Bell Bottom Capris

Hi Dolls,

Whenever someone asks me if I could choose one decade to visit, which would it be, I always go with the 70’s.  It seemed like a really cool era to live in.  The music was great, the hairstyles were great, and the fashion was great!  So much so, we’ve seen some of the 70’s looks resurface from afros to fringe to bell bottoms!  I’ve always loved bell bottoms because they create long, sleek silhouettes, especially when you wear them with the right pair of heels.  At 5’5, I sometimes enjoy the illusion of appearing taller than I am!  When the flare leg, ruffled capri trend came about not too long ago, I thought it was so cute and had to get me a pair!  

 I’m all for unique trends I can pull off in a classy way!  To be clear, these are definitely trendy so I advise enjoying the look with out spending too much on them.  

I originally planned a casual look with a denim jacket and a white camisole but last minute decided to dress up the look instead with a detailed mesh patch sweater, long earrings, and nude pumps.  I have to admit I love how the look came together.  It would be ideal for date night, a concert, or the Black Panther premiere!  Just saying!  Besides traditional African garb, being “dressed in all black like the omen.”  could be a look!  

Name that tune, or we can’t be friends!  Kidding!

Because they aren’t full length bell bottoms, the long leg affect has to be re-strategized.  My best advise here is to most definitely wear heels with these pants.  These are ankle length so wearing flats would make you appear much shorter.  Rocking heels would allow you to wear the capris,  get the flared look, and still achieve that height you want.

I seriously had so much fun rocking this outfit!  Not only did I received tons of compliments on my look, but people were feeling my high bun as well!  I take it you all want to see me switch up my hair!  I will keep that in mind as we go through this year!  

Of course, I opted for dressier accessories this time around, with long gold earrings and a black and gold clutch.  I also wanted to keep a monochromatic theme with the look but did add the nude heel to pull it together nicely.

You can find this top and pants in the links below!

Pants:  Fashion Nova (here)

Sweater:  Romwe (here)

Besides the 70’s, I’d love to go back to the 90’s for fashion!  Kross Kolours, baggy jeans, and “Jodeci”  boots were that fire back in the day!  The hairstyles were pretty dope then too.  The asymmetrical bob and mushroom cut were everything!

Which fashion era would you want to go back and visit?  I’d love to know why!  Leave me a comment below and as always, thanks so much for stopping by!  Have a wonderful week!




  1. Ricki Loves
    February 5, 2018 / 1:05

    I would go back to the 90s definitely but I would want my 90s body to go with it! Loved this look sis!!!♥️

    • High Heels & Good Meals!
      February 6, 2018 / 1:05

      Yes the 90's were all that! Thanks love!

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