Hawker's Asian Street Fare New Menu Items

Hi Dolls,

With a hip vibe, a great location, and some of my favorite Asian inspired dishes, it is no surprise that Hawkers Asian Street Fare is one of my top 5 places to dine in Five Points.  You can imagine my excitement when they invited me to try their new Summer share menu items!  I love that Hawkers changes parts of their menu seasonally while still featuring house favorites!  I was able to sample some of their eclectic new menu items and enjoy some of the items I love to order everytime I visit!  In no particular order here are some of the items you’ll find on the new menu!

DimSum Crunchy Balls 

Now if you want to laugh a little to yourself, go back and read the title of this dish again slowly.  Did you chuckle a little inside?  I did when I first read it on the menu!  I think it’s a clever name for this massive appetizer!  These dim sum rolls are stuffed with shrimp, rolled in rice noodles, and fried to perfection.  I enjoyed these but could only enjoy half of one because they are quite large.

Roti Canai:

This will always be my favorite from the Hawker’s menu!  This is a classic menu item and a crowd pleaser.  This is their Malaysian flat bread with a decadent curry dipping sauce.  The roti resembles tortillas but sort of tastes like pancakes but was best described as “the Asian biscuit and gravy”! All of these descriptions would be accurate.  It’s so good, I could order it and not need anything else.  I’m so happy this is a forever item on the menu!

Tiger Salad:

This dish was definitely nice to look at but you have to really love the ingredients of the dish to enjoy it.  This is steamed octopus on a bed of cilantro salad.  The seasoning on top was a nice touch and the rice wine vinaigrette is light enough to compliment the dish but I’m not the hugest fan of cilantro or octopus for that matter, so needless to say, this was not my favorite of the evening.

Crispy Chicken Skin Skewers:  

Sooooo I must be a true foodie because I loved these fatty lil’ morsels of chicken epidermis!  With the dusting of Sichuan seasoning, it was very tasty.  Yes, they are really chicken skin on a skewer!  They reminded me of a time when I was a kid and would take the skin off of my fried chicken and put it in between two slices of bread to make a chicken skin sammich’!  Don’t you dare act like the skin of a chicken isn’t some good eating! 

Nam Nem Rolls:

These were another favorite for me that evening!  The spring rolls are stuffed with chicken sausage and fragrant greens with a fried rice noodle for a little crunch!   The dipping sauce was the perfect compliment to these rolls!

Wok-Fired Lettuce:

This isn’t a new menu item but it was my first time having it and I enjoyed it quite a bit.  The lettuce is tossed with shitake mushrooms and red chiles and quickly cooked in a wok to maintain its crunchiness.  The flavors go nicely together and I can see myself ordering this again.

YiYi’s Chicken Dumplings

I’ve never tried these either but they’re so good!  They were also a fav for the evening.  The dumplings are hand-rolled in house daily and can either be wok seared or steamed.  I prefer my dumplings seared because I love the extra crunch and flavor it adds.  These were a hit at my table. 

Chicken and Shrimp Pad Thai:

You can never go wrong with pad thai from Hawkers!  It’s one of my favorite dishes they serve!  The shrimp and chicken are always succulent and juicy!  I love the rice noodles, scallions, and bean sprouts.  The egg in the dish is just the right amount and the peanuts don’t over power the dish. All of the flavors mesh well together.

Singapore Spicy Crab:

Last but not least was my boyfriend’s favorite for the evening!  This very impressive dish consists of a deep fried soft-shell crab topped with a spicy tomato and egg red sauce and served with a fried bao roll for sopping!  Listen, all my crab loving friends out there, this is THE dish that culminated our evening of Hawkers dining!

I really enjoyed the new menu items!  As described earlier, they were definitely eclectic, especially the chicken skin skewers.  Everything was tasty and we can all enjoy these new menu items until the spring! 

Which new menu item would you give a try? 

As always, thanks so much for stopping by and stop in to Hawkers while you’re out and about this weekend!  Tell them Trice sent ya!



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