Bardot Beauty Lounge (Beauty Blogger Brunch)

Hello Gorgeous!

This is exactly what you’re going to hear all day after getting pampered at The Bardot (pronounced Bar-Dough)!  I recently had the opportunity to spend a little girl time with The Bardot Babes and some of my fav fellow influencers at the Bardot Beauty brunch a couple weekends ago and it was a great time from the moment we walked in, to the time we left. The Bardot Beauty Lounge is definitely a one stop shop for all things beauty!  The Bardot is not like your typical salon, in fact don’t even call it a salon!  Being true to its name, it is a beauty lounge.  The morning really felt like a slumber party at a besties house!  We laughed, we brunched, we sang and danced to the latest videos, and we did all of this while getting glammed up by the Bardot Babes!  The Bardot is located in St. Augustine and from lash extensions to blow-outs, microblading to manis and pedis, they have everything needed to make sure you leave feeling radiant, refreshed, and ready to strut your stuff!

I recently posted the picture below on Instagram and asked if anyone is into self affirmations?  I absolutely love that when you first walk into The Bardot, you are greeted with the hot pink, light-up sign that says “Hello Gorgeous”!  Imagine having this in your bathroom and reading it every morning when you flip the switch…you’ll always feel beautiful!  I’m officially on the hunt for this sign!  It’s the perfect self affirming home decor piece!

So before I get into all things beauty, I have to take a moment to shout out The Preserved Restaurant for providing us with a delicious meal for brunch!  I you see this glorious dish of Shrimp and Grits!?!  It was almost to perfect to eat…almost!  It definitely tasted as good as it looked!

We also enjoyed a breakfast quiche, yogurt and fresh fruit, salad, and champagne of course! Chef Brian Whittington definitely knows what he’s doing over there at The Preserved Restaurant!  Honestly, when I found out brunch was being catered by them, I knew it was going to be BOMB!

The Bardot also has Old City Brew cold brew coffee on tap!!!  On tap, folks!

I don’t know if this is a normal thing, but I was so enamored by the fact that there’s coffee on tap that getting one has been added to my list of “Things I Need to Have in My Life Right Now”!  Beer on tap, yes, wine on tap, sure, but cold brew coffee…unheard of!  Okay maybe I’m exaggerating a little but I FREGGIN’ LOVE it!  Soooo Universe, it’s so cute and I want one for my classroom!  I’d be the Teacher of the Year for that reason alone!

Now let’s talk beauty, shall we?!?!
What’s black and white, and hot pink all over?  The Bardot Beauty Lounge!  The decor is very chic and screams GIRL POWER!  I especially love the color scheme of the pedicure area!  The black and white cattle print is the perfect touch!

This lounging area is beautiful and gives off vintage vibes!  I’m telling you, I was getting inspiration, left and right, for my own home.  I love the mauve tones and white and gold accents!  When speaking to the owner, Britnye Shore, she said the sofa is indeed vintage and you can look at it and see that it is in pristine condition!

I’m a total sucker for branding and packaging, so to see all of these gorgeous Smith and Cult nail lacquers, with the hot pink and black packaging, through out the lounge, added to the overall BAD-AZZNESS of The Bardot!

Seriously!  What’s not to love about these bottles of polish!

You’re also going to find make-up, jewelry, and all sorts of beauty products through out the lounge for purchase.  I think that makes for the perfect decor accents!  Wouldn’t you say?

Speaking of accents, the next time I go back to The Bardot, I’m 100% going to purchase one of these turban shower caps.  In true “Girly-Girl” fashion, you have to be chic at all times, even when in the shower!  I think it would be perfect for when you’re traveling or even to walk around in the house with!  It sure beats the heck out of those rachity old plastic shower caps!  So chic! So cute!  So me!


As I mentioned before, The Bardot Beauty Lounge is a one stop shop!  Offering waxing, lashes, makeup, haircare, cuts, color, and nails, they provide everything you need to get glammed up.  During our morning at the Bardot, we got to experience their services!

I was excited to get The Bardot Makeover because it included airbrush, which I’ve never had before, and lashes.

The air on my face from the airbrush application was very relaxing! I couldn’t believe how quickly Devan, my make-up artist, was able to cover my entire face with foundation.  I can see how this would be the best technique to use for a wedding party.

Speaking of wedding parties, The Bardot also offers Bridal services and are willing to travel to you!  I know right!  They’ll come to you in their super cute Bardot Beauty Bus!  So picture this…it’s your  wedding day, and you step outside onto a bus with all your best girlfriends, to get glammed up to your favorite tunes while sipping champagne!  What more can you ask for? This would definitely add character to your “Big Day” memories!

Image result for bardot bus
Image from Pinterest w/ owner Britnye Shore.

 I felt like a knock-out once my make up was done!

The other ladies also got make-overs!  Some of them also did blow outs with styles and manicures.

Do you remember me mentioning earlier that it felt like a slumber party?  Well, we were all in one open space getting beautified and that flat screen on the wall played all the newest videos to some of our favorite tunes on the radio right now!  It was a good time!

My girl, Tanner Mann, got a gel mani with talented nail artist, Janean Johnson!

Janean has been a nail artist for over 6 years and prides herself with specilaizing in natural nails only!  She does such an amazing job on nails!  Check out her instagram page for a little inspiration for your next mani!

She also hooked your girls toes up because after hiding these feet for the winter, I was in serious need of a pedicure!

So ladies and gents, if you haven’t been convinced by now that The Bardot is where you should go for your next self-care day, let me put it plainly….

 If you live in Jax, make an appointment, get in your car, make that quick drive St. Augustine, and get your LIFE! (Make sure to stop at The Preserved afterwards for something amazing to eat!)

While you’re there get to know Britnye, the owner and all of her fabulous “Bardot Babe” beauticians!  They are all rockstars and a true delight to be around!


Which service would you get?  Let me know below!

As always thanks so much for stopping by!  Have a fabulous week and be sure to visit The Bardot’s website here and IG here!!!



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