5 Tips To Be A Better You

Hi Loves!

We are well into week four of 2018, and many of us have already fallen off of the New Year resolution train.  This is precisely why I mentioned here, that I prefer the terms goals and aspirations because we are all a work in progress!  Of course, it is never too late to be a better version of yourself in 2018.  In fact, every day is a new opportunity to be better.  I have a few tips I’m going to implement this year to be a better version of me and I will continuously share them with you as we go through this year.  We can be each others accountability partners!

1.)  Let Go:

That old holey sweater in the back of your closet, that toxic relationship that’s holding you down, those knick-knacks that are piling up in the junk drawer, LET THEM GO!  Trust me, I know first hand that letting go can be difficult but holding on to things (or people) who no longer serve purpose in your life can be toxic to your own growth.  De-clutter your life, de-clutter your mind!

2.) Learn or Experience Something New Everyday:
I’m a pretty adventurous person.  We only have this one life to do all of the things we want and I yearn for more knowledge, more amazing experiences, and more culture.  You can start where you are.  Take a different route home, pick out a completely new restaurant you’ve never eaten at before, research random topics, spend time volunteering.  The possibilities are limitless.  Being exposed to new things is refreshing and will expand your mind.  Knowledge is power and culture makes you gentle!

3.) Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself:

This is one I’ll be working diligently on this year.  They say we are our own worst critic and they’re right.  I’m sure we’ve all had that moment where you announced a flaw and the person you announced it to said “I would’ve never noticed had you not said anything.” I jokingly tell my students “Sorry, I can’t be perfect EVERYDAY.” but it’s true.  Nobody is without flaw and trying to be perfect is insane and will drive you mad.  Be kind to yourself, love yourself, lift yourself up.  If you can’t love you, how can you expect to love others.

“If you know how to love, you’ll never run out.”

~Ann Brashares

4.)  Say No.  If You Want To.

I read a meme that said “Stop saying yes to s#@t you hate!”  Basically, stop being a yes man!  I’ve been guilty of being a ”people pleaser” in the past and sometimes I still struggle with it.  You see…I have this big heart and always want to see others happy.  However, I’ve learned that doesn’t always work out in my favor.  Now I try to do things now that are mutually beneficial.  If not, the answer is no.  Saying “no” more will make room for the amazing things you’ll want to say yes to.

5.) Treat Yo’self!
Self care is so important to our overall health.  Choose a day of the week where you do something just for you.  Buy yourself a nice bouquet of flowers, take yourself to dinner, order yourself an in home massage, binge watch Netflix while eating ice cream, order you that BADD pair of shoes that’s been sitting in the cart for weeks.  Hey, you work too hard just to pay bills.  Do something that will allow you to decompress from the everyday grind.  

Top:  Zara ~Pants and Earrings:  H&M~Booties: ShoeDazzle~Sunglasses:  Prada

What are some things you plan to do in order to be a better you?  

Please share and as always thank you for stopping by!  We are almost to the weekend.  Let’s make the last few days of this week, the best few days of this week!



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