Oh Oia!

Hi Dolls,

I never really understood the power of completing “lists”  until I started taking my “bucket” list seriously!  The saying goes, “If you write it down, you’re more inclined to do it”.  A few years back my brother and I decided we would do something adrenaline-inspired once a year and we started with sky-diving.  Since then, we’ve zip-lined through the rainforest, snorkled in the Atlantic, rode horses along the beaches of Puerto Rico, and ATV’d through the Caribbean Islands.   I’ve taken things a step further and started seeing more of the world.  If you’re like most people, you’ve gone ga-ga whenever you’ve see pictures or videos of Santorini, Greece.  The perfect skies, colorful flowers, beautiful water, and pristine white buildings with blue roof tops will entice anyone who loves pretty things.  It certainly lured me…so much so, I was able to scratch it off of my bucket list recently.

I finally made my way to Oia Village in Santorini during my Ancient Mediterranean vacation last summer and it was more beautiful than I ever expected.

This village is a bloggers dream!  The white buildings are the perfect backdrop for photo ops!

We were only in Oia Village for a couple hours, as our itinerary was jam packed and tightly scheduled, but with everything so picturesque,  having a camera ready to snap at every corner was a must!

For what ever the reason, the village was packed with visitors during this time so getting that perfect shot was a challenge, especially with the heat a-blazing, but for the most part I prevailed!

Every time I look back at these picture, I’m enamored with God’s creations.  This village is so perfect, these pictures almost look fake.  It looks as though I’m standing in front of a backdrop.  Nature’s beauty!

The next time I visit Greece, I have to make sure it’s during the cooler months.  It was hot as fish grease out there.  I think I sweat a few pounds off in those 2 hours but it was totally worth it!

Even though we were there for what seemed like a minute, it was an amazing time.  I felt unreal.

These are the kind of moments I live for!  For the rest of my life, I want to experience new things and see as much of the world as I possibly can!  It’s truly fulfilling!

When we got back to our cruise ship, I felt as though my entire 13 day vacay was complete!  I think it was written all over my face…..and the fact that I had unlimited margaritas helped!

 I’m not done with Greece.
It’s been on my mind a lot since last summer so it’s only right I return.

  Next time I want to spend a little more time exploring Santorini!  If you’ve ever been, please let me know what I else I must see!  What things are currently on your bucket list?
Besides returning to Greece, I’d love to visit London next! (insert “thinking” emoji here)
As always, thank you so much for stopping by!
Have a fabulous weekend!


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