining experience at Chuy’s.  The service was great and so was everything we had.  I forgot to mention earlier that we received complimentary Salsa Fresca and homemade tortilla chips.  The salsa had a nice kick to it and was uber flavorful!  We had it in rotation at the table.  I can definitely see this being a place to hang out with friends after work for a good drink and some good ole Tex-Mex!  Check them out the next time you’re near the town center, you’ll be happy you did!

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