Rethreaded & The 7th Annual Mukti Gala

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Right in time for International Women’s Day, I am really excited to share this post with you today!  It’s all about my new favorite social enterprise, Rethreaded.  I don’t have any personal stories, affiliations, or experiences that would contribute to my affinity towards them, I just simply respect, appreciate, and admire the work they are doing for women in our communities both locally and globally, who are survivors of human trafficking.  I recently had the honor of speaking with the founder and attending the 7th annual Mukti Gala and have gained so much knowledge in a short amount of time that has made this organization so admirable to me.  Please read on!



Rethreaded was founded by Kristin Keen after she spent time building relationships with women in India, on the streets, and in prisons, who have been victims of human trafficking.  It became apparent to her that there was a serious need for safety and a strong support system that would help these women earn a living and the necessary skills to go out and be productive members of society.  Besides a renewal of hopes and dreams,  I am most pleased to mention that through the efforts of Rethreaded, there has been a decrease in recitivism right here in Jacksonville!  Over 47, 000 hours of work have been provided for survivors through direct employment at Rethreaded and freedom has been sustained for over 2,200 women internationally.

Rethreaded imports products from companies all over the world and locally who are breaking the cycle of sex trade through business in their own communities.

Apple Rose Beauty creates spa quality natural and organic skin care and beauty products that tangibly supports the fight to end human trafficking.  They are a local company and I was pleased to see their products being sold in Rethreaded.

Some of the other products sold in Rethreaded range from coffee, coffee bags, handbags, dog toys, catnip, and artisan jewelry.

They have several products that would make great gifts and locally sourced coffee beans for your favorite coffee lover!

I’m definitely going to get my hands on one of these purses!

Some of their “Freedom Partners”  include Causegear, Joyn, Purpose Jewelry, and Sari Bari.  Sari Bari founded in India by Rethreaded’s founder, Kristin Keen.  The products from Sari Bari include these beautiful hand-sewn blankets, bags, and home decor.

Many products are made by survivors at Rethreaded using upcycled materials.  I love how cute the cap nip fish is!  they’ve got a little something for eveyone in the family.

 The signature Grace scarves are a popular item at Rethreaded.  They come in just about every shade of the rainbow with a special color featured every month.

Most recently, Rethreaded partnered with Southwest Airlines to use upcycled leather from their old airplane seats.

The survivors have used this leather to make beautiful products, including necklaces, earrings, and leather tassel fobs!  All of these products are fabulous!

 I really can’t say enough great things about the amazing work being done at Rethreaded.  I got to meet a couple of the survivors and they walked me through the process of making a Grace scarf.


 I even attempted to help in the process and let’s just say there is  definitely a skill to it!

It’s great to see an organization that’s bigger than self, doing so much good for women in the city of Jacksonville.  Rethreaded won the grand prize at One Spark , in 2013 and rightfully so!  One Spark is a local crowd sourcing festival for entreprenuers and innovators which I’m excited to announce is coming back this year! Rethreaded is doing great work and I look forward to their growth.  To learn more about Rethreaded, how you can get involved, or to browse and shop their products, visit their website here.
I had the distinct honor of attending Rethreaded’s 7th annual Mukti Gala last weekend and it was a beautiful occasion!



Mukti, which means freedom in Bengali, is Rethreaded’s primary fundraising event of the year where prominent leaders from the Jacksonville community come together to enjoy an evening of hope through poetry, survivor stories, shopping, dining, dancing, and mingling.

My fellow blogger friends and I were truly blessed by the evening and humbled to be a part of it.

Natasha (@moodygirlinstyle), Sasha (@theblondeconfetti), Myself (@willworkforheels)

The gala was held at the beautiful Glass Factoryin downtown Jacksonville and it was the perfect venue for the occasion.

 Sidenote:  This would be an ideal location for a wedding reception!  It is incredibly spacious and has so much charm!
Upon arrival we were greeted by Manifest Distillery with welcome cocktails.  Perfect way to get a party started if you ask me!

Through out the evening we mixed and mingled and even had the opportunity to speak with several figures from our community about their involvement with Rethreaded.  There was a consensus that Rethreaded is doing admirable work in helping to improve the lives of women and our communities.   Everyone spoke passionately about Rethreaded’s mission and it was an honor to be able to speak with them all one on one.

 My fellow bloggers and myself with Florida State Attorney, Melissa Nelson.

“I’m passionate about it (Rethreaded’s mission) for all the same reasons that you all are.” 
~Melissa Nelson

This was Graham Riley, director of sales for Mac Paper, top sponsor for the Mukti Gala.
“We’re in a great position to be able to give, financially, to this just awesome organization.  We’re really happy to be able to sponsor.” 
~ Graham Riley

Mayor Lenny Curry and wife Molly Curry, poke briefly with us about how they got involved with Rethreaded.
” I was introduced to Rethreaded by my wife Molly and it’s important to see how this idea is helping change the lives of so many.”
~Lenny Curry

Photo Credit:  Anthony Newkirk
The evening was so uplifting and beautiful.  During dinner, we listened to survivor stories and poetry depicting the lives of those who are trafficked and about renewed hope through Rethreaded.


Ofcourse we also heard from Kristin Keen, founder of Rethreaded.  She shared nuggets of success with us and thanked everyone for the contributions that has helped Rethreaded get to where they are today.

Photo Credit:  Anthony Newkirk

Photo Credit:  Anthony Newkirk 

We heard a rendition of the Andra Day single “Rise Up” by the very talented Chelsea Carr who did an amazing job bringing chills to everyone within the sound of her voice.

Photo Credit:  Anthony Newkirk

And the rest of the evening we jammed out to familiar tunes covered by the band Hello Celia!

Photo Credit:  Anthony Newkirk

As mentioned earlier, there aren’t enough great things I can say about Rethreaded.  The Mukti Gala was exquisite and a dream to be able to partake in.  After speaking with the community members and other guests that evening, it’s apparent that the work being done by Rethreaded is remarkable.  It is my hope that you all visit their website and learn a little more about Rethreaded.  It will bless you.
As always, thank you so much for reading and to all of my ladies, Happy International Women’s Day!


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