LASH: The One-Stop Shop to Glam!

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I have to take a moment to talk about all things beauty today! A couple of weeks ago, your new one-stop shop for pampering and sheer fabulousness opened up near Jacksonville Beach!   LASH, is that new, one-stop beauty studio and I am completely smittened!  You will be too once you visit!  Trust me!  It is one of the most chic and fabulous beauty studios I’ve ever been in!

Besides all of the wonderful services you can receive, I love how sweet and welcoming everyone is!  Especially Tammy Barr, the “Governor of Gorgeous” herself!  Tammy is the owner of LASH and is an absolute delight!  She’s extremely passionate about LASH and it shows!

Tammy Barr (Owner of LASH), Patricia Kozach (@makeupbytricia), Me (@willworkforheels)
Only employing Liscensed Estheticians or Cosmetologists, you can rest assured that they have all the extensive training it takes to make sure we’re all fabulous when we walk out the door!  There are absolutely no pretentious vibes! It’s all love and a good time and from a consumer’s stand point, I truly appreciate that about businesses I frequent.  You feel like one of the girls upon arrival to the time you walk out the door!  I mean any place that greets you with a nice glass of champagne is the place I want to be!


So first let’s talk about the decor!  When I first walked in I was awe-stricken by the fabulous swinging chairs and gold and black decor! Side-note, I need to have a serious, one-on-one conversation with Tammy about where she bought these chairs because they are needed in my home!  Seriously…SO FAB!!!

LASH is also a boutique so as soon as you walk in you can shop items ranging from jewelry and sunnies to adorable artisan greeting cards, exfoliating sugar cubes, and glitter loofas (which I’ll talk about a little later).  At LASH you can also enjoy a wide range of exclusive skin and beauty care products from Indie Lee!  They also carry Image Skincare and Revitalash Cosmetics.

Around the corner there’s a gorgeous water fall-esque structure that adds to the serenity of the studio.

Keeping with the gold and black design, the salon area, where all the magic happens, has individual beds with memory foam mattresses and gold and black shimmery curtains! Talk about paying attention to detail and insuring comfort! This place is GLAM-tastic and I am totally here for it!


So in case you weren’t sure,  LASH specializes in lash services.  In addition to that, just about all of your beauty needs can be met at LASH. Some of their services range from full lash extensions, lifts, and tints, microblading, waxing, and facials, to name a few.  For a full list of services click here.

Lash Extensions by (
Dermaplane by (@brookejlockwood)


Soooo…the good Lord blessed me with long and luscious eye lashes!  Thank you Lord!  So for my first LASH service, instead of a lash extension I went with something I’ve always wanted to try but was always a little too chicken to.  Are you ready for this??? I got a lady Brazilian wax.  I chose this service because as we near Spring and Summer, I want to make sure I can endure it so when I need to be  bikini ready in a few months, I can go back for the service again and not have to worry about those unsightly razor bumps you get from shaving!   When I got to LASH for my service, I was greeted with a nice chilled mimosa, filled out a little paper work, and followed my new, friend Tia!  She walked me through what the process would entail and assured me that there would be no need for modesty (and trust me, after the first few “snatches” you’ll hold those legs however you need to so it doesn’t hurt as bad for the next stripping!). In all honesty, if you’ve had a Brazilian before, you know what the deal is.  It isn’t the most pleasant process but I will say, Tammy kept the champagne coming, Tia cracked enough jokes to keep me laughing through the pain, and my little kitty was super cute and manicured when it was all said and done!  I know what to expect now and will be back when it’s time to hit the beach in a few months.  Before I left I went back into the boutique area and purchased a silver glittery soap infused loofah as a parting gift for myself!  Kitty was all sparkly and cute and that’s all I have to say about that!

Overall, I’m so in love with LASH and I’m telling you…you’re going to love LASH too!  Today is a great day to pamper yourself!
Or you can totally treat a special someone to some pampering as well.  Mother’s Day is coming up and I can’t think of many moms who aren’t in need of some extra TLC.  Think LASH next time you need a special Glam service!  #OrdinaryIsOver !

  Body Painting by B.A.R.E of Jacksonville

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Which service are you most interested in trying?

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