Carvana Car….Vending Machine

Hi Dolls!

Cheetohs?  Yes!  Snickers?  Yes!  A new Corvette?  Huh!?!?  

Yep, that’s right!  You can now get all of these things out of a vending machine.  Well not the same vending machine, but you get what I’m saying.  Carvana has made buying a car a completely seamless and memorable experience with the new car vending machine concept!  Ya know…16 year old kids have really got it made these days!  Their first car experiences are about to be lit!


If you have driven up and down I-95 over the last couple of months, there is no way you’ve missed the massive glass tower of cars with that gorgeous blue glow at night!  That is the new Carvana car vending machine.  Actually it’s the first car vending machine in the state of Florida, right here in Jax!  With 8 stories of sparkly and fully detailed used vehicles and 4 delivery bays, the fully-automated, coin operated beauty is the new way to purchase a used car.

I was invited to an exclusive behind the scenes look at how Carvana vends fresh cars, daily, and it was pretty cool.  First and foremost, the car buying process is done completely online.  From browsing their 7,000 + inventory of certified vehicles, to completing financing paperwork, you can purchase your new car within minutes from the comfort of your home.   No haggling and no middle man!  You can then have it delivered to your driveway or pick it up via the car vending machine experience!  Of course, I would totally opt for the latter!   They also have a 7-day money back guarantee so once you pick up your car, you have a week to truly decide if it’s for you with no worries.

During our sneak peek we got to take a little ride up the car lift for a closer look at the cars and how they are maneuvered down the vending machine!  It is a pretty cool sight!  You  even get a life-size coin to drop into the slot.  Then Yahtzee!  Here comes your shiny new whip, ready for you to drive off in!


As I mentioned earlier, this is the first car vending machine to be built in Florida so there’s definitely need for celebration.  During our sneak peak, we got to nibble on Sweet by Holly cupcakes which are so sinful!

They always amaze me with the variety of flavors they offer.  You’ve got to watch out for those little cuppies.  You can’t eat just one…or five. 

We also had wine!  Lots of wine because what’s a celebration without an adult beverage!?!

The Rose was on point!

We also got goodie bags with lots of Carvana swag! 


Well there’s no “catch”  to the Carvana car vending machine!  It’s everything I mentioned and an experience you have to add to your bucket list.  What’s the Catch, the food truck, was what was for dinner!  They were in the building to make sure we didn’t go hungry after such a cool ride.

I’ve had tacos from them once before a long time ago and after this night, I’m kicking myself for not having indulged more since.  Their tacos are amazeballs!


This was the day’s special!  Made with blackened Mahi on a bed of lettuce topped with black beans, corn salsa, tortilla sauce, and their signature slurry sauce.  This taco was BOMB!!!  So good I had to get another one before leaving!


Made with fried shrimp over lettuce with pineapple-mango salsa, pico, and Peruvian sauce, this taco was equally BOMB!!!

Overall, we had a really fun time at the Carvana behind the scenes tour!  There’s nothing like seeing something cool that piques your interest and then being able to experience it for yourself.  It was fun for me and I wasn’t even shopping for a car. I can only imagine the excitement one will feel going to the Carvana car vending machine to pick up their new vehicle.  It is definitely sure to be a worthwhile experience.  Plus any event with wine, food, and cupcakes gets an A+ in my book!  If you’re in the market for a new car, check out Carvana! This may be just the experience your looking for.

As always, thanks so much for stopping by!  Have a great week!



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