Black Girl Magic and TER4JCP

Hi Dolls,

Let’s chat a sec about something I love!  Black Girl Magic! 
 Unless, you’ve been sleeping under a rock, you know that black girls/women have been killin’ it since the beginning of time.  We are beautiful, resilient, inspiring, creative, and all around amazing.  Let’s be real, there’s a whole dictionary full of adjectives that can be used to describe the awesomeness of a black girl/woman.  One may find it challenging to sum up our sheer essence in a single word, hence #BlackGirlMagic.  Get into it!

#BLACKGIRLMAGIC “Get into it!”

One of my absolute favorite women on television is Tracee Ellis Ross!  Besides being uplifting, having a down to Earth personality, and a great sense of humor, her style is impeccable.  She literally oozes Black Girl Magic!   She recently partnered up with JCPenney to grace us all with a clothing line that mirrors her style.  It’s affordable, comfortable, stylish, and best of all, made for all shapes and sizes.   Of course I had to get my hands on a piece of this collection!  I knew from the moment I got a sneak peek that the Bliss Robe Jacket and Bliss Cuff Trousers would be mine!

Honestly, there are so many cute items in this collection.  It was hard for me not to take all of them home with me.  This piece however, seems timeless and versatile.  As a matter of fact I have worn the separate pieces quite a bit since I bought it.

This first time I kept it simple by adding a plain black turtle neck sweater, black hat, leopard booties, of course, and my “BIG OLE’ HOOPS”  (channeling my inner Bruno Mars).  

This outfit is so comfortable and it is most definitely an attention grabber. I received TONS of compliments through out the day when I wore it and caught a lot of eyes too!  It’s definitely one of those “Who’s that girl?” kind of outfits.

I’m glad I didn’t purchase online for this particular piece.  I went to the store where I was able to try it on.  I had to size down two sizes in both the jacket and pants because it really runs big.  Just keep that in mind.

If you are in need for a comfy yet stylish look for Christmas,  head over to your nearest JC Penney for this set!  They’ve also got it in blue!  Overall, I am very pleased with Tracee’s collection.  Everything is well-made, comfortable, and stylish.  

There are so many looks that come to mind when I think about how I’ll style each piece individually.   I’ve already worn the pants with a dressy black fuzzy sweater for a Christmas party.  It was a look and a hit!

Shop Pieces Below!

“I have become; I am becoming everything I fought to be.  I am magical and deserving of sweetness.” 
Considering the amount of buzz that circulated before and after the release of this collection, I think it’s safe to say that the Tracee Ellis Ross for JCPenney collection has been a success, especially in terms of likeability.  Black Girl Magic at its finest!  I have my fingers crossed that she’ll come out with another collection soon!  In the meantime, get use to seeing “Ladies in Red” all over!
As always thank you all for stopping by!  Keep being great!



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